Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Me and the parent staff are still having our pretend holiday, so today we have come away on a trip.

First we went to the village in the countryside, where we sometimes come to play. Daddy says that one day, when we have all grown up a bit more, we will live in this village. I hope that this is true, because I like the village. It has a good playground, and lots of green space where I can run around, and when I walk down the road people stop to say hello and tell me I am pretty.

When we got to the village today, the grandparent staff were there waiting for us. This was a nice surprise for me. The grandparent staff went to take Molly-dog for a walk, and me and the parent staff went to look at the "pree-skool". Mummy told me that one day I will go to pree-skool, so I need to find out what it is like.

Pre-skool is a place for little people like me. There are lots of toys and books, and the little people all run around together and dance and play, and have a party. It is good because there are no parent staff there at all: just nice ladies who bring you food and tell you what you are allowed to play with next.

When me and the parent staff got to pree-skool, all the other little people were sitting around a big table having a snack. I watched the snacks carefully, and I thought about how nice they looked.

Then one of the nice ladies asked me if I would like to join in, so I said "Yes peese!", and I found an empty chair to sit on, and a plate of snacks all for me! The snacks were bits of fruit and carrot and soft cheese. I ate mine all up and lots of it got onto my hands, and I kept looking up and grinning at the parent staff to show them how much I was enjoying pree-skool. The parent staff seemed pleased.

After snack time we all went outside to carry on with the party, and I found a sandpit to make a mess in. The parent staff watched me, and talked to some of the nice ladies.

The parent staff said that it was time to go not long after this, and I didn't want to leave the party but I was good and I went with them anyway. This is because the parent staff told me that we were going to play on the playground, and then we were going to find Nanmar and Der and have lunch with them ... and all of these things sounded like good ideas.

We had fun on the playground and we had a yummy lunch in the cafe, and then we got back in the car ready to go to Nanmar and Der's house. Just before we got into the car, I did a super-huge stinky poo in my nappy, and mummy had to use almost all of the baby wipes to clean it up. The parent staff had put a nappy on me today because they said that they didn't want me weeing all over the pree-skool. I am still not very fond of weeing in my potty.

By the way, not long after we had come away from our house, the silly parent staff had also realised that they had forgotten to bring my potty with us on our trip ... which meant that when we got to Nanmar and Der's house, I would just have to do my wees in my nappies like usual ... ha ha ha!

Silly parent staff.

Stupid potty.

Anyway. I had a little nap on the way to the grandparent staff's house, so when we got there I had saved up lots of energy for running round the garden and making noise.

I did lots of playing until bedtime, and then the staff all put me to bed in my travel cot, and told me that I will be able to do more playing in the morning.

It has been a very nice trip so far, and I am looking forward to whatever treats the staff want to give me tomorrow. There should be lots of treats, because there are lots of staff here to give them out!

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