Thursday, 21 March 2013

Most mornings, after mummy has woken me up and given me my breakfast, she will take me upstairs and say in a very cheerful voice: "Shall we get you dressed into something pretty?"

This is mummy's sneaky way of persuading me that it is more fun to go upstairs and have my teeth brushed and my face washed than it is to stay downstairs where all the fun things are, and play with my toy train.

I am sorry to say that mummy's sneakiness usually works, because I really like to be told that I am pretty. I like to help mummy choose what clothes I am going to wear, and for her to tell me how lovely I look.

Mummy uses the "wear something pretty" line so often, that now I have started saying it myself. If I have finished my breakfast and mummy is starting to wander towards the stairs, I will ask: "Are we goin' go upstairs, let me wear something pitty?"

And sometimes, when I am all ready and dressed and looking wonderful, and mummy is still wearing her scruffy pyjamas with her hair all sticking up like a troll, I will gently try to hurry her up and make her look less awful by asking: "Are YOU goin' get dressed, wear something pitty now?"

This morning I said this to mummy and she laughed and went to get dressed, while I sat on the floor in my bedroom and pulled books off the bookshelf. When mummy came to find me, she was wearing a pair of baggy pants like a clown, and an old T-shirt which I do not like. This was not at all what I had meant when I had suggested that mummy should go and get dressed, so I repeated more seriously: "Mummy, are you not goin' wear something pitty?"

Mummy smirked in her mummyish way and said: "Why sweetie, is this not pretty enough for you?"

I realised then that she was not going to wear something pretty after all, and that these scruffy clothes were what she had chosen to wear for the whole day ... so I sighed sadly and replied: "No."

After this, I had to go out with mummy and her clown pants to both of my baby classes, with all of the other mummies and babies there looking at her. Thank goodness that I was looking gorgeous as usual, and we didn't both look like clowns.

I did really well in both of my baby classes today, and it was nice to see my friends at swimming time.

When I came home from swimming class, daddy was there waiting for us, so I had a pretend brawl with him while mummy was making my dinner.

The parent staff are very keen for me to have "manners" at the moment - this is something that they talk about a lot. I don't know what "manners" look like, but mummy says that I can get them by saying "please" and "thank you", or by looking sorry if I have done one of my really big bottom burps. I am curious to see some "manners", because mummy talks about them so much that they must be a big deal ... so I try my best to remember to say please whenever I am asking for something.

This is why, when I was pretend brawling with daddy tonight, I put my hands on his face and looked into his eyes and asked very nicely: "Can I bite your nose peese, daddy boy?"

Daddy liked this very much, and he let me bite his nose just because I had asked him so nicely ... but still no "manners" appeared for me to see. Maybe if I keep saying lots of pleases, I will get some "manners" tomorrow.

When mummy put me to bed tonight, she told me that my friend Eve is coming to play with me tomorrow afternoon. I am looking forward to this. Playing with Eve is always good fun. If I get some "manners" tomorrow, I will let Eve share them with me.

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