Saturday, 30 March 2013

Mummy is not at home with me at the moment. She has gone to visit Granny and Auntie Al, and she has left me to take care of daddy by myself.

This is a difficult job because sometimes daddy can be quite hard work. He often does not pay attention to what I'm doing, and sometimes I have to do naughty things just to see if he is watching.

(Okay, this is not entirely true. Sometimes I do the naughty things because it is funny, and because I know that I can get away with it ... but this really serves daddy right for not watching me properly.)

Normally I am not on my own with daddy for a very long time, so the naughty things that I do are only small ... like the time that I varnished the living room carpet while daddy was sitting on the sofa eating a sandwich ... or the time that I ate the soil out of the plant pot in my bedroom while daddy was sitting on the bed daydreaming. But this time mummy has been gone for a whole day, so I have had daddy all to myself for all that time. Plenty of time to do naughty things!!!

This morning we went to the beach, to make sandcastles and have a picnic. I let daddy make me a big sandcastle using my pink bucket and spade, and he loved it.

Then we paddled in the sea, and daddy got his shoes wet because he had been silly and not brought any wellybobs with him.

We had a nice picnic on the beach before we came back home. Then I had my nap in my cot, and daddy got me up later on to go to the park with him and Auntie Beccy.

In the park we threw bread at the ducks, and then went to the playground to play on the swings and the roundabout. It was fun.

After this we went home for my dinner and bath, and then we called mummy on daddy's phone so that I could say goodnight to her. Mummy said that she will be back with me tomorrow, and that she loves me very much. I hope this means that when she comes home she will bring lots of presents for me, to say sorry for going away without me.

I have had a very nice day with daddy, though. He has been a very good boy and we have had lots of fun together. He has been so good that I haven't even had a chance to do any naughty things ... which is a bit of a shame actually, but never mind.

I would not mind if mummy left me to look after daddy again sometime ... I think I am very good at keeping daddy entertained.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Today I have been to the "dentist" for the first time. A "dentist" is a man who puts you on a big tippy-up chair, and pokes your teeth with his fingers.

The parent staff took me to see the "dentist" this morning, not long after breakfast. I was excited about going on the tippy-up chair, but when the "dentist" put his fingers in my mouth, I found that I quite wanted to bite them. I didn't, though, because I could feel mummy's eyes watching me, and I had a nasty feeling that she could tell what I was thinking.

After the "dentist" had poked my teeth, and told me how pretty they are, it was mummy's turn to go on the tippy-up chair. This was a bit boring for me, so while mummy had her teeth poked, I wandered around the room boshing things with a balloon that a lady had given me earlier on.

When we had finished visiting the "dentist", the parent staff took me home, and then Eve came round to see me.

Eve and her mummy stayed with us for almost the whole day, and we had a really good time. Mummy had decided that we were going to make "crispie cakes", which I have never had before.

Crispie cakes are the BEST THING EVER. Mummy mixed up a bowl of little crunchy things and some chocolate (which I am not usually allowed to eat), and me and Eve were supposed to help her put the crunchy mixture into little paper cups. But for some reason, I couldn't seem to stop eating the crunchy stuff. My hands kept reaching into the bowl and grabbing chunks of it, and then stuffing it into my mouth. I was making a right mess and there was chocolate all over my hands and my mouth, and mummy kept telling me to stop, but it was JUST TOO YUMMY!!!

In the end, mummy picked me up and plonked me on a chair where I couldn't reach the bowl, and I bawled loudly until she came back to get me. I kept eyeing up the crispie cakes after that, but mummy kept them well out of my reach, and she glared at me suspiciously every time I went near them. Grr.

When we had finished the crispie cakes, mummy made us a picnic lunch and we all ate little sandwiches and bits of fruit around the dining table.

Then we went upstairs to my bedroom, and daddy set up my travel cot for Eve to sleep in. The grown-ups put me and Eve into our cots, and then they snuck out of the room and left us to nap.

I have never had another baby in my room at nap time before, so it was really good fun to have someone to talk to after the grown-ups had gone away. Me and Eve stood up in our cots and made loud screechy noises at each other for a while, but then we both realised that we couldn't escape from the cots and that our voices were getting tired, so we decided to have a little sleep while we waited for the grown-ups to come back for us.

