Saturday, 29 June 2013

The parent staff have been in a very giddy mood today. This is because we have a new house!!!

When I woke up this morning, the parent staff were asleep on the big bed in my bedroom. This happens when we have friends to stay, and the friends stay in the parent staff's room.

The parent staff are not that much fun early in the morning - especially daddy. When I wake up and the parent staff are there in my room, I usually ignore them and read books to myself until they wake up.

That is what I did this morning. I got a pile of books from my bookcase, took them back to bed with me, and read them, VERY LOUDLY, over and over again.

I was telling myself the story about the bear who goes to the moon, very loudly, for the fourth or fifth time, when I was rudely interrupted by daddy ... who sat up in bed with his hair sticking out all over the place, and roared in his angry dragon voice: "Georgia, will you BE QUIET!!!"

Mummy sat up too, then, and told daddy not to be so grumpy. She said that my reading was cute, and that she had been enjoying listening to my stories. Then she lifted me onto the big bed and told me that the parent staff had something very exciting to tell me.

The parent staff started grinning then, in that cheeky way that they do, and then they said that we have got a new house, and that we were going to visit it today.

This sounded like fun! So we all got up and went to have breakfast. And while we were having breakfast, Uncle Pete and Auntie Lue appeared ... so THEY were the reason why the parent staff were sleeping in my bedroom!

Uncle Pete and Auntie Lue had breakfast with us, and then Auntie Beccy came round, and the grown-ups ran backwards and forward putting loads of stuff from our house into mummy's car, and Auntie Lue's car, and Auntie Beccy's car. The cars looked pretty messy when they had finished.

And then we all got into our cars and drove, drove, drove, to the village where we go to play sometimes. And that is where the new house is!!!

The new house is STRANGE! It is not like our usual house - it has no mess, and nothing to sit on, and no beds or toys or ANYTHING!

But it does have a big, green garden full of plants that daddy says are "weeeeds" ... What a funny word. "Weeeeds!" Ha.

The grown-ups carried all of the stuff from the cars into the new house, and then they walked around the house exploring, and whenever one of them walked past me I grinned at them and said: "Welcome to my yuvly yuvly house!"

When we had explored for long enough, we all walked through the village to the cafe and had lunch. It was a very nice lunch, and we sat outside because it was so nice and sunny.

Then we went to the playground and played on the swings and the climbing frame, and I picked "weeeeds" for the grown-ups.

After that we walked back home to the new house, and sat in the garden until it was time for Uncle Pete and Auntie Lue and Auntie Beccy to go back home again.

Me and the parent staff stayed in the new house until bedtime. Mummy says that we are not going to stay in the new house every night, because we still have to stay in our normal house for a while. But sometimes, we can come to the new house to "camp".

The parent staff set up a "camp" in my bedroom. They put my travel cot up for me to sleep in, and they hung a big blue sheet over the window instead of a curtain. Then we read my bedtime story sitting on the carpet, and the parent staff put my story CD on for me to listen to when they put me into bed.

(I have a story CD at bedtime now, after my parent staff story. This helps me to not be as cross about bedtime, and the parent staff are happy about this.)

The parent staff gave me very giddy cuddles at bedtime tonight, and asked me if I am excited to be in the new house. I am excited. I am not as giddy as the parent staff, but I am very happy to have a big garden all for me. I have never had a garden before.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

I have discovered a new problem to do with my "potty trey-ning". Even though me and Peter Potty-face are much better friends than we used to be, I still do not like to use him when I do my poos.

Wees are fine. Wees are even funny. They made a nice tinkly sound as they go into the potty, and then they get poured away into the toilet (or behind a tree, if we are out in the park). And it is all nice and easy. 

But poos? Poos are gross and stinky, and doing them where everyone can see me is just weird and wrong

As a matter of fact, I have done quite a few poos in my potty. But that was before I realised just how wrong it was. Now I try to get out of doing potty poos, in a number of sneaky ways.

Sneaky way number one is where I store up my poo in my bottom for as long as possible, and then, when it is time for my nap, I poo it all out into my nappy. And then when the parent staff come to get me up after nap time - there it is, waiting for them! Ha ha ha.

