Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Today it is "Hal-ow-een", and I have had a party.

Mummy went out to work this morning, and while she was away me and daddy spent a long time making the house spooky, and baking cookies. Daddy chopped up some more pumpkins as well. He did one that looked like a cat, which was really cool.

Then mummy came home and helped, but all she did was make a bit of food because me and daddy had already done all of the hard work. Very typical.

After we had finished all of our jobs, me and daddy got changed into our costumes. Daddy was "Batman" and I was "Robin". My costume had a cape and a mask to go over my eyes. The cape was cool but the mask was annoying so I had to wear it on a string around my neck instead. When me and daddy had put our costumes on, mummy said that we looked fabulous ... which was true.

Not long after this, my friends started to come round to join in the party. They were dressed up too, and we all looked very good.

At first my friends were a bit shy, but then they all realised that there was lots of food and a big box of toys, so everyone started to run around eating things and fighting over the slide. We played "pass the parcel" as well, and danced to some creepy music. Then everyone ate pumpkin soup and chunks of bread, and fruit and juice.

When it was time for everyone to go home, I didn't feel ready to stop partying yet. Luckily Auntie Beccy came round to play, so I took her into the playroom and made her dance to the creepy music with me. Then the parent staff came into the playroom and tried to join in with the dancing too, but they were doing it wrong so I had to move them into the right places. I told daddy, "Daddy, dance here!", and then I pushed mummy across the room and said, "Move!"

Mummy told me that it is very rude to say "Move!" to people, and that I should say, "Excuse me" instead. So I said, "Scuse me!!", and pushed mummy all the way out of the room.

This was very funny. Daddy and Auntie Beccy thought so too, but I don't think that mummy agreed. She decided that it was time for my bath soon after this, which was mean of her.

In spite of my very busy day, I do not feel very tired yet. I would like to get out of my cot and go back downstairs and dance some more, but I know that the parent staff wouldn't let me do this. Maybe it will be "Hal-ow-een" again tomorrow, and I can have another party then.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Lately I have been learning how to "own up" to things. You "own up" when you have done something naughty and you are proud of it.

When I "own up" to things, I get a lot of laughs from the grown-ups, so sometimes I "own up" to things that I haven't done as well, just to get laughs. 

Every morning mummy puts me in my highchair while she gets my porridge ready, and she puts some books and my toy duck on the highchair tray for me to play with while she does her work. I play with my books for a very small bit of time, and then I throw them all on the floor and grin at mummy and say, "Books. Floor. Georgia ... didit." Mummy laughs at this and then she brings me a kiss with my porridge.

Today mummy was reading me a book about a little girl called "Goldilocks", who goes into a house where three bears live, and then eats their porridge and climbs on their furniture. Mummy thinks that what Goldilocks does is naughty, but I think that if I found porridge that nobody was eating, then I would eat it too because porridge is tasty. If the three bears wanted to eat their porridge then they shouldn't have gone out and left it on its own.

Anyway. Mummy was reading me the story about the stupid bears, and then she got to the bit where baby bear's chair is broken because Goldilocks has squashed it with her bottom ... and then mummy said: "Oh dear, why is baby bear's chair broken?"

So I said, "Georgia ... didit."

Mummy laughed very much at this but she didn't believe that I had broken the chair. Somehow she knew that Goldilocks had done it ... She must have heard this story before.

After my morning stories, my friend Jackson came round to visit us with his mummy, Nic. Me and Jackson had a good time fighting over who got to sweep the floor, and Jackson picked up my fold-up tunnel and put it over my head and made me look like a caterpillar. Then we had eggs on toast and yogurt and bananas for lunch. 

In the afternoon, Nic and Jackson went home and the parent staff took me for a walk in my pram. I fell asleep on the walk, which was good because the parent staff were going shopping and this is very boring. On the way home I woke up again and found that we were in the park, and mummy put my fat pink coat on me and let me walk next to the pram.

The parent staff say that I am having a party next week, for "Hal-ow-een". Daddy is very excited about this and he has bought pumpkins to make into scary faces. He also made some soup out of the pumpkins, and I was supposed to be having some for my dinner, but the soup took so long to cook that mummy had to go into the kitchen and make me some pasta instead. The last time I went into the kitchen, there were pans and bits of pumpkin everywhere, and mummy was pointing at it all and telling daddy off in her cross voice.

