Thursday, 11 April 2013

Today has been all about picnics, fun and games with mummy, and carpet wee.

This morning mummy decided that we were going to go for a picnic in the park. Mummy does this whenever there is the teeniest, tiniest speck of sunshine in the sky. She gets really excited, bundles some food, me, and anyone else who is around (and who is not sensible enough to argue with her) into her car ... and then drives us all to somewhere freezing where she makes us eat food on a blanket outside.

While we eat our food, we huddle up in our coats and our wellybobs, and our hands shake and our teeth chatter on our sandwiches.

Bits of rubbish like the wrappers from our food blow away in the wind, and we all run around trying to catch them before they can completely escape. (This bit with the rubbish happens so often that mummy has actually made it into a game. Whenever a bit of plastic bag starts to blow away, mummy will lift me up onto my feet and shout: "Stand on it! STAND ON IT!!!" ... and then she laughs like a crazy person while I run around trying to trap the escaping bag under my feet.)

Today it was just me and mummy at the picnic, and we sat on a bench that was so cold I couldn't feel my bottom any more after a while, even through my nappy ... But at least it wasn't raining, this time. The park was actually really nice and the picnic food was GOOD. Mummy had brought along a prawn cocktail for me to enjoy all on my own ... mmm!!! I LOVE prawn cocktail.

When we had eaten our picnic we wandered around the park and explored, and I picked a flower to take home for daddy. I held the flower very tightly in my hand to keep it safe while I was walking about, and I talked to it as well. I said: "Come on, flower, stay still, flower. You are for daddy-boy." Mummy stroked my hair and told me that I was cute, which is true.

Just as we were about to leave the park, mummy spotted a man who had four donkeys with him. The donkeys were giving rides to children like me. Mummy got very excited about this and she asked me if I would like a donkey ride as well. She was so excited that I forgot how donkeys usually scare me a little bit, and I said "Yes peese!" ... so mummy paid the man some money and lifted me onto the donkey's back.

The man took us for a very little walk, and I felt like I was very high up. My donkey was called Charlie and he was very nice. He didn't try to eat me or anything.

When the ride finished, mummy lifted me down onto the ground, and I didn't want to get off so I asked: "Peese can I have another ride on Charlie?"

Mummy said that I couldn't, because the ride was over now, so I started to wail. I felt very disappointed and I realised that my tantrummy feeling was starting to build up in my tummy. Mummy must have realised this too, because she took hold of my hands and started to speak to me in her very serious voice (but quietly, because her very serious voice is always more quiet than usual when there are strangers like the donkey man around us).

Mummy said that having a ride on Charlie was a treat, and that I should not cry when I have a treat. Otherwise, she said, people would not let me have treats any more. This would be sad for me, because I enjoy treats.

Mummy also said that it was someone else's turn to have a ride on Charlie now, so she asked me to say goodbye and thank you to Charlie before we went away.

I did say goodbye to Charlie, and then I held mummy's hand and walked away with her, even though I wanted to stay and play. I hoped that mummy would remember this later on, and let me have more treats for being such a good girl.

Maybe treats that taste like cake.

When me and mummy got back home I went for my nap, and when I got up, I asked mummy if I could wear my new knickers.

Knickers are what big girls wear on their bottoms instead of nappies. A few days ago, when me and mummy were in the big shop, we bought some new knickers all for me, and mummy let me choose them myself.

My knickers are pink and they have cats on them. I am not a big enough girl yet to wear knickers instead of my nappy, but I still like them very much, and sometimes I like to take them out of their packet and look at them.

Anyway. Mummy said that I could wear my knickers if I wanted to, but that I would have to remember that I wasn't wearing a nappy, and that my wees would need to go into my potty.

I did not want to wee in my potty. Sometimes I sit on my potty and read my books (I have started to do this a bit lately), but I wouldn't want to put my wees in there. That would be weird. So when mummy asked me if I would sit on my potty if I needed to wee, I said "no", very honestly. Mummy let me wear my knickers anyway, and we stayed upstairs playing hide and seek so that the potty was nearby.

First I hid, and mummy came to look for me. Then mummy asked me if I wanted to wee in my potty, and I said no. Then mummy hid, and I stood by the wardrobe and counted to ten.

Only I didn't get to ten, because as I was counting, I felt a little wee needing to come out, so what I actually said was: "One ... two ... three ...oooh!!!"

Mummy stuck her head out from behind my cot, where she had been hiding, just in time to see me weeing all over the carpet. Whoopsie. I did tell mummy that I wasn't going to wee in my potty, though.

Mummy said, "Never mind!", and she changed my clothes and cleaned my bottom up. Which meant no more knickers - boo - because they had to go in the wash. But that's okay. I will wear them again when they come back out of the wash, and maybe I will not wee in them next time. Maybe.

Me and mummy played more games (I had my nappy on this time) until dinner time. Daddy did not come home at dinner time, because he was still at work, and he wasn't home by my bedtime either. Mummy said that I will not see him much for the next day or two, because he is working lots. I have left daddy's flower on the dining table for him, with a little note that mummy helped me to write. I hope that this cheers him up when he gets home ... because it must be very sad for him, working lots and not being able to see me. I am his favourite person.

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