After nap time, the grown-ups took us back downstairs and we played in my playroom until it was time for Eve and Suzie to go back to their own house.

I had a nice cuddle with the parent staff before bed, and a nice warm bath with lots of splashing of daddy.

It has been a very good day today. I hope that tomorrow is just as good, and that mummy will let me eat more crispie cakes. Mmmmmmm.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Most mornings, after mummy has woken me up and given me my breakfast, she will take me upstairs and say in a very cheerful voice: "Shall we get you dressed into something pretty?"

This is mummy's sneaky way of persuading me that it is more fun to go upstairs and have my teeth brushed and my face washed than it is to stay downstairs where all the fun things are, and play with my toy train.

I am sorry to say that mummy's sneakiness usually works, because I really like to be told that I am pretty. I like to help mummy choose what clothes I am going to wear, and for her to tell me how lovely I look.

Mummy uses the "wear something pretty" line so often, that now I have started saying it myself. If I have finished my breakfast and mummy is starting to wander towards the stairs, I will ask: "Are we goin' go upstairs, let me wear something pitty?"

And sometimes, when I am all ready and dressed and looking wonderful, and mummy is still wearing her scruffy pyjamas with her hair all sticking up like a troll, I will gently try to hurry her up and make her look less awful by asking: "Are YOU goin' get dressed, wear something pitty now?"

This morning I said this to mummy and she laughed and went to get dressed, while I sat on the floor in my bedroom and pulled books off the bookshelf. When mummy came to find me, she was wearing a pair of baggy pants like a clown, and an old T-shirt which I do not like. This was not at all what I had meant when I had suggested that mummy should go and get dressed, so I repeated more seriously: "Mummy, are you not goin' wear something pitty?"

Mummy smirked in her mummyish way and said: "Why sweetie, is this not pretty enough for you?"

I realised then that she was not going to wear something pretty after all, and that these scruffy clothes were what she had chosen to wear for the whole day ... so I sighed sadly and replied: "No."

After this, I had to go out with mummy and her clown pants to both of my baby classes, with all of the other mummies and babies there looking at her. Thank goodness that I was looking gorgeous as usual, and we didn't both look like clowns.

I did really well in both of my baby classes today, and it was nice to see my friends at swimming time.

When I came home from swimming class, daddy was there waiting for us, so I had a pretend brawl with him while mummy was making my dinner.

The parent staff are very keen for me to have "manners" at the moment - this is something that they talk about a lot. I don't know what "manners" look like, but mummy says that I can get them by saying "please" and "thank you", or by looking sorry if I have done one of my really big bottom burps. I am curious to see some "manners", because mummy talks about them so much that they must be a big deal ... so I try my best to remember to say please whenever I am asking for something.

This is why, when I was pretend brawling with daddy tonight, I put my hands on his face and looked into his eyes and asked very nicely: "Can I bite your nose peese, daddy boy?"

Daddy liked this very much, and he let me bite his nose just because I had asked him so nicely ... but still no "manners" appeared for me to see. Maybe if I keep saying lots of pleases, I will get some "manners" tomorrow.

When mummy put me to bed tonight, she told me that my friend Eve is coming to play with me tomorrow afternoon. I am looking forward to this. Playing with Eve is always good fun. If I get some "manners" tomorrow, I will let Eve share them with me.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Today I have had a cold, but this hasn't stopped my crazy parent staff from dragging me off on one of their "adventures" for the day.

It has been one of those days when both parent staff get to be at home with me (lucky them), and normally this would mean that mummy plans a day of activities for us all to take part in.

But today mummy had been a bit rubbish, and after we spent the morning messing about in the parent staff's bedroom, reading books, and taking ages to get up and dressed, I was starting to feel bored. This was when daddy had the idea that we should go on a "road trip" to see Granny and Auntie Al. (Daddy may have had this idea because I was trying to bite his face, to help with my boredom.)

Granny's house is far, far away from us, and we have to go there in the car. It's not like where we live; there are not as many houses, and instead there is lots of grass, and nearby there are cows and sheep, which I normally only see in my books.