Sneaky way number two is where I feel my poo coming, and so I tell the parent staff "I need a poo!" ...  but by the time they get Peter Potty-face to my bottom, the poo has already escaped into my knickers. Ha ha ha.

Sneaky way number three is where I just do the poo in my knickers straight away, and then casually tell the parent staff that this is where it is. Sneaky way number three is not my favourite way to poo, if I'm being honest, because it tends to make the parent staff unhappy, no matter how casual I sound when I tell them what I've done. So today I came up with the sneakiest plan of all, and tried it out to see what would happen.

Today is Thursday - which means baby classes day for me and mummy. We had lots of fun, as usual, and I did really well with my climbing and my swimming. In between climbing and swimming, we had lunch time and nap time, and sadly I didn't have any poo ready to go into my nappy by the time I went for my nap. 

After swimming class, though, we came home and I went to play in my playroom while mummy was making dinner ... and then I realised that I need to poo! Of course I didn't want to call for Peter Potty-face, so instead I did the poo right into my knickers. And then I thought about the parent staff being unhappy about this ... and this is when I came up with my very sneaky plan. 

First, I managed to tip the poo out of my knickers onto the floor. Then I wandered into the kitchen, found mummy, and told her: "Mummy, there is a poo in my playroom."

Mummy looked at me for a little while, like she didn't know what to say. Then she asked me: "Why is there a poo in the playroom, Georgia?"

I didn't really want to answer this question, so instead I decided to tell her a bit more about the poo itself. So I said: "It is on the floor. It is small."

Mummy asked me to show her where the poo was. Then she followed me into the playroom and looked down at the poo on the floor, and for a while she didn't say anything at all. This worried me a bit because mummy does not often not say anything. I didn't know what the next part of the plan was ... so eventually I said: "I will clean up the poo."

Mummy started to speak then, to stop me from trying to clean up the poo. She said that cleaning up the poo is her job, not mine. 

Well, I don't want to argue, if this is what mummy really wants ...

But then mummy finished speaking by telling me that from now on, I should try to do my poos in Peter Potty-face, and not on the floor. 

I really don't know how she knew that the poo was mine, after all my sneakiness. Maybe mummy has magic powers. Or maybe my plan was just not as sneaky as I thought it was ...

Anyway, the poo got cleaned up and my bottom behaved itself for the rest of the day. At bedtime tonight the parent staff told me that tomorrow they will have an exciting surprise for me. I wonder what it will be? 

Sometimes the parent staff can be even sneaker than I am. 

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Today we have been having a treat day for daddy. This is because, a while ago, daddy had a birthday, and me and mummy bought him a treat day as a present. Sometimes grown-ups have birthdays, as well as little people - and then they get to have presents, even though their birthdays are not as important as the little people's.

For daddy's treat day, we took him to a castle, and he got to make friends with an owl. Daddy likes owls very much. In fact, daddy likes all kinds of birds ... the big ones with long beaks, who look at you like they think you would taste very nice.

When we got to the castle we were late, like we usually are, so daddy jumped out of the car and ran off to meet his owl, and mummy drove us into the car park to find somewhere for our car to rest.

I had a bit of a funny feeling in my tummy, and just as mummy got me out of the car the funnynes came right up my insides in a big cough, and I was sick all over the stones on the floor.

I do not like being sick at all ... it is a horrible, horrible feeling ... and so I started to howl, and I put my arms out for mummy to give her a big sicky hug.

Mummy picked me up and gave me a cuddle, and she took off my sicky jumper and cleaned me up with baby wipes. I stopped howling after this, and now that the sick was on the floor and not in my tummy, I did not feel so funny any more.

I was a bit unhappy about the mess on the floor, though. I pointed it out to mummy and said, "Mummy, will you clean my cough off the stones, peese?"

Mummy said that she did not need to clean the stones, because soon it would rain and the rain would clean them for us. She said that instead, we should go into the castle and clean our sicky hands.

I was not that bothered about cleaning my hands, but I did think that it might be fun to go into the castle, so I went with mummy to explore and find a bathroom.

