Sunday, 24 February 2013

Today has been one of my tragic days. I woke up with a snotty nose this morning, and the snottiness seemed to fill my whole body with rage and make me cross with everyone.

(But mainly mummy.)

My friend Jackson and his mummy Nic came round to our house early this morning, and I was very pleased to see them because at that point, my rage was at a very low level and I was still able to smile and be nice to people.

I showed Jackson some of my toys that he hasn't seen before, and then we all went to the park in our cars. It was when we had got to the park, and we were all walking down the path together, that my rage first started to appear.

First I realised that I didn't want to walk, and that since I had a snotty nose, mummy should carry me around and save me the trouble of moving on my own. But when I clung to mummy's knees and wailed at her to tell her this, of course she refused to carry me, and said that I had to walk like a big girl.  

Then my rage got bigger and bigger, and I followed mummy and Jackson and Nic down the path, and I bawled all the way. A few times mummy stopped and asked me to stop bawling, but my rage wouldn't let me. Mummy told me that we were going to feed the ducks, and that if I carried on crying and shouting, then she wouldn't let me have any duck bread. I didn't believe her and I carried on bawling anyway.

When we reached the duck pond, mummy pulled the duck bread out of her bag and gave some to everyone except me, just like she had said that she would. So it turned out that mummy is not a fibber, but she is the meanest and most heartless person in the world.

I stood by the side of the pond and watched Jackson throwing bread for the ducks, and when the bread was nearly all gone mummy must have felt a bit guilty for her meanness, because she took hold of my hand and asked me if I would like a piece of duck bread too.

I did want some duck bread, but I was too angry with mummy to not argue with anything that she said to me now, so I pulled my hand away from her and said "No! No!" and squeezed out some more rage tears.

Mummy turned away from me and threw the rest of the bread to the ducks, and then we carried on with our walk. I stomped along behind everyone else, wailing every so often and thinking about how awful mummy is, and how rubbish it is to be me.

Mummy and Nic took us to the playground, and I put my rage on hold while I played on the slide and the climbing frame. Then we left the playground and walked down to the cafe, and my rage came back in a very noisy way while we were walking again.

I was happier in the cafe while I was eating, and I also found that I liked walking on my own again, because I got to run away from mummy to the other side of the cafe and then grin at her from behind the legs of people I didn't know. This was a good punishment for mummy because I know that she doesn't like me to run away in busy places, and the cafe was full of lots of lovely strangers to taunt her with.

When we had all eaten our cafe food we walked back to the car, and I walked nicely most of the way while my rage had a rest.

But then mummy told me that Nic and Jackson were going home to their own house and that I had to say goodbye to them, so I exploded into noisy tears again and refused to give either Nic or Jackson a hug, or to say goodbye. I kind of hoped this would mean that they couldn't go away to their own house, and that they would have to come home with us instead, but it didn't. They just went away without me saying goodbye to them, and mummy said that they had probably gone to get away from my noise. Which I thought was unkind of her.

When we got back home, mummy put me into bed for my nap, and I napped for a long time and felt a bit happier when I woke up. Only for a little while, though ... because by the time daddy came home from work, my rage had come back, and I argued with the parent staff about everything they said to me until it was time for bed.

When the parent staff put me to bed tonight, they said that I had better be very good tomorrow, to make up for all of the rage today. Maybe if they are good tomorrow, then I will not feel so cross, and I will be able to be a good girl like I usually am.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Ever since I was very small, the grown-ups have been trying their best to make me "musical". They sing at me every day, and read me books with rhymes in them, and give me musical instruments to play with.

Today, mummy took me to a special music group in town, with my friend Liam and his mummy Anne-Marie. Liam likes music very much. He likes it so much that he can sing proper tunes. He was singing some today while we were waiting to go into the music group, and mummy was getting all gushy and excited about it, and talking about how beautiful Liam's voice is, and how I do not sing at all yet.

Now, I don't think that this is very fair. Recently I have been trying very hard to sing, and I make up my own fabulous songs with a mixture of random words in them, and I walk around the kitchen howling them at mummy while she is doing the washing up. My singing voice is really quite spectacular. It sounds like the noise that Harvey makes when someone stands on his tail by mistake ... only louder, and much more squawky.

For some reason, mummy does not think that this counts as singing.