The parent staff packed some of my things up into the car, and then we drove all the way to Granny's house ... with me napping on the way there, because the drive is not much fun.

When we got to Granny's house, Granny and Auntie Al gave me lots of cuddles and brought out some toys for me to play with, which was good.

Then mummy decided that we would go to a farm and see some animals - so we did. We went to a nice farm that had lots of baby pigs and baby sheep in it. The baby animals were funny - they were even smaller than me, and mummy made lots of squeaky, gushy noises when she saw them. We saw a donkey too. I like donkeys but I am a bit suspicious of them ... whenever I see a donkey, I can't quite shake the feeling that he would like to eat me if he got the chance.

There were some little bikes at the farm to ride around on, as well, and a playground in a barn that had the biggest slide I have ever seen. Mummy and Auntie Al played on the playground with me, and we took turns shooting down the superhuge slide into a pile of hay. It was good.

After we had seen all the animals and played on the playground for a while, I remembered that I had a cold and I started to feel sorry for myself, so I wrapped my arms around mummy's knees and started asking her for cuddles ... many, many times.

The parent staff decided that we should probably go back to Granny's house then, and I was feeling very tired and a bit sad so I didn't argue with them.

Back at Granny's house I sat on daddy's knee, wrapped up in his coat, and watched cartoons on the TV while mummy made my dinner.

When I had eaten my dinner I was still feeling a bit rotten, so I turned my sad eyes to daddy and asked: "Can we peese go home now?"

Daddy felt very sorry for me and he said "Awww!" and patted my head, and said that we could go home as soon as I was ready for bed.

I had my bath in Granny's bathroom, and then the parent staff dressed me up in my warm pyjamas and my big fluffy dressing gown, and put me in the car to go home.

It was very dark when we got back to our house, and mummy carried me straight up to my bedroom and put me into my cot. She said that if I sleep very well tonight, then I will be feeling much better and less sad tomorrow. I hope that she is right.

She sometimes is.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Today I have done something that I have wanted to do since I was very tiny.

I have stolen daddy's playroom.

The playroom is next to the living room. It has a small fireplace (with no fire in it), some shelves covered in books, and a little blue sofa. For as long as I can remember, it has also been full of things that are daddy's: a desk, a computer, a bike, and piles and piles of things that daddy has hidden in there to stop mummy from throwing them away. (Daddy doesn't like to throw things away. Once he hid a dirty yellow kettle that mummy had tried to put in the bin because it didn't work any more. Daddy said that we should keep the kettle because it was "special", and then he hid it in his playroom behind a pile of coats. Grown-ups are weird.)

Every few days I like to go into daddy's playroom, to see if anything interesting is happening in there. Sometimes I find Harvey snoozing on the sofa, but usually it just looks the same as ever: messy and dusty and full of things that have escaped from the bin.

The parent staff like to argue about the playroom now and then. Mummy will stick her nose through the door and find something that she told daddy to throw away a few weeks ago (like the yellow kettle), and then she will get cross and tell daddy that he will not be allowed a playroom of his own if all he uses it for is hiding rubbish from her.

This has always been very interesting to me because if mummy took away daddy's playroom, then surely this means that the playroom would be up for grabs ... and I have lots of toys that need somewhere nice to live. I would actually use the playroom for playing in instead of for hiding things, as well, so mummy wouldn't need to get so cross about it any more.

With this in mind, I have been dropping gentle hints to the parent staff since Christmas time, when my toy supply grew so big that it started to fill half of the living room. I have been leaving toys and books all over the house, to trip the parent staff up, and I have also started calling the living room "the playroom". This makes the parent staff say "This isn't the playroom, Georgia, it's the living room" ... and then they look guilty because they remember that I don't have a playroom, and that my toys have to share their home with all the boring grown-up stuff.

Other people have been helping me with my mission as well. For Christmas Auntie Beccy gave me a tent. The parent staff had asked for a "small, pop-up tent" (boring!!), but instead Auntie Beccy found a big, fat circus tent that has enough room in it for me, daddy, my tea set, and many toys. It doesn't pop up, either, and it takes the staff ages to put it down ... so now it has to stay up all the time, taking up space in the hallway. The parent staff growl about this and they give the tent cross looks every time they see it, but me and Auntie Beccy think that it is funny, because it is. Ha ha ha.