We found a bathroom and it was the poshest bathroom EVER. It was very clean, and it had very shiny taps and big gold mirrors that were as tall as me. We washed our hands with some nice pink soap, and then we found some posh cream and put this on our hands as well, just for fun. And then mummy made me put my hands against my nose and sniff them to see what the posh cream smelled like, and she asked me what I thought of it. I told her that it was gorgeous, thank you.

When we had finished playing in the bathroom, we went back outside and saw daddy playing with his owl. I shouted "He-yo, daddy-boy!" and waved. Daddy could not wave back, because the owl was sitting on his hand, but I know that he was pleased to see me.

Then it started to rain, and me and mummy ran away into our car to hide. We sat in the car and read books until the rain stopped ... and when we got back out of the car again, it turned out that mummy was right ... the stones were nice and clean again! Rain must be magic.

Daddy came back to us soon after this, and I was starting to feel hungry so I asked if we could all go for lunch in a cafe. Mummy was not sure about this because she was worried that I might have a poorly tummy again, but in the end she said that we could go to the cafe because it was daddy's treat day, and daddy needed some cake.

I had egg on toast in the cafe and it was yummy. While we were eating our food, daddy kept asking mummy if he could get a "kess-trul" for the garden. Apparently a "kess-trul" is a bird that daddy wants to keep as a pet. Mummy kept saying no to this, but daddy kept asking anyway. He was very pestery - much more pestery than I am. I know that there is no point in pestering mummy, because mummy doesn't change her mind when you pester her. What daddy should really do is just get a kess-trul anyway, and not ask mummy if it is okay. This would mean that daddy is in trouble, and mummy will tell him off ... but it will be too late by then, because the kess-trul will already be his pet.

Sometimes I think that daddy does not know how to handle mummy at all.

We all went for a walk after we had finished our lunch, and I was happy because my tummy was not feeling funny at all any more. After the walk we went back home in our car, and played games until bedtime.

Daddy gave me a big hug at bedtime, and said thank you for his treat day. I think that daddy has had a very nice treat day. Maybe when I wake up tomorrow, he will have a kess-trul to show me. If he does, then mummy will be very cross. Heh.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

I have stopped brawling with the parent staff about my potty now.

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, the parent staff are very stubborn creatures, and they have not stopped pestering me to do my wees and poos in my potty, even though I made it clear that I would rather do them in my knickers.

But also, I have found that I get lots of attention for using my potty. Everyone claps and tells me how clever I am, and once or twice I have even won prizes. Yesterday I didn't wee or poo in my knickers all day long, and I won loads of stickers.

I used the stickers to decorate all kinds of things in the house and make them prettier ... the carpet, the walls, and the parent staff. Everything looks much prettier now - especially the parent staff.

I am liking my potty much better now, too. Daddy has drawn a big smiley face on it, and given it a name. It is called "Peter Potty-face". Peter Potty-face is kind and happy, and he is always very pleased with me when I do a wee or a poo in him. This is a very strange thing, but there you go.

Anyway ...

Today me and the parent staff and Peter Potty-face have come to visit Granny. This has been good because in the village where Granny lives, there is a fair on today, and the parent staff took me to the fair so that I could play games and go on the bouncy castle and the swings, and we could all eat cake together. The bouncy castle was my favourite part. I went on it for a long time, and lots of little girls who were bigger than me kept coming up and holding my hands, and trying to teach me how to bounce. Mummy says that it is nice that other little girls want to be my friends.

While I was on the bouncy castle, the parent staff sat on the grass and watched me play. Then, when they thought that it was time to go, they stood up and came to get me, and I ran away to the other end of the bouncy castle and buried my face in the wall, and laughed and laughed and laughed because they couldn't reach me.

Granny's house has also been super-good today because at the moment, Uncle Ben is staying there. I love Uncle Ben. He is very tall and very skinny, and he doesn't say much, not like other grown-ups ... I think that he is wonderful. I talk about him lots to the parent staff when he is not around ... and then when he is around, I like to stand next to him and stare up at his face and grin.