In the music group, there were a few more babies and mummies, and some ladies who were in charge of us all. The ladies sang songs with us and then let us play with some musical instruments on the floor. The instruments were cool. Liam found some blocks and made a pretty tune come out of them by tapping them with a little hammer ... and I got a drum and walloped it with a big stick.

After the music group had finished, we said goodbye to Liam and Anne-Marie, and then mummy took me to a cafe for lunch. We shared a sandwich and then I chewed up some pieces of strawberry and spat them down my T-shirt, and mummy was cross. Then we got the bus home so that I could have my nap.

This afternoon, me and mummy played games and did house jobs, and I practised my singing to show mummy how much more "musical" I am after going to the music group this morning. Mummy covered her ears and looked at me with sad eyes.

When daddy came home from work tonight, we had a pretend brawl where I jumped on him and opened my mouth wide and bit his nose. Then he pretended to bite my nose back, and I put on a stern voice like mummy's and said: "No daddy, you must not bite Georgia's nose!" If daddy is going to brawl with me, then he must learn to follow the proper brawl rules.

At bedtime I did some more singing for the parent staff, which I'm sure they loved. If I have time, I will work on my singing some more tomorrow.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Today is daddy's birthday, and he has been having lots of treats.

Daddy has not been in work today, but he had to go to a "mee-ting" in the morning time, so I stayed at home and played with the grandparent staff while he was out.

Me and Nanmar baked cakes for daddy, and then we made them pretty by dribbling white icing over them and sticking candles in the top. The candles were shaped like farm animals. I wanted to eat the cakes as soon as we had finished them, but Nanmar said that we should put them on a plate and leave them for daddy to eat later on. Boo.

Then the grandparent staff put me in the car and we went to meet daddy at a big church called a "ca-thee-drul".

The "ca-thee-drul" was very tall and very long, with lots of big windows and candles and wooden seats. There was also a cafe, which was where daddy wanted us to have lunch.

Daddy took us down a path in the middle of the "ca-thee-drul", which is called an "ay-ul", and showed us where the cafe was.

I decided that it would be a nice birthday treat for daddy to chase me round the "ca-thee-drul", so I started to walked backwards down the "ay-ul", and as I did this I grinned at daddy and said cheerily, "Georgia will run away!"

Daddy said that I would not run away ... but he was wrong, and I did. He caught me pretty quickly so I ran away a few more times, just to make sure that he was really enjoying himself.

Then he strapped me into a highchair and we had lunch.

After lunch we all went back home, and I had my nap. When I woke up after nap time, mummy was there as well because she had come home from work.

The parent staff and the grandparent staff took me to a pub, which was another birthday treat for daddy, and I ran around being chased by mummy while daddy and the grandparent staff had some grown-up drinks.

Then we went back home and I remembered the cakes that we had baked for daddy this morning, and I decided that I needed to try and steal one. So while we were in the living room and the cakes were sitting on their plate next to daddy, I wandered over and asked daddy to hold a book for me.

Then, while his hands were full, I snatched up a cake and crammed it into my mouth as fast as I could.

Daddy squealed and told me off, but I was really pleased with myself and I ran away laughing and spraying bits of cake out of my mouth as I went. It was a good moment.

While I was getting ready for my bath, me and mummy sang happy birthday to daddy, and mummy kept running off to the kitchen to make bits of daddy's birthday tea. Auntie Beccy came round with a big birthday cake, and she hid it in the spare room while daddy wasn't looking. I took care to see where she hid it, so that I can steal a bit tomorrow if it is still there.

Mummy told me tonight that it will be my birthday next, and I will be two. That seems very old. When it is my birthday, the parent staff will have to let me eat cake and I won't need to use my sneaky tricks to steal it. That will be good.

I gave daddy a big birthday kiss at bedtime, and wondered how much cake the greedy grown-ups will leave for me to steal tomorrow.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

This morning the parent staff took me to the museum, like they had promised.

All of the museum was good, except for one part. We went to visit the dinosaurs, and they were good. Then we went to see some animals in the woods, and they were good too. We saw fish in big tanks that were all different colours, like lovely jewels, and they were all good. The parent staff even took me to the cafe for my lunch, and let me have sausages and potatoes and carrots and peas, and that was super-good.

The part that wasn't good happened when we were looking at some big spiders in the bug bit, and I turned round to run away from the parent staff, tripped over daddy's big silly grown-up foot, and banged my chin on a chair by the wall.