The grandparent staff helped as well, because for my birthday they gave me enough presents to fill a small room. When I had finished unwrapping my train set, my toy cot, my new books, cuddly toys, dolls, and jigsaws, mummy finally decided that enough was enough, and that I needed to have a playroom of my own.


Daddy complained a little bit, but I think that secretly he just wanted to have his living room back ... so he wasn't too sad today when we took all of his things out of the playroom and moved my toys in there instead.

It took us a loooooong time, and the parent staff filled two big black bags with stuff to throw away (very tragic for daddy). I helped by carrying things from the living room to the playroom, and stopping to play with them on the way; so the parent staff kept coming out of the playroom with their arms full of rubbish and tripping over me while I was crouching down on the floor. Whoops.

Just as we had finished setting up my playroom (which looked really cool, by the way), my friend Olivia came round to play, and so I had great fun showing her my new room, with all of my toys and my tent, and my table and chairs with the paper and crayons that are there for me to make my "art". I felt very pleased with myself.

Later in the day Auntie Beccy came round to play as well, and mummy let me eat my dinner at my table in the playroom, as a special treat.

The living room looks very empty and boring now, like it did when I was very small (before I started to take over the whole house, and let the parent staff know who is really in charge).

 Mummy has put my toy cot at the bottom of my real cot in my bedroom, and it has a few soft toys in it so that I have someone to talk to when I go to bed.

This is what I am doing now, instead of sleeping. I'm telling all the soft toys about my new playroom ... and they all look really impressed.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I have learnt something new and interesting recently, and it is this: everybody that I know is either a boy or a girl.

To help me remember this important thing, I have started adding "boy" or "girl" to the end of people's names. For example, daddy is now "daddy-boy", and Harvey is "Harvey-boy". Auntie Beccy and Auntie Al are both girls, and so is mummy - but I find it more entertaining to give mummy the wrong name, just for fun.

This morning the grandparent staff looked after me while mummy was at work, so I didn't get a chance to talk about mummy's new name.

But when mummy came home after lunch, I decided that it would be funny to use the new name every time I spoke to her.

So I said "Hello, mummy-boy", and "Read book peese, mummy-boy", and "I can have biscuit, peese, mummy-boy" - and every time I did this mummy said "I'm not a boy, I'm a girl, like you!"; and I ignored her.

Not long after mummy had come home from work, the grandparent staff went away and a lady came round to our house to see me. Mummy said that the lady had come to visit me because I am two now, and she wanted to check that I am well, and to watch me play. This sounded okay, and the lady had brought some little toys with her in her bag which I played with for a while ... but after a bit I got bored because mummy was talking to the lady and not paying me any attention, and I thought that this was a bit rude.

So I got one of my books, sat down on mummy's knee, put my face in front of mummy's and said: "Mummy-boy, you will stop talking to yay-dee now, and read me book peese."

The lady laughed, and mummy looked very embarrassed and told me again that she was a girl, and not a boy. The lady went away again soon after this, and mummy-boy took me upstairs for my nap.

When I woke up after nap time, mummy took me shopping for food, and then we played games and made dinner. I carried on calling her mummy-boy the whole time, until it was nearly the end of the day, and I said: "Can we peese have dinner now, mummy-boy?", and mummy didn't tell me that she wasn't a boy this time - she just said: "All right then, Georgie-boy."

I was a bit shocked by this, and I shook my head and said very seriously: "No, am not a boy, am a girl, mummy-boy."

After that I was worried that my funniness was starting to confuse mummy (who is not as clever as I am), so I thought it would be best to call her "mummy-girl" instead of "mummy-boy" from now on.

When daddy came home from work at dinner time, he helped me to play in my bath and get ready for bed, and I gave him lots of hugs and told him that he was a good daddy-boy.

There was one change at bed time tonight. The lady who had come to see me earlier in the day had told mummy that I should start drinking out of a grown-up cup now that I am getting big. I do not see why the lady should want me to do this, but when mummy gave me my milk tonight, it was in a small white cup instead of my usual bottle.