Today, after the fair, mummy took me back to Granny's house and went to make me a drink that I didn't want. Granny's house has long paths in it, and off the paths are lots of different rooms - and one of the rooms belongs to Uncle Ben. I felt that instead of drinking my drink, I would like to go and stare at Uncle Ben, so I ran away down the long path and dived into Uncle Ben's room before mummy could stop me.

Uncle Ben was playing a game on his computer, and he didn't even look at me when I came in and stood next to him, even though he knew that I was there.

Then mummy must have realised that I had escaped, because I could hear her at the other end of the path shouting "Georgia, come here please!"

I said "No!" ... but very very quietly, so that mummy wouldn't hear me ... and Uncle Ben sniggered and carried on playing his game.

Mummy called me a few more times, and every time she called me I said no ... and Uncle Ben sniggered and didn't tell mummy where I was because he is cool, and he is on my side and not mummy's.

Then mummy went quiet and I felt a bit suspicious about what she might be doing, so I peeped my head out of Uncle Ben's door and there she was, staring at me and looking not very impressed!!!

So I dived back inside and buried my head in Uncle Ben's bed and laughed, and mummy came to get me and told Uncle Ben off for hiding me away when she was looking for me.

Uncle Ben sniggered some more, and mummy took me away and made me drink my drink, and it was just as boring as I had thought it would be.

I was very sleepy at the end of today, after all of my playing and hiding and bouncing. The parent staff tell me that it is the last day of our holiday tomorrow, and that after this they will be going back to work. This is sad because I have enjoyed the holiday ... but I'm sure that I will still have lots of fun, because I am small and I don't have to go to work like the grown-ups ... ha ha ha.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Me and the parent staff are still having our pretend holiday, so today we have come away on a trip.

First we went to the village in the countryside, where we sometimes come to play. Daddy says that one day, when we have all grown up a bit more, we will live in this village. I hope that this is true, because I like the village. It has a good playground, and lots of green space where I can run around, and when I walk down the road people stop to say hello and tell me I am pretty.

When we got to the village today, the grandparent staff were there waiting for us. This was a nice surprise for me. The grandparent staff went to take Molly-dog for a walk, and me and the parent staff went to look at the "pree-skool". Mummy told me that one day I will go to pree-skool, so I need to find out what it is like.

Pre-skool is a place for little people like me. There are lots of toys and books, and the little people all run around together and dance and play, and have a party. It is good because there are no parent staff there at all: just nice ladies who bring you food and tell you what you are allowed to play with next.

When me and the parent staff got to pree-skool, all the other little people were sitting around a big table having a snack. I watched the snacks carefully, and I thought about how nice they looked.

Then one of the nice ladies asked me if I would like to join in, so I said "Yes peese!", and I found an empty chair to sit on, and a plate of snacks all for me! The snacks were bits of fruit and carrot and soft cheese. I ate mine all up and lots of it got onto my hands, and I kept looking up and grinning at the parent staff to show them how much I was enjoying pree-skool. The parent staff seemed pleased.

After snack time we all went outside to carry on with the party, and I found a sandpit to make a mess in. The parent staff watched me, and talked to some of the nice ladies.

The parent staff said that it was time to go not long after this, and I didn't want to leave the party but I was good and I went with them anyway. This is because the parent staff told me that we were going to play on the playground, and then we were going to find Nanmar and Der and have lunch with them ... and all of these things sounded like good ideas.

We had fun on the playground and we had a yummy lunch in the cafe, and then we got back in the car ready to go to Nanmar and Der's house. Just before we got into the car, I did a super-huge stinky poo in my nappy, and mummy had to use almost all of the baby wipes to clean it up. The parent staff had put a nappy on me today because they said that they didn't want me weeing all over the pree-skool. I am still not very fond of weeing in my potty.

By the way, not long after we had come away from our house, the silly parent staff had also realised that they had forgotten to bring my potty with us on our trip ... which meant that when we got to Nanmar and Der's house, I would just have to do my wees in my nappies like usual ... ha ha ha!

Silly parent staff.

Stupid potty.

Anyway. I had a little nap on the way to the grandparent staff's house, so when we got there I had saved up lots of energy for running round the garden and making noise.

