Saturday, 27 April 2013

There are visitors in our house at the moment. One of them is Uncle Ben. The others are friends of the parents staffs', who come from the old and boring times they had before I was here.

Some of the friends are called Matt and Cat, and they belong to each other like mummy and daddy belong to each other. I have met them before and they are very good fun. The other friend is called Dan. I have never met him before, but he is fun too. He is smaller than a lot of other grown-ups, and he talks a lot and laughs at many things that I do. It is nice to hang out with a grown-up who understands how funny you are. 

When I woke up this morning, I saw that the parent staff were sleeping on the bed in my room. This must have been because there were friends staying in their normal bedroom. Sometimes this happens when we have friends to stay. 

I thought that it might be nice for the parent staff to hear some good-morning stories, so I pulled some books down into my cot and read them out in a nice, loud voice so that the parent staff could hear them. 

After a few stories, mummy got out of bed to get me out of my cot, and then she took me downstairs for breakfast.

While we were eating our breakfast, Uncle Ben and Dan came into the dining room and sat down to talk to me and mummy. Mummy started feeding them muffins and yogurt, and I thought that I might like to have some of this, since all I had eaten was boring porridge. So I stood by Uncle Ben's knee, grinned up at him, and said: "He-yo Uncle Ben!"

Then I looked at his muffin and said, "He-yo muffin!" 

Mummy calls this "scrounging". She says that I should not "scrounge" from visitors - but I find that visitors are the best people to "scrounge" from, because they are more likely to feed me than staff are.

Uncle Ben is a great person to "scrounge" from. He kept taking sneaky looks at mummy, and then quickly passing me bits of muffin when she wasn't looking. I reckon that I got about half a muffin through my "scrounging" from Uncle Ben ... not bad work, really.

Matt and Cat and daddy all got up soon after this, and I grabbed Cat and made her come and play with me and my animal cards in the living room. Cat loved this very much. I think it was her favourite part of the day. 

When everyone had eaten their breakfasts and put their proper clothes on, we all walked down the road to the bus stop, and rode on a big bus all the way into town. Then we went to listen to some music near where the shops are. 

The music was good but mummy had brought a big picnic for us, and mummy's picnics always make it rain. I sat on mummy's knee to eat my picnic, and then I ran round and round the picnic space to keep myself warm, and I let daddy chase me round so that he could stay warm too. Very kind of me, I think.

After we had finished our picnic, everyone decided that it was too cold to sit still any longer, so we all got up and went for a look around the shops. It was very busy and colourful and exciting, so I made a few attempts to escape from the parent staff and make myself some new friends. There were many pigeons, and interesting people who I didn't know, who I think would have made lovely friends for me.

The parent staff were not very happy about this, though, and they made me ride in my buggy instead of walking on my own. I was cross about this, but at least it meant that my little feet got to have a rest for a while.  

When we were tired of the shops, we all got back on the bus and came back home. Back at home I had my nap, and then daddy got me up and took me to the park with the friends while mummy made dinner for us all. 

Dinner time was fun because all of the friends were there to talk to me while I was eating. It is nice to have people to talk to at dinner time, and to tell you how good you are at using your fork. I showed off my fork skills by shouting "Stab!", and poking my fork into bits of chicken that were waiting in my bowl to be eaten.

I was not very happy when the parent staff told me that it was time for bed, because I wanted to stay up and play with the friends. When mummy asked me to kiss everyone goodnight, I started to cry loudly and say "No! No!" in my it's-not-fair voice.

Mummy told me that I was going to go to bed anyway, so I might as well give all of the friends a kiss before I went. So in the end I wiped a snotty, teary kiss on each of them, and then let the parent staff carry me away for my bath.

I had calmed down by the time the parent staff put me into bed - mainly because I know that there is no point arguing with the parent staff, because they are just very mean and very stubborn people. But when I am a grown-up, I am going to stay up all night long, and play games and eat cakes, and never go to bed EVER ... and the parent staff will not be able to do ANYTHING about it!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

I have seen lots of different people today. Some of them have been staff, and some of them have been other grown-ups who don't belong to me.