I do not like cups; I find them very spilly, and I was highly suspicious of mummy and her new milk which dribbled down my chin as I tried to drink it. I glared at the cup so that it would know that I didn't trust it, and I said, "No, no, no!" in my tragic voice, and I only ended up having a tiny bit of milk in the end because I kept batting the cup away and making my I'm-being-poisoned face whenever the milk touched my lips.

The parent staff were a bit upset about me not drinking much milk, but this serves them right for listening to strange ladies who want to take away the things I like, instead of letting me be in charge as I should be.

It was sad not to have my bed time milk tonight, but maybe the parent staff will realise what a mistake they have made, and bring back my bottle for bed time tomorrow.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Our grown-up friends Pete and Lue are visiting us this weekend. They have been here in our house since yesterday, so I have given them some staff duties to keep them entertained - mainly reading stories and helping me to play with my toy mountain. (I now have so many toys that they take up half of the living room - hurray!!!)

This morning we all squashed into mummy's little car and drove to a park near our house. Well, I wasn't squashed because I was in my big car seat, but daddy and Uncle Pete were sitting next to me and they were VERY squashed - mainly because my car seat takes up so much room. Ha ha ha.

It was rainy in the park but we had fun anyway, climbing around the playground and exploring a little farm that had animals for us to visit. I met some pigs, which is always fun to do. Then we had a very cold picnic around a table in a barn, and I picked the tomato out of the middle of my sandwiches.

When we got home from the park, mummy rushed me inside and bundled me into one of my new dresses, and then rushed me back out again to drive to Anna and Aoibheann's house. Aoibheann is two like me now, and she was having a birthday party.

When we arrived at Anna and Aoibheann's house, there were lots of other babies and toddlers there with their parent staff. My friends Eve and Liam were there as well as Aoibheann, so I had lots of people to play with. There were also balloons, loads of toys, and a lady who sat us all in a circle and sang songs with us. The singing lady had all kinds of good things with her like bubbles and puppets and fluffy toys, and it was really cool.

I sat in the circle with mummy and sang songs, and I was having a really good time until just before the end, when I tripped over a red and blue telephone on wheels and landed SPLAT on my nose on Aoibheann's shiny wooden floor.

This kind of fall is what mummy calls a "face plant". It is always very funny to look at when other people do it, but when you "face plant" yourself it is not at all funny, and you have to cry and get your mummy to pick you up and make you better with lots of kisses and attention.

I had just recovered from the "face plant" when mummy decided that it was time for us to go, even though I didn't want to, and she told me that I had to find Aoibheann and give her a kiss goodbye.

Aoibheann was playing with her toys and balloons and she didn't even notice that I was trying to say goodbye to her, so I spent a few minutes chasing her around with my arms open wide and my lips puckered up as I tried to give her a goodbye kiss. When Aoibheann noticed what I was doing she looked a bit scared - and I'll admit that I must have looked quite strange - but I was just being good and doing what mummy had told me to do.

Mummy took us back home in the car, and then she rushed me inside again and gave me to daddy, saying that it was time for me to have my nap.

I was not very impressed by this, partly because I did not want to go for a nap and partly because mummy was rushing back out again to go and play with some of her friends. I did not see why mummy should get to go out and do fun things while I have to stay home and nap - I thought that this was very unfair.

I had my nap anyway, because daddy overpowered me, and when I got up I had a fun time playing a silly game with daddy and Uncle Pete. The game involved my new train set and my little toy people. We would start the train up, and then daddy and Uncle Pete would put little people down on the train track, and I had to run around and rescue them before the train squashed them. It was the kind of game that mummy would say is "warped" ... and I liked it very much.

At bath time I was getting a bit worried, because it was nearly time for bed and mummy had still not come back from her playing. I didn't want mummy to miss giving me my goodnight kiss.

But then, just as daddy had put me into my pyjamas and I was starting to drink my milk, mummy came running up the stairs and crashing into my bedroom, and she was there for kiss time after all. So that was all right.