I did lots of playing until bedtime, and then the staff all put me to bed in my travel cot, and told me that I will be able to do more playing in the morning.

It has been a very nice trip so far, and I am looking forward to whatever treats the staff want to give me tomorrow. There should be lots of treats, because there are lots of staff here to give them out!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Yesterday the parent staff found a whole new way of showing me what weirdos they are.

They have taken all of my nappies away from my bottom, and now my wees and poos have nowhere to go!

The parent staff say that the wees and poos need to go in my potty now ... but I am not at all sure about this. It seems kind of gross.

To be honest, I actually like not wearing a nappy any more. This is mainly because I get to wear cool big-girl's knickers instead. Mummy took me to the big shop a few days ago, and let me choose my big-girl's knickers myself. Some of my knickers have cats on them, and some have pigs. I think that the cats and pigs like being worn on my bottom.

The bad thing about wearing the big-girl's knickers is that I keep having to wee in them. I run around and play, like normal, and quite often the parent staff ask me if I would like to do a wee in my potty. I tell them no, and think about what weirdos they are.

Then when I feel a wee coming, I wee it all out into my knickers, and then I run to mummy and shout, "I have done a weeeeee!!!"

Then mummy looks all serious, and tells me that the wee is meant to go into my potty, and not onto my cats or my pigs. She asks me if I will try to get my wee in the potty next time, and sometimes I say yes, and sometimes I say no. But really, I mean no every time.

Anyway, today we went out, and I was wearing my big-girl's knickers again. I had already done one wee in my knickers before we went out, and mummy had washed them and put some clean knickers on me. So I got to wear both cats AND pigs, before it was even lunchtime! Heh heh.

We drove out in the car to the place in the countryside where the big lake is. I like it there. The lake is pretty, and we always take a yummy picnic with us when we go to visit.

Today was a very sunny day so we had our picnic sitting on the grass, instead of in the car hiding from the rain like we usually do. Nanmar and Der arrived in their car, and came to eat our picnic with us too, which was really good.

When we had eaten all of the nice food, we went for a big walk all the way around the lake. The parent staff kept asking me if I wanted to wee in my potty. They are such weirdos that they had even brought the potty with them on the walk! They kept waving it about and showing it to me, as if that would make me want to do a wee or a poo in it. Dear me!!

Anyway, when we had got nearly all the way around the lake, I felt a funny feeling in my tummy, and it was the kind of feeling that I get just before I do a wee. So I stopped walking and looked down at my bottom, waiting for the wee to come.

And mummy must have noticed me doing this, because she quickly pulled down my shorts and my pig knickers, and plonked my bottom onto my potty in the middle of the grass! How rude!!!

I tried to escape, but mummy told me that I should sit still and wait for my wee to come out. I tried very hard to hold my wee in, but it got out after a few moments anyway. I could hear it splashing into my potty and I thought, "Yuck!" ... but mummy looked really pleased, and then she shouted to the other grown-ups to tell them that I had done my first potty wee. And then daddy and the grandparent staff clapped and told me how clever I was, and I enjoyed that.

Mummy wiped my bottom with some tissue, and then she showed me my wee in the potty, and told me that I was her clever girl.

I was pleased with this. Maybe weeing in the potty is not so weird after all.

When we had finished our walk, mummy got really excited about going on a boat, as a treat because of my first potty wee. And a little bit because she just wanted to. So she went and found a lady, and gave her some money, and the lady put big fat jackets on us all and gave daddy some sticks to move the boat with.

Then me and the parent staff and Nanmar got in a little boat and went off across the lake. Daddy used his big sticks to keep us moving. It was really cool! I sat next to mummy and held my Peppa Pig toy, because Peppa Pig wanted to know what it was like to go on a boat. After a while, I thought that Peppa Pig might also like to know what it is like to go swimming, so I threw her into the water.

Mummy jumped up and reached all the way out into the water to pull Peppa Pig back, and the boat tipped up and started to rock about A LOT!

Daddy and Nanmar started to scream and grab hold of the sides of the boat, and when me and mummy saw them do this we laughed and laughed and laughed. Mummy put Peppa Pig on the side of the boat to dry out in the sun, and she told me that I shouldn't make Peppa Pig go swimming again. She said that daddy and Nanmar couldn't cope with the excitement.


