Saturday, 13 April 2013

I have had a very busy day with mummy today.

This morning, after I had got up and had my breakfast, mummy decided that we were going to go back to bed for some "slobbing". So we kept our pyjamas on, climbed up into mummy's bed, and slobbed about with books for a while.

Mummy read me a few animal stories, and then I climbed up onto her tummy and lay there, sucking my thumb. Mummy was being very soft and warm and well-behaved, for once, and I suddenly felt very fond of her ... so I put up my hand, patted her cheek, and said: "My yickle baby."

Mummy laughed and laughed at this, and her big squishy tummy started to wobble with laughs, so I started laughing too.

We laughed for a long time, and then mummy said that we had done enough slobbing, and that we should get up and get dressed now.

While we were getting dressed, mummy kept telling me that it was going to be a nice day today, and that we were going to go for a picnic with our friend Jess.

I was not very sure about this, because whenever mummy thinks that it is going to be a nice day, she is usually wrong ... However, the picnic stuff looked good, so I wandered about bringing mummy bags and boxes to pack the food into while she made sandwiches in the kitchen.

By the time that Jess arrived at our house, all of the sun had gone from the sky, and rain was starting to run down the windows. Mummy was very cross, and she started having one of her long rants and talking about the "weather man" again. Mummy does not like the "weather man". I'm not quite sure why this is, but I think it is because the "weather man" makes it rain, and then tricks mummy into thinking that the sun will shine. But if this is true, then mummy is stupid for believing him, because rain happens all the time.

After she had finished ranting, mummy decided that we should still eat our picnic, but that we should have a "carpet picnic" instead of a park picnic. So she put our blanket and our picnic bag down on the living room carpet, and we all sat on it and ate our sandwiches and fruit and things. The food was still very tasty, even if we didn't have any sun to go with it.

When we had finished our picnic, we played games with my animal cards, and another game where I had to throw my orange ball into the rubbish bin. I was very good at this.

Later on I went for a nap, and mummy stayed up talking to Jess without me (mean). When mummy got me up again after nap time, Jess helped to get me dressed into my pretty dress, because mummy said that I was going out for dinner. I hoped that Jess might be coming with us to the dinner place, but she wasn't ... in fact she left soon after I was dressed, and got in her car to drive back to her own house.

After Jess had gone, Auntie Beccy knocked on our front door, and she had Karl with her. Karl is Auntie Beccy's boyfriend. Boyfriends are those bad people that daddy is always telling me to stay away from ... but since daddy was away at work, and not there to see what I was doing, I could speak to Karl without daddy being cross.

Me and mummy and Auntie Beccy and Karl all got into mummy's car and went to a nice place for our dinner. Mummy ordered me a sausage wrapped up in some bread, and when it arrived I picked the sausage out of the bread and ate it on its own. Mummy said that I was "gross", and then she tried to get me to eat some bits of lettuce and tomato. I didn't eat much lettuce, but it was all okay because I did eat half of mummy's cherry pie that she had for pudding, and half of Auntie Beccy's ice cream in a tall glass ... so I was nice and full after dinner anyway.

When we had all finished our food, we went back home in mummy's car, and I played the orange ball game with Karl until mummy was ready to put me in the bath.

I have had a very nice day with mummy, in spite of the "weather man". Mummy says that we will try again tomorrow to have a picnic in the park ... so I hope that the "weather man" behaves himself, and lets us have some sun.

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