This morning my staff were Nanmar and Der, because mummy was at work. I had a nice morning with the grandparent staff, playing and helping them to do their shopping, and eating things in the cafe at the big shop.

Then mummy came home and Nanmar and Der went away in their car, and me and mummy sat on the doorstep like we always do, waving our hands and blowing kisses while Nanmar and Der drove away.

When Nanmar and Der's car had gone I helped mummy to do her jobs, like hoovering the carpet and getting the shopping. One of my missions at the moment is to stop riding in the trolley when we go to the big shop, and to persuade mummy that I should walk on my feet instead. So every time we get to the big shop, I ask: "Peese can I walk like a big girl?"

Sometimes mummy says yes, and sometimes she says no. If she says yes then she always spends a few minutes jabbering on about how I must walk next to the trolley, and not run away, and do everything that she tells me to do. And if she says no, then she tells me that this is because the last time she let me walk like a big girl, I didn't walk next to the trolley or do what she told me to do, and instead I ran away, laughing, and tried to escape from her.

It is sad for me that mummy has such a good memory. Every time I do something that mummy doesn't want me to do, she says: "I will remember this for next time" ... and I always hope that she will forget. She never does, though. It's a shame.

Anyway. After we had done all our jobs, and played games, and had my nap, daddy came home from work and the parent staff took me out to an "ap-oynt-ment". For the "ap-oynt-ment" we had to go and see a lady called Laura, so that the parent staff could talk to her about our house.

Laura lived in a room with a big desk and some chairs, and a small sofa that the parent staff tried to sit me on while they were talking.

I sat on the small sofa eating grapes for a while, and then I realised that all the grapes had gone and that I was bored, and that the parent staff weren't paying any attention to me and that this was rude.

So I got down from the sofa and started trying to climb up mummy, and asking her to read to me. Mummy gave me some books to read but I did not want to read them by myself, so I put my hands on mummy's face and turned it towards me and said: "Mummy, peese stop talking to Yaura, talk to me now peese."

Mummy sat me on her knee and said that she was talking, and that I must not be rude; and I was wondering how I could get my own way without doing something that would get me into lots of trouble ... and then a wonderful thing happened, and I realised that I could win this argument without making the parent staff cross at all!! ... As I was sitting on mummy's knee, I felt a sneaky poo creeping into my nappy! So I got hold of mummy's face again, turned it towards me, and said very clearly: "I have done a big sloppy poo!"

Mummy and daddy's faces both went very pink, and Laura looked confused and asked them what I had said.

Daddy looked at mummy and then said in a very embarrassed voice: "She says that she's done a big sloppy poo."

After that, mummy had to take me into the toilet to get me cleaned up, and my poo was so VERY big, and VERY sloppy, that by the time mummy was finished with it daddy had done all the talking to Laura and it was time for us to go home again. Hurray!

When we got home, I only had time for a little bit of playing before the parent staff made me have my bath and get ready for bed.

I did not want to go to bed, especially since I had lost lots of my playing time by being at the "ap-oynt-ment" with Laura; but the parent staff did not care about this.

Oh well. Tomorrow I have a whole day with mummy, doing my baby classes. Those days are always good fun.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Today I have been on an adventure with the parent staff, because we all needed a treat.

This morning we all got washed and dressed, and then we climbed into mummy's car and drove to the countryside, where there are trees and flowers and farm animals in fields.

I like the countryside, but whenever we go there the parent staff seem to think that it would be really great for me to do lots of walking ... and I never agree with this. Walking is boring, and I do not want to do it unless it's for a very good reason (for example, to run away from staff, or to follow Harvey about).

So we went for a little walk, and I trailed behind the parent staff and picked up stones from the sides of the road, and made them my treasure. Sometimes, to punish the parent staff and to show them what a bad idea it was for them to make me walk instead of carrying me, I would wander a little way out into the road and give them my "what-are-you-going-to-do-about-it?" look. But this didn't work so well because the roads in the countryside are not like the roads at home (there are hardly any cars on them), so the parent staff did not panic and squeal and scoop me up into their arms like they usually do. They just stood and waited for me to catch up ... which I did, eventually, because standing in the road doing nothing gets boring after a while.

