Saturday, 21 July 2012

Today the parent staff have brought me to stay with the grandparent staff. We are all here in the white house with the big garden.

This morning I woke up early and made dog sounds until daddy came to get me up. Then we had breakfast and mummy came to join us. Mummy has different hair today. She went out early in the morning and when she came back her hair was short and funny. It’s not as much fun to pull any more.

After breakfast grandad came down to play too, and mummy took us all in her car to a shop nearby. When mummy came out of the shop she was holding bags full of that secret stuff that I’m never allowed to play with. (I see this stuff a lot. When I try to get any of it mummy holds it out of my reach and tells me that it’s called “grown-up fruit” ... but when other people are here I’ve heard her call it “cake”.)

When we got away from the shop we went to a really cool playground, with swings and a slide and sand. I made daddy push me on the swings for so long that I didn’t need to paddy when he got me down, because I really was ready to do something else.

*Observation: If the parent staff could just learn that I need to stay on the swings until I’m ready to leave, then it would save us some arguments.*

After the park we went home to gran, who was making bacon for the grown-ups. Me and mummy sat on the grass and mummy gave me a tray covered with toys and asked me to bring her things off the tray, like the “seahorse” or the “turtle”. This is a game that mummy likes to play when she’s bored, and I play with her to keep her out of mischief.

By the way I have a new toy which has helped me to learn a new word in the staff language: “wal-rus”. Walruses are small and purple with smiley faces. I know because I have one on my toy tray.

While we were on the grass I found some baby treasure which I showed to mummy. She wasn’t as impressed as she should have been. She called it a “rock”.

I spent a lot of time playing in the garden today. The grown-ups did a lot of eating. They are very greedy. The weather was not very nice but it has been worse. In the afternoon daddy took me in the “hot-tub”. I like the hot-tub. It is like a giant bath or a very small swimming pool. The hot-tub at the grandparent staff’s house is cool because it has lots of toys just for me, that I can throw at daddy’s face. Heh heh.

After my bedtime routine tonight (dinner, bath, story and milk), I had my usual cot paddy, but I couldn’t keep it up for very long because I was so tired from all the fresh country air. Oh well ... better luck tomorrow night ...