Saturday, 16 March 2013

Today I have had a cold, but this hasn't stopped my crazy parent staff from dragging me off on one of their "adventures" for the day.

It has been one of those days when both parent staff get to be at home with me (lucky them), and normally this would mean that mummy plans a day of activities for us all to take part in.

But today mummy had been a bit rubbish, and after we spent the morning messing about in the parent staff's bedroom, reading books, and taking ages to get up and dressed, I was starting to feel bored. This was when daddy had the idea that we should go on a "road trip" to see Granny and Auntie Al. (Daddy may have had this idea because I was trying to bite his face, to help with my boredom.)

Granny's house is far, far away from us, and we have to go there in the car. It's not like where we live; there are not as many houses, and instead there is lots of grass, and nearby there are cows and sheep, which I normally only see in my books.

The parent staff packed some of my things up into the car, and then we drove all the way to Granny's house ... with me napping on the way there, because the drive is not much fun.

When we got to Granny's house, Granny and Auntie Al gave me lots of cuddles and brought out some toys for me to play with, which was good.

Then mummy decided that we would go to a farm and see some animals - so we did. We went to a nice farm that had lots of baby pigs and baby sheep in it. The baby animals were funny - they were even smaller than me, and mummy made lots of squeaky, gushy noises when she saw them. We saw a donkey too. I like donkeys but I am a bit suspicious of them ... whenever I see a donkey, I can't quite shake the feeling that he would like to eat me if he got the chance.

There were some little bikes at the farm to ride around on, as well, and a playground in a barn that had the biggest slide I have ever seen. Mummy and Auntie Al played on the playground with me, and we took turns shooting down the superhuge slide into a pile of hay. It was good.

After we had seen all the animals and played on the playground for a while, I remembered that I had a cold and I started to feel sorry for myself, so I wrapped my arms around mummy's knees and started asking her for cuddles ... many, many times.

The parent staff decided that we should probably go back to Granny's house then, and I was feeling very tired and a bit sad so I didn't argue with them.

Back at Granny's house I sat on daddy's knee, wrapped up in his coat, and watched cartoons on the TV while mummy made my dinner.

When I had eaten my dinner I was still feeling a bit rotten, so I turned my sad eyes to daddy and asked: "Can we peese go home now?"

Daddy felt very sorry for me and he said "Awww!" and patted my head, and said that we could go home as soon as I was ready for bed.

I had my bath in Granny's bathroom, and then the parent staff dressed me up in my warm pyjamas and my big fluffy dressing gown, and put me in the car to go home.

It was very dark when we got back to our house, and mummy carried me straight up to my bedroom and put me into my cot. She said that if I sleep very well tonight, then I will be feeling much better and less sad tomorrow. I hope that she is right.

She sometimes is.

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