After a lot of walking we came to a cafe, and then things got much better because not only did I get to stop walking, but I was also allowed to go into the cafe for lunch! The parent staff let me ask the cafe lady for yummy food and milkshake, and we all ate lunch together at a little table by the window. It was good.

When we had eaten our lunch, we went back outside and the parent staff took me to play on the playground, and in a big field full of daisies. I picked some daisies for mummy, and then I asked the parent staff: "Please can I run around like a dog?"

Mummy said that it is very strange how I never have enough energy to walk anywhere, but that I am never too tired to run around like a dog. She did not mind me running around, though, because she thinks that it is good for me. And also, she finds it funny.

After I had picked daisies and played on the playground and run around like a dog for long enough, we all walked back to our car and drove home for dinner.

I was feeling very excited at dinner time and afterwards, because it was an adventure day and I wanted to carry on playing ... so I bounced about from room to room and made a lot of noise. I found a sheet of stickers that the parent staff had given me a few days ago, and I started sticking them to things around the house. The stickers are meant to be "rewards" for when I have done good things. They have smiley faces and words on them. Mummy says that the words say "well done" and "excellent work".

When the parent staff were getting me ready for my bath and I was all rudie, I decided that it would be good to give my bottom some "rewards". So I stuck stickers all over my rudie bottom, and then I ran over to mummy, pointed my bottom in her face, and shouted: "What you sink of zat?!"

The parent staff laughed and laughed, and told me that I was very special. I felt very pleased with myself.

When the parent staff put me into bed tonight, they asked me if I have enjoyed my adventure day with them. I told them "yes" ... because it is true.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A few days ago, mummy came home from the shops with a card in a white envelope. She told me that the card is for two of the parent's staffs' friends, who are getting "married". (This means that they will have a day where they both get dressed up in pretty clothes, and then they will go home and live happily ever after, like Beauty and the Beast.) Ever since this day, the card has been standing on the little table inside our front door, waiting to be delivered to the friends.

And the more the card waits there, the more I realise that I want it, and that I NEED TO GET AT IT!!!!!

I'm not quite sure why this is. Maybe it is because cards are fun, as they come at the same time as birthdays and Christmas ... and sometimes money falls out of them and I get to put it in my piggy bank. Maybe it is because the friends have still not taken the card away, which kind of says to me that they must not really want it that much anyway. Or maybe it is just because I know that it is not for me, so this makes me want it MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD!!!!!

Anyway, because of my need to get at the card, I have had several missions to make it mine ... but none of them have worked so far. Each time I start on a mission, I manage to get hold of the card for a little bit longer than the time before, and to tear a tiny bit more of the envelope ... but not enough to get at the card inside - just enough to make mummy cross with me.

I felt that today would bring me my best chance to complete my mission so far, because daddy was looking after me ... which usually means that I get more chances to do cheeky things.

So while daddy was in the kitchen making lunch, I wandered out to the hallway, reached up high, and pulled the card down from the table. Then, because I just couldn't resist being as cheeky as I possibly could, I carried it back into the kitchen and sat down to open it on the floor near daddy's feet ... to see how long it would take him to work out what I was doing.

I had just managed my biggest envelope rip yet, when daddy looked down, saw what I was up to, and snapped: "Georgia, give me that!"

I looked back up at him, smiled politely, and said: "No."

A big frown appeared on daddy's face and his voice got louder, and again he asked me to hand over my treasure. And again I told him no.

Daddy stretched out his hand, put on his really mad face, and shouted: "GIVE ME THAT CARD, NOW!!!"

Daddy likes to think that he is scary, but he is not at all. He is actually very soft and cuddly. However, when he puts his "scary" voice on, I find that it is safest to do what he says, in case he gets into a sulk and tells tales about me to mummy later on.