Tomorrow we have more things to do for my party. This should be fun, but I hope that we have time to go to the park as well so that I can feed the ducks. The ducks haven't seen me for a few days, and they must be missing me.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Mummy has recently been doing "work" at the end of the day, and this means that she has missed quite a few of my bedtimes.

I do not think that I am very happy about this. Mummy already goes to "work" during the daytimes, so she should not want to go away in the night as well. Mummy should want to play with me every minute that I am awake, because I am fabulous and I stop her from getting bored.

Anyway, because of not being very happy, I have been having a few brawls with mummy over the last two days, in an effort to make her feel bad. These have mainly been based on me saying "no" to absolutely everything that mummy asks me to do.

Our last two days have gone something like this:

In the morning, when mummy gets me up, she asks me if I have had a nice sleep. I say "no". Then mummy asks me if I would like some breakfast, and I say "no". Mummy doesn't listen and gives me some breakfast anyway, which is good because I am actually quite hungry. Mummy then tells me that it's time to get dressed. I say "no" to this as well - and this time, I actually mean "no", because I want to stay and play with my toys - so as well as saying "no", I throw a big paddy and squeeze out some rage tears. Mummy then carries me upstairs and gets me dressed anyway, and I carry on crying while she washes my face and brushes my teeth, and I shout "no! no! no!" around the toothbrush.

We then do our day's activities. Today's activities were a trip to the big shop, my swimming lesson, and a walk in the park. Granny had come to visit us so she got to take part in the activities too. Whenever I am not so excited by the activity that I forget to say "no", I argue about things that mummy wants me to do. Today, I did not argue much during my swimming lesson, (because I am too busy concentrating and making splashes to brawl with mummy in the water), but in the park I argued many times. I argued about which path we were going to walk down, every time there was more than one path to choose from. I argued about whether I would walk by myself or be carried by mummy. And I argued about the fact that mummy tried to hurry me away from the duck pond, before I had finished my conversation with the ducks. I did not win many of these arguments, but I got a lot of "no"s into the brawls, and I like to think that I made mummy think about what she has done wrong.

When it was nearly night time, however, mummy went out to "work" again, so she was obviously not as sorry as I would have liked her to be. She gave me lots of kisses and said goodbye, and I said "no!" and clung to her neck and cried. But granny was waving books at me and telling me to come and read with her, so I let go of mummy and waved goodbye. Then I read books with granny until daddy came home to give me my dinner and put me to bed.

It is very tiring, brawling with mummy, so I will sleep well tonight. If mummy's behaviour does not improve, I will probably brawl with her some more tomorrow.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Today I am very "cult-yured". This means that I know many things, and I have seen lots of dinosaurs and rocks.

This morning daddy came home from his night time work ... and then Anna and Aoibheann came round to play ... and then Auntie Sophie and Uncle Adam came round to play ... and then daddy made us all a pancake feast because mummy is mean to him and won't let him rest, ever.

This is what daddy says anyway.

The pancake feast was very nice, and me and Aoibheann got to steal lots of bits of pancake and fruit ... yum.

Then daddy went off to bed, and the rest of us got in our cars and went to the "mew-ziy-um".

Mummy got very excited when we got to the "mew-ziy-um", because she is very fond of dinosaurs. She dragged us all up to the bit where the dinosaurs live, and then she pointed out all the different dinosaurs that were there, even though they are pretty big and I could see them for myself because I am not stupid. The dinosaurs were not very lively like the ones in my books ... they didn't do very much and most of them didn't even have skin on them. It was kind of weird.

Then we all got in the lift and went up to see the rockets at the top of the "mew-ziy-um". The lift was full of people and every time the lift doors opened, I would try to follow the people who were going out through them. Every time I did this, one of the grown-ups would grab me to stop me from escaping. After a while a little girl got into the lift and stood next to me. She was a lot bigger than me and her tummy was at my head height, so I stroked it for her. Mummy was very embarrassed by this and she said sorry to the little girl, but the little girl didn't mind because it is nice to have your tummy stroked.

When we got up to the rockets, I found that they were quite boring, so me and Aoibheann sat down on the floor to have some snacks. This was much more fun.