I have had a nice, busy day today, surrounded by staff and friends. The parent staff told me that Pete and Lue will still be here tomorrow, so hopefully tomorrow will be just as much fun, and I can get really good at the train rescue game.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

I have had a busy day with mummy today, and I have been to two baby classes. 

This morning we went to the class where I have to take my socks off and climb over things. This is the second time that I have been back to this class since mummy took me for that first time, and I had that big meltdown and me and mummy had that super-brawl, and I had to be really polite to her for the whole of the rest of the day afterwards.

Being polite for a whole afternoon was really tiring and I don't want to have to do it again, so instead I have been really good in both of the no-socks classes that we have been to since then. I have done my climbing and singing and all the rest of it without any meltdowns at all. 

I am actually finding that the class is pretty good fun when me and mummy are not having brawls, even though it makes my feet feel cold. I'm getting really good at climbing down ladders and balancing on wobbly things. 

I keep trying to work out how these new skills will be useful to me outside of the no-socks class, and I'm thinking that maybe soon I will be able to climb to the high-up shelves in my bedroom, and steal all the things that the parent staff keep up there out of my reach, like my money box and the hair clips that I keep trying to eat. Sometime, when I have got really good at climbing, I will see if I am able to do this.

At the end of today's no-socks class, the lady who runs the class gave me a sticker for being a good girl. I have two stickers from no-socks class now. They're meant to go on a special chart that mummy keeps on the fridge for me, but I keep peeling them off the chart and sticking them on other things like my dressing gown and the sofa and Harvey, so that they can get to see a bit more of the house. Otherwise it would be boring for the stickers, staying in the same place all the time and never going anywhere except the kitchen.

When we got home from no-socks class, I had my lunch and nap time, and when I got up I played with mummy for a bit before it was time to go to my swimming class. 

Swimming class was great, as usual, and we did lots of diving and splashing and chasing ducks. I'm getting better at swimming every week, and I keep trying to lose mummy when we're in the water together so that I can swim on my own and show her how brilliant I am ... but somehow she always seems to be there, pestering me. For some reason she seems to be obsessed with holding onto me so that my head doesn't go under the water. It's very pesky and I wish that she would just swim off and chase her own duck, and let me swim on my own in peace.

Mummy says that if I keep doing well in my swimming lessons, then one day she will let me swim all by myself. I hope that this is true, and not just a grown-up fib.

At dinner time, when daddy came home from work, me and mummy told him all about how well I had done in my classes. Daddy was very impressed with me. He let me bite his nose as a reward for being so clever.

Tonight I will dream about all of the things that I am learning in my baby classes, and all of the cool swimming and climbing adventures that I will be able to have when I am just a little bit bigger.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Today is my birthday, and now I am two!

The parent staff have been trying to get me to say this all day. They have been a bit annoying, but when I do tell people that I am two, I get lots of claps and smiles and sometimes presents, so it has been worth it.

The parent staff woke me up this morning by singing the happy birthday song to me and dancing around my bedroom. Then they got me out of my cot and took me into their bed to have a cuddle and open presents.

There were lots of good presents, like jigsaws and books and a box full of stuff that I can use to be a "doctor". "Doctors" are people who make you better when you are feeling poorly. They do this by making you lift up your T-shirt, and putting cold, round things on your tummy. Sometimes they bash your knees with a small hammer as well, and apparently it is not naughty when they do this. I am a very good "doctor". I made both of the parent staff feel better with a hammer before it was even time for breakfast.

After breakfast time, the parent staff took me out to a squishy toy place so that I could run around and play. I jumped in the ball pool and went down some slides, and the parent staff sat at a table nearby and watched me play.

When I had played at the squishy place for a long time, the parent staff took me away to have my birthday lunch. We went to a cool place where I got to eat pizza and pasta with a grown-up fork. (By the way, I'm getting really good at catching food with a fork now. I put the fork right over the bit of food that I'm chasing, and then I shout, "STAB!", and stick the fork in its middle. It works every time.)

After lunch we went back home for my nap, which I wasn't very excited about and which I kind of thought that maybe the parent staff could forget about for today, with it being my birthday and everything. But the parent staff are very strict about these things, even on birthdays.

