Friday, 22 March 2013

Today I have been to the "dentist" for the first time. A "dentist" is a man who puts you on a big tippy-up chair, and pokes your teeth with his fingers.

The parent staff took me to see the "dentist" this morning, not long after breakfast. I was excited about going on the tippy-up chair, but when the "dentist" put his fingers in my mouth, I found that I quite wanted to bite them. I didn't, though, because I could feel mummy's eyes watching me, and I had a nasty feeling that she could tell what I was thinking.

After the "dentist" had poked my teeth, and told me how pretty they are, it was mummy's turn to go on the tippy-up chair. This was a bit boring for me, so while mummy had her teeth poked, I wandered around the room boshing things with a balloon that a lady had given me earlier on.

When we had finished visiting the "dentist", the parent staff took me home, and then Eve came round to see me.

Eve and her mummy stayed with us for almost the whole day, and we had a really good time. Mummy had decided that we were going to make "crispie cakes", which I have never had before.

Crispie cakes are the BEST THING EVER. Mummy mixed up a bowl of little crunchy things and some chocolate (which I am not usually allowed to eat), and me and Eve were supposed to help her put the crunchy mixture into little paper cups. But for some reason, I couldn't seem to stop eating the crunchy stuff. My hands kept reaching into the bowl and grabbing chunks of it, and then stuffing it into my mouth. I was making a right mess and there was chocolate all over my hands and my mouth, and mummy kept telling me to stop, but it was JUST TOO YUMMY!!!

In the end, mummy picked me up and plonked me on a chair where I couldn't reach the bowl, and I bawled loudly until she came back to get me. I kept eyeing up the crispie cakes after that, but mummy kept them well out of my reach, and she glared at me suspiciously every time I went near them. Grr.

When we had finished the crispie cakes, mummy made us a picnic lunch and we all ate little sandwiches and bits of fruit around the dining table.

Then we went upstairs to my bedroom, and daddy set up my travel cot for Eve to sleep in. The grown-ups put me and Eve into our cots, and then they snuck out of the room and left us to nap.

I have never had another baby in my room at nap time before, so it was really good fun to have someone to talk to after the grown-ups had gone away. Me and Eve stood up in our cots and made loud screechy noises at each other for a while, but then we both realised that we couldn't escape from the cots and that our voices were getting tired, so we decided to have a little sleep while we waited for the grown-ups to come back for us.

After nap time, the grown-ups took us back downstairs and we played in my playroom until it was time for Eve and Suzie to go back to their own house.

I had a nice cuddle with the parent staff before bed, and a nice warm bath with lots of splashing of daddy.

It has been a very good day today. I hope that tomorrow is just as good, and that mummy will let me eat more crispie cakes. Mmmmmmm.

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