Then Auntie Sophie and Uncle Adam needed to go home, so they said goodbye to us and I gave them some kisses and waved. When they had gone there were not as many grown-ups to boss us about, so me and Aoibheann decided to be lions, and we crawled around on the floor shouting "rarrrr!" at people who were walking past us.

Then mummy and Anna took us to see some big bugs, and a place with lots of bits of rocks and shells. The rocks and shells weren't interesting until mummy gave me a piece of rock to hold, and then I laughed and ran away with it as fast as I could. Mummy had to chase me and bring the rock back because you are not allowed to steal bits of the "mew-ziy-um", so this was good because it meant that mummy got some exercise.

When we had finished being "cult-yured", mummy and Anna took me and Aoibheann back to the car, and then me and mummy went back home to daddy.

By the time we got home, there was not long left before I had to go to bed ... but luckily there was still time to jump on daddy and wake him up, and to make him play with us before dinner. Mummy told daddy all about the things we had seen and the rock I had stolen, and daddy was very impressed.

I had a nice dinner with the parent staff and a fun bath, and tonight I will dream about dinosaurs, and about how "cult-yured" I am.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Mummy is poorly today, which is very sad. It is probably a bit sad for mummy, but it is mainly sad for me, because it means that mummy has not been a very good staff member today.

I do not remember mummy being poorly ever before, so when daddy told me this morning that mummy was not well, I didn't believe him and I ran over to mummy and jumped on her tummy ... and then she had to run to the bathroom to be sick.

Oh dear.

Daddy has looked after me lots today, but I have done my best to get mummy to play with me too, by asking for her lots and trying to climb her when she has been in the room with me. I have also piled lots of toys onto her while she has been sitting on the sofa, to cheer her up. I think this helped mummy's tummy to be less poorly.

This morning daddy took me to the big shop on the bike, and we bought lots of food to go in our fridge. Then we came home and made a "fort" at the top of the stairs, out of some blankets and towels. Then we spied on mummy as she came up the stairs, and got ready to attack her when she got to the top. We could only attack her very gently though, because you can't be very rough with people who are poorly.

Mummy liked our fort and she sat in it with us for a bit, but then she went back to bed for a nap.

This afternoon daddy took me for a walk, and we found Auntie Beccy while we were out and so we took her to the park with us. I found some benches to climb on and I wore my new coat, which is for days when it is cold. It is pink and puffy and when I wear it, daddy says that I look like a "marsh-mel-low".

When we came home, I had a bit of a brawl with daddy about my dinner, because I wanted to spit bits of chicken out of my mouth, and daddy said that this was rude.

Mummy came to help bath me and get me ready for bed, and while I was sitting on her knee she said that she was very sorry for being a bad mummy and not playing with me much today. I wanted her to know that I would forgive her, so I got hold of her face in both of my hands and gave her a big kiss. I think that she liked this.

I hope that mummy will be better tomorrow, so that I'm allowed to attack her properly when I'm in my "fort".

Sunday, 14 October 2012

When I woke up this morning, I was in the house where the grandparent staff live.

The parent staff had taken me there yesterday, to play and to visit the toys of mine who live there.

After we had eaten breakfast this morning, we went in the hot tub for ages, and I splashed the parent staff a lot and arranged my bath toys on the side of the tub in a very pretty pattern. Daddy was being very silly and he kept making my toy frog attack my toy crocodile. He made lots of splashes and screamy noises and he thought that he was being very funny.

When we had finished in the hot tub, we all got dry and dressed and we packed our things up ready to go home.

Then we drove away from the grandparent staff's house and I fell asleep in the car.

When I woke up again, we were still in the countryside and the parent staff had brought me to a "pub" for some food. Mummy had a big "Sunday dinner", and she sat me on her knee and fed bits of it to me while she was eating. The "Sunday dinner" was very nice, and I discovered a food that I have not eaten before. It is called "Yorkshire pudding", and it is REALLY yummy. I ate lots of mummy's "Yorkshire pudding" and there was not much of it left for mummy to eat afterwards. Heh heh.

Then we got back in the car and we went to a place that the parent staff  were very excited about, even though it was very boring. It was a place with some small shops that were full of things I wasn't allowed to touch. Whenever we went into one of the shops, mummy or daddy would carry me and hold me tightly and not let me touch anything, and I would shout "Down! Walk! Peese!!" and try to escape.