So I stood up, put the card down on the dining table, and said cheerfully, "Okey-dokey!" ... and then I wandered off.

It's a shame that daddy was being more observant than usual today, and that he spoiled my mission, but next time I get the card I will be a bit more sneaky when it comes to opening it.

When mummy came home from work tonight, her magic mummy eyes spotted the big rip in the envelope almost as soon as she came through the door. I really don't know how she does that. She asked daddy about the rip while I was eating my dinner, and when he told her the story about my mission, she laughed. And then she told me to leave the card alone from now on.

Which I'm not going to do, but of course I didn't tell her that.

When I was having my bath tonight, the parent staff were bickering about which of them I am going to be more like when I get big. After a while daddy asked me: "Georgie, who do you want to be more like when you grow up: me or mummy?"

I didn't have to think hard about my answer. I told daddy straight away who I most want to be like when I am big: "Fireman Sam."

Mummy and daddy gave each other the same parent staff look, and then they turned away to hide their giggles.

I don't know why they thought that this was funny. I do want to be like Fireman Sam. He is way more fun than the parent staff. And I bet he would let me have the happily ever after card if I wanted it, and not spoil my missions like they do.

I had a nice cuddle with the parent staff at bedtime, so they would not realise that I am plotting to disobey them, and steal the card again tomorrow.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

I have had a very busy day with mummy today.

This morning, after I had got up and had my breakfast, mummy decided that we were going to go back to bed for some "slobbing". So we kept our pyjamas on, climbed up into mummy's bed, and slobbed about with books for a while.

Mummy read me a few animal stories, and then I climbed up onto her tummy and lay there, sucking my thumb. Mummy was being very soft and warm and well-behaved, for once, and I suddenly felt very fond of her ... so I put up my hand, patted her cheek, and said: "My yickle baby."

Mummy laughed and laughed at this, and her big squishy tummy started to wobble with laughs, so I started laughing too.

We laughed for a long time, and then mummy said that we had done enough slobbing, and that we should get up and get dressed now.

While we were getting dressed, mummy kept telling me that it was going to be a nice day today, and that we were going to go for a picnic with our friend Jess.

I was not very sure about this, because whenever mummy thinks that it is going to be a nice day, she is usually wrong ... However, the picnic stuff looked good, so I wandered about bringing mummy bags and boxes to pack the food into while she made sandwiches in the kitchen.

By the time that Jess arrived at our house, all of the sun had gone from the sky, and rain was starting to run down the windows. Mummy was very cross, and she started having one of her long rants and talking about the "weather man" again. Mummy does not like the "weather man". I'm not quite sure why this is, but I think it is because the "weather man" makes it rain, and then tricks mummy into thinking that the sun will shine. But if this is true, then mummy is stupid for believing him, because rain happens all the time.

After she had finished ranting, mummy decided that we should still eat our picnic, but that we should have a "carpet picnic" instead of a park picnic. So she put our blanket and our picnic bag down on the living room carpet, and we all sat on it and ate our sandwiches and fruit and things. The food was still very tasty, even if we didn't have any sun to go with it.

When we had finished our picnic, we played games with my animal cards, and another game where I had to throw my orange ball into the rubbish bin. I was very good at this.

Later on I went for a nap, and mummy stayed up talking to Jess without me (mean). When mummy got me up again after nap time, Jess helped to get me dressed into my pretty dress, because mummy said that I was going out for dinner. I hoped that Jess might be coming with us to the dinner place, but she wasn't ... in fact she left soon after I was dressed, and got in her car to drive back to her own house.

After Jess had gone, Auntie Beccy knocked on our front door, and she had Karl with her. Karl is Auntie Beccy's boyfriend. Boyfriends are those bad people that daddy is always telling me to stay away from ... but since daddy was away at work, and not there to see what I was doing, I could speak to Karl without daddy being cross.

