Friday, 16 November 2012

Today I am visiting the grandparent staff. Mummy was here with me this morning, but now she has gone away and the grandparent staff are entertaining me on their own.

The grandparent staff took me out in the car this afternoon, and we went to a place that had lots of plants and different animals in cages. Grandad put me in my pram when we got to this place, and I fell asleep while I was having my pram ride.

When I woke up, the grandparent staff took me to see the animals. The best animal was a really big snake in a tank, who put his head up and looked back at me as I was admiring him. I think this was because he thought that I would be a nice friend, and because he wanted to come out and play with me, so I got hold of the door of the tank and tried to pull it open. Gran shrieked loudly when I did this and pulled my hand away, but the door wouldn't open anyway, which was a shame.

Gran said that the snake has to stay in his tank and that he isn't allowed to come out because he might want to eat us. I was not too worried about this. The snake might want to eat the grandparent staff, but he wouldn't eat me because I am his friend.

Also I am very small, and there is not much of me to eat.

When we left the plant and animal place, we went back to the grandparent staff's house and read lots of books. The grandparent staff have some really cool books for me at their house. I have been getting to know the "Mr Men", who are really funny ... especially Mr Nosy, who is green and has a nose like mummy's.

After my dinner and bath, the grandparent staff gave me my milk and story and kissed me goodnight. Neither of the parent staff were there, which has never happened before, so as gran put me into bed I asked, "Mummy, soon? Daddy, soon?" Gran told me that mummy will be here in the morning, so that's good. I have had fun with the grandparent staff, but I wouldn't want mummy to forget about me ... it is never as much fun brawling with people who aren't the parent staff.

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