After we had been into a few boring shops, the parent staff decided that they had had enough boringness, so we went back to the car, and I was allowed to walk again. Because the parent staff had not let me walk for all of the time that we were in the shops, I was very excited about being on the ground again, and I ran away across the car park. Daddy shouted at me to come back, but I was too excited to obey him ... plus, I was kind of hoping that one of the parent staff would chase me, because this is always fun.

After a moment, daddy did chase me, but he was very cross about it and he gave me a big telling-off while he strapped me into my car seat. He told me that it is naughty to run away, and that cars might run me over, and that it is not funny. While he was talking, I did my hilarious thing where I repeat some of the words that he is saying, in a very serious voice: "Naughty ... cars ... over ... funny."

The thing is, while daddy was telling me off in his most angry and strict voice, mummy was sitting in the front of the car, and I could tell that she was laughing. She was doing it very quietly because she did not want me to know that she was laughing, but her shoulders were shaking and she was laughing so much that tears were running down her cheeks.

When daddy got back in the car, he looked at mummy and he shook his head and said, "You are no help at all!"

I thought it was funny that I had got mummy into trouble.

When we got back home, Harvey was waiting for us, and he was very pleased to see me especially. Mummy let me give Harvey his dinner before I had my own dinner, and he also came to listen to my story in the nursery at bedtime. It was very good to see him again.

Going away on adventures is fun, but coming back home to Harvey is always nice too.

Friday, 12 October 2012

I have a great new word today. It is "legin". This is what mummy says to me when she puts on my trousers in the morning. She says it twice: once when she puts my first leg in the trouser hole, and then again when she puts my second leg in.

Recently I have started saying "legin!" as I poke my feet into my trousers each morning, to save mummy the trouble of saying it herself. I really am becoming more and more helpful every day.

This morning I decided to take my helpfulness one step further. While mummy was putting the washing onto the clothes dryer, I pulled one of the clothes out of the basket and did my best to ram it onto mummy's foot, saying "legin!" loudly while I did this.

I tried for a while to dress mummy in the clothes that I had found for her, and in the end mummy took them off me. She said that she was not going to wear the clothes, and she had a few reasons for this. One was that the clothes were wet, and for some reason mummy doesn't like to wear wet clothes. Another was that the clothes were a T-shirt, and according to mummy, we don't wear T-shirts on our legs. And her last reason was that she was already dressed, and she didn't think that she needed to have any more clothes on.

Now this last bit was true, but mummy is actually very scruffy, and I think that I would probably do a better job of dressing her than she does herself.

Anyway. After we had done all of our jobs this morning, Rachel came round to visit us, and she brought baby Olivia with her to play with me. This was fun. We went to the park for a while, but it rained as usual and we had to go home before we got too soggy. Then we all had lunch and played with my toys.

Then baby Olivia was feeling tired, so Rachel put her to bed in my cot. While baby Olivia was napping, mummy and Rachel did some painting with me, and Rachel painted a really good elephant that was holding some balloons. Mummy painted some splodgy rubbish pictures and nobody could tell what they were.

Baby Olivia did not sleep for very long in my cot. She woke up after a little bit of time and wanted to get back up again. I was very sympathetic about this. It is not nice to be put to bed by your bad mummy, while other people stay up and play without you. I have been trying to tell this to my own parent staff for ages now.

After Rachel and baby Olivia had gone back to their house, I played with mummy until daddy came home from work. Then we had a nice dinner and a very fun bath, and I went to bed and was very well behaved. Mummy says that tomorrow we are going to see some big birds. This is not actually a treat for me; it is a treat for daddy because he likes birds ... but I think that it will be fun for me to watch, anyway.

Monday, 8 October 2012

The parent staff have been very cruel to me today.

This morning daddy was still working in the far away place, where the "aer-o-plane" took him to, and mummy was at work, so I spent the day playing at Jenny's house again. 

It was fun at Jenny's house. I ate lots and played with the other babies, and we went to a play group in the morning where there were lots of cool toys. Then in the afternoon I painted a "rock-et", and Jenny let us make our own pizzas for tea. My pizza was fabulous.  

At the end of the day, daddy came to pick me up, and I was so happy to see him that I put my head down on his shoulder and cried. Daddy was not very thrilled about this, because he had expected me to jump about and shout his name and cheer and look excited, and not to cry ... but I was very tired and emotional after not seeing him for so long; and anyway, he should not be so conceited. 