Me and mummy and Auntie Beccy and Karl all got into mummy's car and went to a nice place for our dinner. Mummy ordered me a sausage wrapped up in some bread, and when it arrived I picked the sausage out of the bread and ate it on its own. Mummy said that I was "gross", and then she tried to get me to eat some bits of lettuce and tomato. I didn't eat much lettuce, but it was all okay because I did eat half of mummy's cherry pie that she had for pudding, and half of Auntie Beccy's ice cream in a tall glass ... so I was nice and full after dinner anyway.

When we had all finished our food, we went back home in mummy's car, and I played the orange ball game with Karl until mummy was ready to put me in the bath.

I have had a very nice day with mummy, in spite of the "weather man". Mummy says that we will try again tomorrow to have a picnic in the park ... so I hope that the "weather man" behaves himself, and lets us have some sun.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Today has been all about picnics, fun and games with mummy, and carpet wee.

This morning mummy decided that we were going to go for a picnic in the park. Mummy does this whenever there is the teeniest, tiniest speck of sunshine in the sky. She gets really excited, bundles some food, me, and anyone else who is around (and who is not sensible enough to argue with her) into her car ... and then drives us all to somewhere freezing where she makes us eat food on a blanket outside.

While we eat our food, we huddle up in our coats and our wellybobs, and our hands shake and our teeth chatter on our sandwiches.

Bits of rubbish like the wrappers from our food blow away in the wind, and we all run around trying to catch them before they can completely escape. (This bit with the rubbish happens so often that mummy has actually made it into a game. Whenever a bit of plastic bag starts to blow away, mummy will lift me up onto my feet and shout: "Stand on it! STAND ON IT!!!" ... and then she laughs like a crazy person while I run around trying to trap the escaping bag under my feet.)

Today it was just me and mummy at the picnic, and we sat on a bench that was so cold I couldn't feel my bottom any more after a while, even through my nappy ... But at least it wasn't raining, this time. The park was actually really nice and the picnic food was GOOD. Mummy had brought along a prawn cocktail for me to enjoy all on my own ... mmm!!! I LOVE prawn cocktail.

When we had eaten our picnic we wandered around the park and explored, and I picked a flower to take home for daddy. I held the flower very tightly in my hand to keep it safe while I was walking about, and I talked to it as well. I said: "Come on, flower, stay still, flower. You are for daddy-boy." Mummy stroked my hair and told me that I was cute, which is true.

Just as we were about to leave the park, mummy spotted a man who had four donkeys with him. The donkeys were giving rides to children like me. Mummy got very excited about this and she asked me if I would like a donkey ride as well. She was so excited that I forgot how donkeys usually scare me a little bit, and I said "Yes peese!" ... so mummy paid the man some money and lifted me onto the donkey's back.

The man took us for a very little walk, and I felt like I was very high up. My donkey was called Charlie and he was very nice. He didn't try to eat me or anything.

When the ride finished, mummy lifted me down onto the ground, and I didn't want to get off so I asked: "Peese can I have another ride on Charlie?"

Mummy said that I couldn't, because the ride was over now, so I started to wail. I felt very disappointed and I realised that my tantrummy feeling was starting to build up in my tummy. Mummy must have realised this too, because she took hold of my hands and started to speak to me in her very serious voice (but quietly, because her very serious voice is always more quiet than usual when there are strangers like the donkey man around us).

Mummy said that having a ride on Charlie was a treat, and that I should not cry when I have a treat. Otherwise, she said, people would not let me have treats any more. This would be sad for me, because I enjoy treats.

Mummy also said that it was someone else's turn to have a ride on Charlie now, so she asked me to say goodbye and thank you to Charlie before we went away.

I did say goodbye to Charlie, and then I held mummy's hand and walked away with her, even though I wanted to stay and play. I hoped that mummy would remember this later on, and let me have more treats for being such a good girl.

Maybe treats that taste like cake.

When me and mummy got back home I went for my nap, and when I got up, I asked mummy if I could wear my new knickers.

Knickers are what big girls wear on their bottoms instead of nappies. A few days ago, when me and mummy were in the big shop, we bought some new knickers all for me, and mummy let me choose them myself.

