Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The grandparent staff have been entertaining me today, because the parent staff are at work. Well actually, mummy is at work but daddy has been upstairs sleeping, because he is doing night time work again.

When daddy is sleeping in the daytime, the staff try to make sure that I do not make lots of noise and wake him up. This means that I spend a lot of time doing things outside of the house, like visiting the park or going to the shops.

Today the grandparent staff took me to the park and then out shopping, to look at presents for "Cris-mas". "Cris-mas" is something that I have been hearing about a lot lately, from all of my staff. It is all about a fat man called Santa, who will soon be bringing me presents to say thank you to me for being such a good girl all the time. I don't know why Santa would care about this, because he is not one of my staff, but still - it's nice that someone recognises how good I am.

The grandparent staff took me to a big toy shop, and while we were there I found a little pram which I filled with toys ... and then I pushed the pram up and down the aisles, and took all of the toys for a ride.

Then we went to another shop which was not as fun. This shop was full of clothes for grown-ups. Grandma got some of the clothes, and then she went into a little room to put the clothes on and see if they were the right size for her. I had to wait with grandad, but when grandma came out of the little room to show us the clothes that she was wearing, I shouted, "NAN-MAR!", and ran into the little room to help her get dressed.

Grandma came back into the room to put her normal clothes back on, and when she took off her shop clothes I shouted, "RUDIE NAN-MAR!", and pointed at her rudieness.

Grandma said, "Ssh!" and looked very embarrassed. I don't know why she would be embarrassed ... when you are rudie, people laugh at you and blow raspberries on your tummy, which is funny.

After we had been in the shops we all went home to play, and later on I got to jump on daddy and wake him up, and tell him that it was time for him to make my tea.

I had a nice tea, which was pasta with daddy's special sauce, and then daddy did my bath and bedtime, because mummy was still at work.

Tonight my dreams will be about the big toy shop, and of Santa bringing me many, many prams full of toys, to show me what a very good girl I am.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Now that I have mastered a lot of words in the staff language, I am getting really good at telling grownups what I need them to do.

Today the parent staff and I are away visiting friends, so I have had a lot of opportunities to order a whole range of grownups about.

When I woke up this morning, I was in my travel cot in a room that I had not seen before. When I sat up and looked around me, I noticed that there was a big bed nearby which had the parent staff in it. The parent staff were sleeping, like the big lazy slugs that they are, so I said in my quiet voice: "Mummy ... daddy ... seeping. Tired."

Then I swapped my quiet voice for my loud voice, and I yammered away without stopping until the parent staff woke up.

The parent staff put me in bed with them and read me books for a while, and I told them which books to read until it was time for breakfast. Then we went downstairs, and mummy brought me my porridge. While we were eating breakfast, our grownup friends Pete and Lue came in to eat with us, and mummy told me that this was Pete and Lue's house, and that we were here to visit them.

Pete and Lue had lots of books that I hadn't seen before, and over the rest of the day I carried some of these books with me everywhere I went ... and whenever I saw a grownup who didn't appear to be doing anything useful, I would take one of the books up to them and say, "Book, readit, now, peese!"

This was very good of me because it stopped the grownups from getting bored and falling asleep, which they probably would have done if I had not been there.

After the grownups had eaten their breakfasts, we all went out for a walk in the rain, to a place with a  big pond and a cafe and ducks. Pete gave me some bread to rip up and throw to the ducks, and I jumped in lots of puddles and got my wellies muddy.

Then we all walked back to Pete and Lue's house and hung our wet clothes up to dry.

In the afternoon I read more books, and got daddy to make towers out of my building blocks for Mim to hide inside, and made daddy and Pete play hide and seek with me.

Then we all went out for dinner, to a nice place that had shiny wooden floors and candles on the tables. Mummy put me in a highchair and wouldn't let me play with the candles.

I was feeling pretty hungry by this time, and I understand how things work when you go out for dinner, because I have been out for dinner with my staff a few times before ... so when the lady with the notepad came over to ask us if we were ready to choose our food, I looked at her very seriously and said in my most loud, clear voice: "Get ... tea ... now ... lay-dee."

Mummy looked completely horrified, for some reason, but everyone else just laughed. The lady did not do as she was told and go and get my tea; she waited until the grownups had all chosen their food before she went away with her notepad. This was annoying because grownups always take ages to decide what they want to eat, even when us babies are starving. Grownups are very fussy.