Daddy took me back home to mummy and we went inside and played with my toys. Then mummy let me have a pudding and I didn't have to eat any proper dinner first, because I had already eaten my fabulous pizza at Jenny's house. This was all very nice - but this was before the parent staff started to be cruel to me.

After we had played with my toys for a while, the parent staff took me upstairs and put me in the bath. I was feeling very tired and grumpy by this point, after my busy day, and I was telling the parent staff so by whinging at them whenever they did anything at all. I thought that they needed to know how I felt.

The parent staff were not very sympathetic to my whinging, and they made me get into my pyjamas and go to bed as usual after my story and milk. I was still very tired, but I did not like the idea of going to bed at all, because I had realised that I needed to be very cross about everything that the parent staff asked me to do. 

Because of this, when the parent staff left my room, I had an epic bed paddy where I rolled onto my tummy and cried and cried and cried for aaaaages. I did not have any real tears to go with my crying, but I made up for this by making a very large amount of noise instead. I also shouted out names whilst I was crying, to see if anyone would come and rescue me from my cot. I tried shouting the parent staffs' names a few times, but of course they were too cruel to come and rescue me - so then I tried "gran", "der", "granny", "al", and a few times I bellowed for Harvey as well. 

No one came in to me though, until eventually the door opened and mummy came in with her cross face on, and told me to stop being silly and to go to sleep. Mummy is a very mean person and she was not at all sorry for making me so unhapy. She wrapped me back up in my blanket and gave me a kiss (but it was a cross kiss), and then she went back out again.

I would like to cry some more but I really am very tired, and anyway the crying obviously isn't working because the parent staff are too cruel to care about my rage. 

Maybe I will just go to sleep instead. 

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Daddy has not been home at all today. This is because he has gone somewhere far away to work. I know that it is far away, because he had to go on an "aer-o-plane" to get there. Me and mummy took daddy to the "aer-o-plane" yesterday in our car, and mummy told me that he will be away for three days. When mummy talked about the "aer-o-plane" I said "niam", which is what "aer-o-planes" say when they are in the sky.

Daddy does not want us to be lonely while he is away, so he has been very sneaky and he has arranged lots of surprises for us to enjoy until he comes home.

One of the surprises is that Uncle Ben and Auntie Al are here, are so are the grandparent staff. This morning mummy went out with Uncle Ben and Auntie Al, and the grandparent staff took me on a trip to see my great aunt and uncle, and some of daddy's cousins.

This was very good fun, because I was admired lots and the cousins taught me how to play "golf".

"Golf" is a game that you play in the garden. You have to hold a big stick and hit a little ball with it, and make the ball go far away. I found that I am very good at "golf", and everyone was impressed by how good I was.

We had lunch with the cousins, and then the grandparent staff put me back in the car so that we could go to meet mummy and Uncle Ben and Auntie Al, who had gone to a village in the countryside.

I fell asleep in the car on the way there, and I was woken up by Uncle Ben, who wanted me to get out of the car so that he could pester me. The grandparent staff went into a cafe while the other staff took me to play on the swings and the big field.

When we were sitting on the big field, the grown-ups wanted to play cards, but I thought that we should go for a walk instead. So I stole mummy's changing bag and dragged it across the field with me.

The changing bag is nearly as big as I am. It has all of my nappies and spare clothes in it, and some toys to keep me busy while we are out and about. It has lots of other interesting things in it as well, like packets of tissues and tubs of snacks. If I dig deep in the changing bag I can usually find something exciting to play with, that mummy doesn't want me to have.

Because the changing bag is so big, it is also very heavy, and I fell over many times when I was stealing it. This was very funny, and I laughed lots every time I fell over.

After a while I got tired, and mummy stole the changing bag back off me and took me back to the car. Then we drove back home, and I had a quick play with my crayons before bath time.

When mummy put me into bed tonight I remembered that daddy was not here and I felt a bit sad about this, but mummy told me that he will be back soon, and that we will have more fun surprises to enjoy tomorrow. I will look forward to this.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

I have been extremely busy today.

This morning mummy took me to a farm with Anne-Marie and Liam, who are from our swimming class. The farm was very strange, because it is not in the countryside like other farms that I have been to. This farm is in the city near to where I live, but it still has pigs and cows and ducks living there.