My knickers are pink and they have cats on them. I am not a big enough girl yet to wear knickers instead of my nappy, but I still like them very much, and sometimes I like to take them out of their packet and look at them.

Anyway. Mummy said that I could wear my knickers if I wanted to, but that I would have to remember that I wasn't wearing a nappy, and that my wees would need to go into my potty.

I did not want to wee in my potty. Sometimes I sit on my potty and read my books (I have started to do this a bit lately), but I wouldn't want to put my wees in there. That would be weird. So when mummy asked me if I would sit on my potty if I needed to wee, I said "no", very honestly. Mummy let me wear my knickers anyway, and we stayed upstairs playing hide and seek so that the potty was nearby.

First I hid, and mummy came to look for me. Then mummy asked me if I wanted to wee in my potty, and I said no. Then mummy hid, and I stood by the wardrobe and counted to ten.

Only I didn't get to ten, because as I was counting, I felt a little wee needing to come out, so what I actually said was: "One ... two ... three ...oooh!!!"

Mummy stuck her head out from behind my cot, where she had been hiding, just in time to see me weeing all over the carpet. Whoopsie. I did tell mummy that I wasn't going to wee in my potty, though.

Mummy said, "Never mind!", and she changed my clothes and cleaned my bottom up. Which meant no more knickers - boo - because they had to go in the wash. But that's okay. I will wear them again when they come back out of the wash, and maybe I will not wee in them next time. Maybe.

Me and mummy played more games (I had my nappy on this time) until dinner time. Daddy did not come home at dinner time, because he was still at work, and he wasn't home by my bedtime either. Mummy said that I will not see him much for the next day or two, because he is working lots. I have left daddy's flower on the dining table for him, with a little note that mummy helped me to write. I hope that this cheers him up when he gets home ... because it must be very sad for him, working lots and not being able to see me. I am his favourite person.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

When mummy came to get me up this morning, she had a surprise person with her. It was my friend Eve, who had come to visit us for the day!!!

Eve was already dressed and looking very awake, even though it was only just getting up time for me. She hung around while mummy got me up and changed my nappy, which was a bit weird because I don't normally have other babies watching while mummy deals with my wee ... but hey ho.

Then we all went downstairs for breakfast, and Eve sat in my highchair so I got to sit at the table like a grown-up girl, which was fun.

After breakfast mummy said that we had to go upstairs to get me washed and dressed.

Now, I am having issues with stairs at the moment. I do not like to climb them; it feels like a whole lot of effort that I can't really be bothered with. Whenever I get to the bottom of the stairs and mummy tells me to climb up, I cling to her legs and say "Carry me, carry me!"

Mummy does not often carry me because of her meanness, but some of the easier-to-persuade grown-ups (Nan-mar and Der) will sometimes pick me up.

It seems that Eve does not have stairs issues, however. Eve loves to climb, so she started off up the stairs very fast when mummy told us that this is where we were going. I stood at the bottom and looked at Eve pathetically, and when she saw me she put her hand out and said: "Come on, Georgie!" - and then she pulled me up the stairs with her. (What this tells me is that Eve loves me more than my mummy does. How sad it that?)

Mummy told me that I am very lazy, and that Eve should not have to pull me up the stairs because I can climb them by myself. But she was laughing a bit as well, so really she was probably just glad that she didn't have to carry me herself.

When I was washed and dressed, we went downstairs to play in my playroom. Mummy opened the doors that go out into the yard, and then she went outside and set up my slide and my sandpit and some toys and blankets. This was really cool because it meant that we had a whole big playroom to play in, and half of it was inside and half of it was outside. Me and Eve had lots of fun trailing sand through the house and into the carpet for mummy to clean up later - haha.

When we weren't playing with our toys, we made mummy read us some books, and we made pictures using my sticker book. Mummy asked Eve if she wanted to make a picture for her mummy, and Eve said yes, and then stuck stickers all over her own tummy. This was such a cool idea - I wish I had thought of it.

