Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A few days ago, mummy came home from the shops with a card in a white envelope. She told me that the card is for two of the parent's staffs' friends, who are getting "married". (This means that they will have a day where they both get dressed up in pretty clothes, and then they will go home and live happily ever after, like Beauty and the Beast.) Ever since this day, the card has been standing on the little table inside our front door, waiting to be delivered to the friends.

And the more the card waits there, the more I realise that I want it, and that I NEED TO GET AT IT!!!!!

I'm not quite sure why this is. Maybe it is because cards are fun, as they come at the same time as birthdays and Christmas ... and sometimes money falls out of them and I get to put it in my piggy bank. Maybe it is because the friends have still not taken the card away, which kind of says to me that they must not really want it that much anyway. Or maybe it is just because I know that it is not for me, so this makes me want it MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD!!!!!

Anyway, because of my need to get at the card, I have had several missions to make it mine ... but none of them have worked so far. Each time I start on a mission, I manage to get hold of the card for a little bit longer than the time before, and to tear a tiny bit more of the envelope ... but not enough to get at the card inside - just enough to make mummy cross with me.

I felt that today would bring me my best chance to complete my mission so far, because daddy was looking after me ... which usually means that I get more chances to do cheeky things.

So while daddy was in the kitchen making lunch, I wandered out to the hallway, reached up high, and pulled the card down from the table. Then, because I just couldn't resist being as cheeky as I possibly could, I carried it back into the kitchen and sat down to open it on the floor near daddy's feet ... to see how long it would take him to work out what I was doing.

I had just managed my biggest envelope rip yet, when daddy looked down, saw what I was up to, and snapped: "Georgia, give me that!"

I looked back up at him, smiled politely, and said: "No."

A big frown appeared on daddy's face and his voice got louder, and again he asked me to hand over my treasure. And again I told him no.

Daddy stretched out his hand, put on his really mad face, and shouted: "GIVE ME THAT CARD, NOW!!!"

Daddy likes to think that he is scary, but he is not at all. He is actually very soft and cuddly. However, when he puts his "scary" voice on, I find that it is safest to do what he says, in case he gets into a sulk and tells tales about me to mummy later on.

So I stood up, put the card down on the dining table, and said cheerfully, "Okey-dokey!" ... and then I wandered off.

It's a shame that daddy was being more observant than usual today, and that he spoiled my mission, but next time I get the card I will be a bit more sneaky when it comes to opening it.

When mummy came home from work tonight, her magic mummy eyes spotted the big rip in the envelope almost as soon as she came through the door. I really don't know how she does that. She asked daddy about the rip while I was eating my dinner, and when he told her the story about my mission, she laughed. And then she told me to leave the card alone from now on.

Which I'm not going to do, but of course I didn't tell her that.

When I was having my bath tonight, the parent staff were bickering about which of them I am going to be more like when I get big. After a while daddy asked me: "Georgie, who do you want to be more like when you grow up: me or mummy?"

I didn't have to think hard about my answer. I told daddy straight away who I most want to be like when I am big: "Fireman Sam."

Mummy and daddy gave each other the same parent staff look, and then they turned away to hide their giggles.

I don't know why they thought that this was funny. I do want to be like Fireman Sam. He is way more fun than the parent staff. And I bet he would let me have the happily ever after card if I wanted it, and not spoil my missions like they do.

I had a nice cuddle with the parent staff at bedtime, so they would not realise that I am plotting to disobey them, and steal the card again tomorrow.

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