This was not good at all and I cried really loudly for quite a long time. I put my arms around mummy's neck and cried big wet tears into her jumper. Mummy was very sorry for me and she gave me lots of magic kisses, but what I really wanted her to do was to tell daddy off and put him in "time out" for being naughty, and sadly she didn't do this.

I stopped crying eventually and went to see more bugs, but I felt very cross with daddy for getting in the way of my escape, and making my chin sore as well. What a meanie.

When we had seen lots of museum, the parent staff took me home for my nap, and I slept for a while in my cot. Then I got back up and the parent staff took me to the park, to feed the ducks and have a walk.

It was nice in the park; there were lots of ducks and squirrels, and other people who were walking and playing and riding their bikes.

I was following the parent staff down a big wide path when I suddenly felt that I should stop and squat down on the floor, because my bottom wanted me to. Mummy turned round and called out to me to ask what I was doing, and I shouted back, "I'M POOING!!!"

There were lots of people walking past me at this time and a few of them started laughing, which I thought was a bit rude. I wouldn't laugh if they needed to stop and poo.

The parent staff carried on walking slowly away down the path without me. I kind of felt that they were trying to pretend that they didn't belong to me.

After a while mummy looked round again and asked me what I was doing this time, and I shouted back, "I'M STILL POOING!!!!!"

I was, as well. It was a big poo.

Eventually my bottom was happy again, and I stood up and ran to catch up with the parent staff. They took me home soon after this, to change my nappy and make my bottom clean again.

At bath time tonight, mummy said that the parent staff won't see me much tomorrow because they will both be in work. This is a shame because the parent staff have been pretty well behaved lately, and I have had some fun while they have been entertaining me.

I will have other staff tomorrow though, and they probably won't trip me up with their big smelly feet like daddy does.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

The parent staff took me on an adventure today. Mummy made one of her special picnics, and then we got in the car and drove far away from the town, to a place with a super-big lake and lots of grass.

When we got there, we ate our picnic by the side of the lake, and it was tasty. The picnic, not the lake.

Then the parent staff thought that it would be a good idea to walk all the way around the lake, because they often have silly ideas like this. So we set off walking, and it took us ages and ages and ages.

I am getting much better at walking now than I was a while ago. For a long time, I would not walk anywhere if I thought that I could get mummy to carry me instead. But mummy is very mean and she will normally tell me to stop being lazy and to walk by myself. This leads to a lot of tantruming from me and a lot of crossness from mummy, so I am starting to think that it is easier to walk by myself after all.

So today I was really good and brave, and I walked all the way around the super-huge lake on my own little legs. It took a long time because my little legs are very little, and it's hard work for them to walk round big lakes.

If the parent staff felt that I was taking too long to walk and they wanted to hurry me up, they would cry out, "Quick, quick, a bear's coming!", and I would shout, "Quick, bear tumin'!", and run fast for a little while.

The parent staff did this a few times because they are weirdos, and even though I looked behind me to check while I was running, I didn't see any bears chasing us. Silly parent staff.

After our big walk, we got back in the car and drove round exploring for a while. Then we drove all the way back home to our house, and played games until dinner time.

Mummy has invented a new game that she likes us to play. We use my building blocks and we put them all on the carpet with one block in the middle, and then me and mummy take it in turns to put one block on top of the middle blocks. We do this until we have made a big tower, and we both have to try not to be the one who makes the tower fall over. I normally win this game because mummy is rubbish and she always knocks the blocks over with her big clumsy grown-up hands.

Today we let daddy play the brick tower game, and he was rubbish too. I was excellent, as usual.

At bedtime tonight mummy told me that we can go to the museum tomorrow. I like the museum. It has dinosaurs in it - like the ones that sleep in my bed, only not as fluffy.

I am excited about the museum, but not excited enough to stay awake thinking about it. I am too tired for that, because of all my walking and running away from bears that aren't really there.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Today, me and mummy had the biggest brawl ever.

Our day started off fine, with mummy being pretty well behaved and letting me choose my clothes for the day after I had eaten my breakfast. 

Then mummy said that we were going to go out to a new baby group that I hadn't been to before. Mummy said that I would really like the baby group, and that we were going to go on the bus to get there. 

She wrapped me up warm in my coat and my scarf and my hat that has bunny ears on it, and then we walked to the bus stop and got the bus to a strange tall place that was cold and had hard stones on the floor inside. 