Mummy made us all scrambled egg on toast for lunch, and after lunch she took us upstairs for nap time. She had set up the travel cot in my room for Eve to sleep in, and it had one of my blankets and Eve's toy giraffe in it.

Mummy gave us both a kiss and put us into our cots, and then she went away again.

After she had gone, I realised how much Eve TALKS. I am not a big fan of nap time, but once I am in bed I usually find that I am actually tired enough to go to sleep, whether I want to or not. But Eve didn't seem tired at all. Instead of sleeping, she sat up in her cot and talked and sang, and made strange noises without ever stopping.

In the end, mummy came in to get us back up again, since we weren't sleeping anyway, and when she came in she had Eve's mummy Suzie with her. The mummies got us up and took us back downstairs to play, and we went back into the yard to make a mess with the sand.

While we were playing, Aoibheann came round and brought her mummy with her too, so then we had loads of people to play with! It was a really good afternoon. By the time my friends had to go home, most of the sandpit was on the floor of the yard, and in our kitchen.

When everybody left to go back to their own houses, I stood at the door with mummy and waved goodbye ... but I wished that they could have stayed with us and lived in our house instead of going home.

Mummy made my dinner, and after dinner I had to have a long bath so that mummy could get all the sand off my face and out of my hair.

I will be seeing more of my baby friends tomorrow, according to mummy, so that is good. It is nice to have friends to play with, as well as staff.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Today has been an awesome day. Eve has had a birthday party, because she is two like me now, and she invited me to go to her party because she loves me very much.

The party happened at Eve's house this afternoon. It was right in the middle of the time when the parent staff usually make me have my nap: which meant no nap for me at all today ... hurray!!!

Instead of napping, I got to play in Eve's house with all of my baby friends, and all of Eve's toys, and to eat loads of yummy food that I wouldn't normally get. Soooooo much better than napping!

When I arrived at Eve's house with the parent staff, the first thing I saw was a big table covered with yummy party food. I really wanted to jump on the table and start eating everything I could see, but I was really good and I waited until mummy had sat down in the living room before I said to her: "Mummy, I need some food peese."

Mummy told me that I did not need food right now, and that I should wait for a bit. So I did wait for a bit (a very little bit), and then I asked again. Mummy gave me the same answer ... and when I asked her again, another time after this, she put on a more stern voice and told me that we could not have any food until other people had started eating.

I wandered away for a little bit and thought about this, and a cunning plan started to come into my head. When I looked over at mummy I saw that she was talking to Eve's grandma, so I went back to her and this time I asked: "Mummy, peese can we help the yay-dee?"

Mummy looked confused and asked, "What lady, sweetheart?"

I pointed at Eve's grandma and answered, "This yay-dee."

Mummy looked even more confused. She smiled at Eve's grandma in a surprised way and said, "Help the lady to do what?"

I grinned back at her and said, "Help the yay-dee get some food!"

Mummy looked shocked at this, but luckily Eve's grandma turned out to be a much kinder lady than mummy is because she said "Aww!", and she picked me up and carried me over to the big table to get as much food as I wanted.

It is sad when other people's families care more about you starving than your own parent staff do.

Eve's grandma helped me to pile loads of yummy party food onto a big plate, and then I sat on mummy's knee and ate it ALL. Yum yum.

Then I went to sit on daddy's knee, and I stole some food off his plate ... and then I went back to mummy and did the same thing to her.

And then I wandered around the room, looking for other people whose plates looked too full, and I helped them out by taking bits of food off their plates and eating them myself. Heh.

When it was time to go home from the party, the parent staff took me to the park for a while to run around in the sun, and then we went back to our house and had dinner. Only I didn't really have a proper dinner, because I was too full of party food ... I just had a yogurt and some fruit instead.

Mummy said that I had eaten so much today that I would sink in the bath ... but I didn't, so ha! Mummy is not always right about everything!

The parent staff had friends round to play tonight before I went to bed, so I had a lot of people to say goodnight to. I am very worn out now from seeing so many people today. It has been a good day, but I think it will be nice if tomorrow is quieter, with not as many people for me to entertain.