Anyway, when the tea finally arrived it was very nice, and I ate mine all up. When we had all eaten, daddy drove us back to Pete and Lue's house again, and then the parent staff sorted out my bath and milk, ready for bed.

When mummy lifted me into my travel cot at bedtime, I pointed at the big bed and said, "Mummy, daddy, seeping, here?"

Mummy said that the parent staff would be coming to bed later on when I was asleep, and that they would be here in the room with me when I woke up in the morning. So that is something fun to look forward to ...

Waking the parent staff up in the morning, I mean.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

When mummy got me up this morning, she told me that daddy is poorly, and that we have to be very nice to him because of this.

Now, I clearly remember having this argument with the parent staff not long ago, and I think that I made my feelings about parent poorliness quite clear at the time. When the parent staff are poorly, I will NOT be nice to them. If the parent staff feel the need to be poorly, then they should do it in their own time (when I am in bed asleep), and not during the time when they are meant to be entertaining me.

So after mummy had given me my breakfast and then taken me back upstairs to read some books in bed (we were having some "pyjama time" since mummy was not going to work today), I took good care to jump on daddy while he was lying in bed like a big slug, feeling sorry for himself.

And then later on, when we were downstairs and daddy was lying on the sofa, I pestered him to read me some books. And to play hide and seek with me.

Mummy was not very happy and she told me to leave daddy alone so that he could sleep, which was no fun.

Later in the morning, mummy took me to the big shop to buy food, and then we came home and had lunch before my friend Eve and her mummy Suzie came round to play. It was fun playing with Eve and Suzie, and we were having so much fun that we almost forgot that we all had to get ready to go to our swimming lesson.

I did not enjoy my swimming lesson today as much as I usually do, because I had not been to sleep all day and I was very tired. I did a lot of sucking my thumb and twirling my hair when I was in the pool, and I did not make as many splashes as I usually do.

When we got back home I was even more tired, and when daddy came to take me up to my bath, I had a brawl with him where I sobbed tragically and shouted, "Muuuu-meeeeeeee!!!" in a heart-broken, wailing voice.

I don't think that daddy was very pleased about this, and he was probably thinking that it would be good when I was in bed, and he could enjoy being poorly in peace.

I will have to make sure that I have a nap tomorrow afternoon, so that I can enjoy my playing time later in the day, and so that I don't feel the need to have brawls with the parent staff before bed.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Today I am visiting the grandparent staff. Mummy was here with me this morning, but now she has gone away and the grandparent staff are entertaining me on their own.

The grandparent staff took me out in the car this afternoon, and we went to a place that had lots of plants and different animals in cages. Grandad put me in my pram when we got to this place, and I fell asleep while I was having my pram ride.

When I woke up, the grandparent staff took me to see the animals. The best animal was a really big snake in a tank, who put his head up and looked back at me as I was admiring him. I think this was because he thought that I would be a nice friend, and because he wanted to come out and play with me, so I got hold of the door of the tank and tried to pull it open. Gran shrieked loudly when I did this and pulled my hand away, but the door wouldn't open anyway, which was a shame.

Gran said that the snake has to stay in his tank and that he isn't allowed to come out because he might want to eat us. I was not too worried about this. The snake might want to eat the grandparent staff, but he wouldn't eat me because I am his friend.

Also I am very small, and there is not much of me to eat.

When we left the plant and animal place, we went back to the grandparent staff's house and read lots of books. The grandparent staff have some really cool books for me at their house. I have been getting to know the "Mr Men", who are really funny ... especially Mr Nosy, who is green and has a nose like mummy's.

After my dinner and bath, the grandparent staff gave me my milk and story and kissed me goodnight. Neither of the parent staff were there, which has never happened before, so as gran put me into bed I asked, "Mummy, soon? Daddy, soon?" Gran told me that mummy will be here in the morning, so that's good. I have had fun with the grandparent staff, but I wouldn't want mummy to forget about me ... it is never as much fun brawling with people who aren't the parent staff.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Me and the parent staff are still on holiday today.

Being on holiday is fun. We are living in a small house near the sea, and there is a swimming pool nearby that we visit every day. We are all eating lots and mummy is happy because there is a magic machine that washes all of our cups and plates, so that she doesn't have to do it.