Mummy woke me up after nap time by singing to me again, and then she carried me over to my bedroom window and made me look down into the yard outside. The yard looked really cool ... mummy had put my new rubber play mat down on the floor, and covered it with loads of other fun things like my slide and my car, and some of my new toys.

We went down into the yard to play, and mummy taught me a game using my new animal cards. Then granny and Auntie Al and Auntie Beccy came round to play, and brought me even more presents, and we all went back inside the house because the grown-ups were being feeble and complaining that it was too cold to be in the yard. Pheh.

I entertained the grown-ups by doing my goblin walk for them, and singing them some songs in my beautiful squawky voice. One of my songs was about sausages and cauliflower cheese, which was what mummy had made us all for my birthday dinner.

We all ate the birthday dinner sitting around the dining table, and then daddy turned the lights out and brought in an awesome birthday cake that Auntie Beccy had made for me. It had Fireman Sam on it, and it was really cool. There were candles on the top and daddy told me to blow them out, so I puffed out my cheeks and spat all over the cake until the candles stopped glowing.

Then everybody cheered and clapped, and mummy let me have a little piece of cake as a treat, since I am two now. Being two is already better than being one.

After cake time I entertained the grown-ups some more, until mummy said that it was time for my bath. Then I got to have special bubbles in my bath water, because one of my friends had given them to me as a present.

The parent staff gave me lots of birthday kisses at bedtime, and said that they hoped I have had a lovely birthday. I have had a lovely birthday ... in fact I'm thinking that I would quite like to have another birthday tomorrow. I will see how mummy feels about this when she gets me up in the morning.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

I have had a fun day today with both of my parent staff, who have been amusing me with their silly ways.

This morning we went out shopping, and this was more fun than shopping usually is because we were shopping for presents ... for ME!!!

Mummy kept saying that it will be my birthday tomorrow. I think it is about time that I had a birthday. The parent staff have both had birthdays not long ago, and on their birthdays they got to open presents and choose what playing we did for the whole day. I am glad that it is my turn to have a birthday next.

While we were shopping today we went into a big toy shop, and I found a little red car and drove around in it for the whole time that we were there. The parent staff kept picking up toys and showing them to each other, and getting all giddy and excited. Daddy got particularly giddy about a big blow-up dinosaur that was about half as tall as he is, but mummy told him to put it back where he had found it. Which is fair enough, because it is going to be my birthday, and not daddy's, and I don't need a big green dinosaur.

The parent staff chose loads of toys and we carried them all out of the shop in bags. Then we went home for lunch and a play before nap time.

When mummy got me up after my nap, she decided that it would be a nice idea to take me into the parent staff bedroom so that we could all have a cuddle and read some books together on the big bed. But I wasn't in a very sitty-down kind of mood, so I jumped around the bed and pounced all over the parent staff instead.

While I was pouncing, I found a box next to daddy's side of the bed, and I climbed up onto it and reached my arms up high over my head, like my teacher tells me to do in swimming class when she's showing me how to dive.

Daddy looked a bit scared and he asked, "What are you doing, Georgia?"; and I gave him a big wide smile and replied, "I'm tacking you!"

Then I jumped on his tummy and squashed it, and he squealed and I laughed.

I had another one of my dinner time brawls with mummy tonight, when she tried to get me to eat some pasta, and I kept needing to spit it out. Mummy really doesn't like it when I spit food out. It makes her madder than almost any other naughty thing that I do. So when I spat the pasta out for the third or fourth time, she got really cross and pink in her face, and started shouting about how naughty it is to spit food out.

Then she asked me (still in her shouty voice) why I was spitting. I could tell that even though she was really mad with me, she actually did want to understand why I didn't want to eat my pasta ... so I thought really hard about my answer, and about choosing the right words to explain it to her.

Then I said, very seriously: "'Cause it's ... really dirty."

Mummy turned away from me and she didn't look at me for a quite a while after that, but her shoulders were shaking like they do when she's having a big sneaky laugh. After that she was not as mad with me any more, and I ate a bit of the pasta just to keep her calm.

When the parent staff put me into bed tonight, they told me that it will be my birthday when I wake up. They also told me that I will be two, and not one any more. I might forget about this, but maybe I will get lots of presents to help me remember.