Saturday, 30 March 2013

Mummy is not at home with me at the moment. She has gone to visit Granny and Auntie Al, and she has left me to take care of daddy by myself.

This is a difficult job because sometimes daddy can be quite hard work. He often does not pay attention to what I'm doing, and sometimes I have to do naughty things just to see if he is watching.

(Okay, this is not entirely true. Sometimes I do the naughty things because it is funny, and because I know that I can get away with it ... but this really serves daddy right for not watching me properly.)

Normally I am not on my own with daddy for a very long time, so the naughty things that I do are only small ... like the time that I varnished the living room carpet while daddy was sitting on the sofa eating a sandwich ... or the time that I ate the soil out of the plant pot in my bedroom while daddy was sitting on the bed daydreaming. But this time mummy has been gone for a whole day, so I have had daddy all to myself for all that time. Plenty of time to do naughty things!!!

This morning we went to the beach, to make sandcastles and have a picnic. I let daddy make me a big sandcastle using my pink bucket and spade, and he loved it.

Then we paddled in the sea, and daddy got his shoes wet because he had been silly and not brought any wellybobs with him.

We had a nice picnic on the beach before we came back home. Then I had my nap in my cot, and daddy got me up later on to go to the park with him and Auntie Beccy.

In the park we threw bread at the ducks, and then went to the playground to play on the swings and the roundabout. It was fun.

After this we went home for my dinner and bath, and then we called mummy on daddy's phone so that I could say goodnight to her. Mummy said that she will be back with me tomorrow, and that she loves me very much. I hope this means that when she comes home she will bring lots of presents for me, to say sorry for going away without me.

I have had a very nice day with daddy, though. He has been a very good boy and we have had lots of fun together. He has been so good that I haven't even had a chance to do any naughty things ... which is a bit of a shame actually, but never mind.

I would not mind if mummy left me to look after daddy again sometime ... I think I am very good at keeping daddy entertained.

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