While we were at the farm we visited all of the animals, and I talked to the pigs in my awesome pig voice. Then mummy gave me and Liam some bread to feed to the ducks. I threw my bread towards where the ducks were playing, but Liam decided that he was hungrier than the ducks were and so he ate his bread himself.

When we had seen all of the animals, we all went to a park nearby, and had a nice picnic lunch and found some puddles to jump in. Then we went to the playground, and me and Liam went down the slide a LOT of times.

After this I said goodbye to Anne-Marie and Liam, and mummy took me back home to get ready for my swimming lesson. Daddy was there waiting for us and he helped me to get changed into my swim nappy.

Daddy went in the water with me at swimming class today, and mummy sat on the side of the pool and watched us. Every time I saw her I shouted "mum!", and waved and grinned at her. Mummy enjoyed this very much.

When swimming class was over, the parent staff took me back home and let me play at my table while they got my dinner ready.

Even though I had not been to sleep for quite a long time, I was feeling rather energetic, and I was very hilarious all the way up until bedtime. Whilst I was sitting in my highchair, I would wait until mummy put a spoonful of food into my mouth, and then I would shout "MA!" at the top of my voice. This was an incredibly witty and hilarious thing to say, and I did it many times and laughed hysterically every time I did. Bits of food would come flying out of my mouth every time I shouted, and this made the whole thing even more funny.

The parent staff did not find this as funny as I did, but this is because they are not as witty as I am. Sometimes I feel that my funniness is wasted on the parent staff.

I had calmed down a bit by bedtime, and all of the fresh air and swimming from today had made me quite tired. I didn't want the parent staff to leave me alone in my cot, but I probably do need to get lots of sleep tonight, so that I can continue to be hilarious and energetic tomorrow.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Today has been a daddy day. Daddy will be working in the night time again tonight, so today he has been at home, being my staff.

One of the first things that daddy did this morning was to decide that I need to have a table and chairs all of my own. This is because of my "art". Recently I have been doing a lot of painting and drawing with my crayons (and I am making some very lovely pictures) but there is no Georgia-sized table for me to lean on when I am at work. When I paint, I have to sit on mummy's knee at the grown-up dinner table, and this means that sometimes I am too tempted to paint mummy's face, as well as the paper that I am using. So it was very good for daddy to realise that I needed a table of my own.

When I was up and dressed, daddy put me in the car and we went to a big shop that had lots of furniture and curtains and things like that in it. Most of it was boring grown-up stuff, but there were also a few small things for little people like me. Daddy found a small round table which had two chairs to go with it, and he let me sit at it to see if I liked it. The table was really cool; it had a squirrel and a flower on it and it was purple.

I liked the table very much and I felt very special sitting at it, so daddy bought me one of my own to bring home with me.

We brought the table back home, and then we got it out and put it on the floor. It did not look like the table in the shop ... it was in many different bits, and daddy had to put it all together using his "tools". While daddy was putting my table and chairs together, I helped by waving the "hammer" about.

It did not take daddy long to put my table together, and when he had finished he let me sit down at it and make a picture with my crayons. It was a beautiful picture, and I felt very proud of myself.

In the afternoon time, me and daddy went to the park and played on the playground, and when we got home I made some more beautiful pictures.

Then mummy came home from work and we showed her my new table and chairs. Mummy was very excited for me. She had a look at my new pictures and said how beautiful they were.

After this I had my dinner and bath. While I was in the bath I thought that it might be interesting to see what the shampoo tasted like, so I grabbed the bottle and tried to eat it. Mummy told me not to do this and she took the bottle away from me. I was very upset about this so I started to cry and shout for daddy. I was kind of hoping that since daddy had been so kind to me today and bought me my table, he might take my side for once and help me fight mummy for the shampoo bottle.

He didn't, though. I could tell that he wanted to - I could see him making a sad face at mummy when he thought that I wasn't looking - but he was too scared of mummy's rage to disobey her.

I forgot about the shampoo when I got out of the bath. I will have to see if I can get hold of it again at bath time tomorrow.

I am looking forward to getting up in the morning and playing with my table again. Mummy might arrange for me to have friends round to visit this week, and if she does then me and my friends can sit at my table and pretend to be like grown-ups. Only much cooler, of course.