This morning we went to visit the sea. It was not raining but it was very cold, so the parent staff wrapped me up in my fat pink coat and put my wellies on my feet.

Then we went down to the beach ... only there was not much beach around because the sea had eaten most of it up. Mummy said that I should paddle in the waves, but when I did this, a tragic thing happened. As I went to jump in the waves with my wellies, a big wave came running at me and knocked me off my wellies and onto my bottom.

The water was very cold and the wave was a lot stronger than I am, so I couldn't get back up again and I was rolling around in the water, shouting and kicking and waiting for the parent staff to rescue me.

It was at this point that I realised that my daddy is the worst daddy in the world, because instead of coming to save me, he decided that he did not want to get his feet wet, so he just stood on the beach and laughed. Mummy did not want to get her feet wet either, but in the end she waded into the water and picked me up, which was good because otherwise I would have been rolling around in the sea forever.

I was really very soggy, and it was too cold for me to stay on the beach in my wet clothes, so the parent staff took me back to the house. I was not very impressed with the beach visit, but when we got back inside, the parent staff put me in dry clothes and gave me lots of cuddles to warm me up, which was nice.

Later in the day we all went to the swimming pool, and we spent most of our time playing in the baby pool, which is nice and warm and little enough for me to walk about in.

While we are in the baby pool, I like the parent staff to entertain me by playing games. One of our games involves daddy pretending to be a crocodile, and he swims up and down the pool and tries to catch me, and I have to get to mummy before he can bite my toes.

Today, after we had played the crocodile game for a while, I got bored and decided that I wanted to play hide and seek instead. Mummy told me that there are not any places to hide in a swimming pool, but I disagreed with this ... and I proved that I was right by putting my hand on daddy's head and saying, "hide!", and then pushing him down under the water.

Mummy was very shocked about this and she said that I should not push daddy under the water because I would drown him. I kind of think that if I drowned daddy, it would serve him right for being the worst daddy in the world and not saving me from the sea earlier on.

I have a very runny nose at the moment, and when I try to sleep at night it annoys me and tries to keep me awake. Because of all of my swimming and holiday activities, though, I usually manage to get to sleep pretty quickly. I am very sleepy tonight, which is a shame, because if I wasn't going to go to sleep soon I could lie awake and come up with plans to punish daddy for being terrible.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Me and the parent staff are on holiday this week, which means that the parent staff get to stay away from work, and spend all of their time entertaining me.

At the moment we are staying at Granny's house, which is fun because there are big rooms to explore, and a dog to chase. This morning we all went into the big play room, and me and daddy played my new favourite game, which is called "hide and seek".

This is a game that me and daddy have been playing a lot lately. We take it in turns to sit on a chair with our eyes squeezed tightly shut, and we count to ten and then we go and look for the other person, who is hiding somewhere nearby. Sometimes I need a bit of help with my hiding, because I am not always very good at choosing new hiding places ... I usually do the same thing over and over again, which means standing behind the door and sucking my thumb. Daddy is not very clever, because even though I am usually in the same place every time we play, it still takes him ages to find me!

In today's game, mummy was my helper and she kept hiding me in sneaky places while daddy did his counting. Once she sneaked me behind granny's big long curtains, and all I could see was curtain all around me.

While I was hiding, I could hear daddy walking around the room, lifting things up and looking in all kinds of strange places for me. He kept asking, "Where's Georgia?", and then throwing things about and shouting, "Is she under ... this toy?!" or, "Is she under ... this piece of paper?!" or, "Is she under ... mummy's bottom?!" This was very silly because although I am small, I cannot fit under pieces of paper, and if I was under mummy's bottom then I would be squashed flat.

So I laughed a lot while I was behind the curtain, and the curtain wobbled with my laughs.

Daddy found me in the end and we did a few more hidings, and then the parent staff took me out to visit the playground, and some friends of mummy's who live near granny's house.

And then tonight, when it had gone very dark, we all went outside and had a "fire-work party".

This was really good fun. The "fire-works" were really loud and bright and they made lots of pretty patterns in the sky. Daddy ran about in the garden making the "fire-works" go off, and I stood with mummy and shouted, "Bang!!! Pop!!! More ... fire-works!!"

It was good fun.

Tomorrow, mummy says that we are going far away in the car, to have the rest of our holiday. She tells me that there will be a beach, and a swimming pool nearby. I am very happy about this, and I am looking forward to meeting my swimming pool.