When we had been all over the lake in the boat, we went back onto the grass and gave our fat coats and daddy's sticks back to the lady. Then I did a wee in my knickers while I was picking daisies, and mummy had to get me changed in the back of the car.

Then we drove home, and not long after this the parent staff gave me a kiss goodbye, and said that the grandparent staff were going to put me to bed tonight. Daddy told me that he was taking mummy out to listen to music. This was strange because we have music at home, and I don't see why the parent staff couldn't just listen to that. Weird parent staff. But at least I got to play with Nanmar and Der for the rest of the day.

We had dinner, and then Nanmar and Der gave me my shower and put me to bed. They said that the parent staff would be back home later on, and that tomorrow, I should try to do more potty wees for them. Maybe I will do more potty wees, and then I will get to go in a boat again - and everyone will tell me how clever I am. I do like that.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

For the last few days, the parent staff have been telling me that soon, we are going to be on holiday. Then yesterday morning, when mummy got me up, she said that the holiday was finally here!

I waited and waited for holiday things to start happening (I kept looking at my suitcase and wondering why nobody was packing it), and then in the end I asked mummy if we could go on holiday now, because I was tired of waiting.

Mummy actually looking surprised, even though she has been going on and on about holidays for ages now. And then she laughed, and said that this was a different kind of holiday, where we weren't going to go away with our suitcases, and instead we would just do fun things together every day. As a family.

I feel that I have been TRICKED. I mean, yes, okay, it will be nice to have both of the parent staff here with me for a while, because sometimes they can actually be quite good fun. But it's not the same as going away to somewhere new, and getting to pack my cool suitcase up, and exploring, and having new places to play in.

Mummy seemed to honestly think that I would still have fun on the holiday, even though it is not a real holiday. She told me that today we were going to have some treats, and that I would really like them. I wasn't so sure, but I thought that I may as well go along with mummy's plans and find out what the treats were - just in case.

So we all got into mummy's car, and then we drove into town, where it is always busy with people carrying bags, and we went to the "sin-e-ma". The sin-e-ma was awesome! It had a super-huge TV, and on the TV was one of my favourite books ... only the people in it moved about and talked like real people! I got to sit in an enormous chair in between mummy and daddy, and eat a bowl full of strawberries and cream and shortbread. Like I said ... AWESOME.

When we got to the end of the giant TV book, I asked the parent staff if we could watch it again. They said no, because the sin-e-ma doesn't work like that. I bet if we had been on a real holiday, I would have been able to watch the giant moving book again.

Anyway, the parent staff said that it was time for us to go and get lunch now, and I like lunch so I decided to go with them. We went to a cafe and since it was nice and sunny, we sat outside at a table next to some grass. The grass looked exciting so I asked the parent staff if I could run around on it like a dog.

The parent staff said that I could run around if I wanted to, but that I had to stay on the grass and not go onto the path at the other side.

Of course this meant that I needed to go onto the path, and to not stay on the grass at all ... so I did. And then I waved at the parent staff from the path and laughed, and waited for them to come and chase me.

Daddy chased me first. He brought me back onto the grass and told me off ... and when he put me down I ran back onto the path and waved again. Then it was mummy's turn to chase me, and she brought me back this time, and told me off ... and I was just thinking what a great game this was, when mummy spoilt it all by telling daddy that if I ran off again, then they shouldn't chase me but should just ignore me, and wait for me to get bored instead.

It turned out that when I wasn't being chased off the path, the path actually wasn't that interesting after all. I wandered around on it for a while and I kept looking over at the parent staff to see if they were going to chase me again, but they didn't so in the end I went back onto the grass and sat down with one of my books.

After we had eaten our lunch we went back home, and after nap time we went out to the park to play on the playground and look for ducks.

At bedtime mummy asked me if I had enjoyed my first day of holiday. It turns out that I did enjoy it, even though it was not a real holiday ... so maybe mummy was right after all. The parent staff told me that we will have lots more treats over the next few days. I am having a think about what the other treats might be. It is fun to think about this.