There were a few other babies there who all had a grown-up with them as well. Mummy took off my warm things, and then she also took off my boots and my socks, and made me walk on the cold floor with rudie feet, which I did not like at all. I put my cross face on and scowled at mummy and said, "Put Georgia's socks back on!"

Mummy said no, and that I had to keep my socks off because otherwise I might slip and fall on the floor. But I knew that really she was just being a big stinky meanie, and I wasn't very happy about it. I kept asking mummy to put my socks back on, and she ignored me because she is cruel.

Some ladies were in charge of the baby group, and they made all of the babies and grown-ups get in a circle and sit on the floor for "story sharing time". Then they asked each of the babies if they would like to tell any "news" to the rest of the group. None of the babies really had much news to share, but I thought that this might be a good opportunity to expose mummy's cruelness to the rest of the group, so when the ladies asked me if I had anything to tell everyone, I said, "Put Georgia's socks back on!"

The ladies and the other grown-ups all laughed, but it was actually not funny at all. I was very cross and I was also a bit worried to find that all of these other grown-ups appeared to be just as awful as mummy is!

After we had all shared our "news", the ladies sent us off to play on some special toys, that were set up in a big circle. We had to climb over some of the toys, and crawl through other ones, and roll down some more. It was hard work for my little arms and legs but it was also quite good fun. I especially liked one bit where I had to crawl into a tunnel that went up and then down, and then I had to roll out of the other end. 

After we had played on the toys for a while, the ladies told us that we had to go and play on some other toys. I did not want to do this; I wanted to stay and play in the tunnel, so I said "no!" and tried to run away. Mummy caught me and brought me back to the ladies, and I squirmed and wriggled and tried to escape, but sadly mummy was too strong for me to fight her off. 

I had a go on the new toys and I had to do lots of climbing this time. I was a bit frightened climbing up high and I wasn't sure if I trusted the ladies and mummy not to let me fall off onto the floor, since they had been really mean to me up until now. I kept shaking my head and saying, "No, no no!!" in my cross voice.

When we had finished with the climbing toys, the ladies told all of the babies to come back into the floor circle and sing a quiet song about a teddy bear. I was feeling really cross by this point, so instead of sitting in the floor circle, I went floppy on mummy's knees and said, "Georgia wants to lie down!"

Mummy stood up and when she did, I was still being floppy so I bumped my head on the floor, and then I started to cry. Mummy picked me up and gave my head a kiss and said that I should stop crying ... but at this point I decided that I didn't want to stop crying. I was really cross with mummy for all of the bad things that she had done, and I wanted to tell her so.

So instead of getting quieter, I threw back my head and bawled, as loudly as I could. The room that we were in was very tall and very good for making loud noises in, and I bawled all the way through the nice quiet teddy bear song that all the other babies were singing along to. 

Mummy picked me up and dragged me off into the corner and made me stand there while I shouted at her. I could tell that she was really, really cross, but this didn't stop me shouting. She had been really naughty and I wanted her to know it.

In the end, all the other babies and grown-ups from the group started to go past us on their way home, and a few of them looked at me and said, "aww", because they knew that I had been badly treated and they felt sorry for me. The ladies who were in charge came over as well and they talked to mummy about me while I carried on shouting. 

After a while I realised that mummy hadn't said anything to me for some time, even though she should have been paying me lots of attention and saying sorry to me for being so awful and cruel. So then I started to wrap my arms around her knees and shout: "Tuddle! Tuddle!"

Mummy bent down and told me to go back into the corner, and she said that she was not going to give me a cuddle until I had calmed down. Then she carried on talking to the ladies.

I was tired now from all of my shouting, so I lay down on the floor on my tummy and sucked my thumb and twiddled my hair until mummy had finished talking. 

Then mummy reached down and took hold of my hand and said "Come on", and then she put my warm clothes and my socks and boots back on and took me back outside to find the bus. 

All of my rage had gone by now, partly because I had got my socks back on at last, and partly because I was worn out. I started chatting to mummy normally, and asking "Are we going back home on bus now?"

Mummy looked at me very seriously and told me in a really quiet voice that she was very unhappy with me, and that she did not want to speak to me until we got home.

I knew then that mummy was really mad. Normally when I do things that she thinks are bad, she will tell me off in her really loud voice, and she will look very cross in her face, and then she will put me on the landing for "time out". But after a little bit of time she will come back to me and give me a hug, and ask me to say sorry, and then we will be friends again. 

This time, though, she was so quiet that it wasn't like mummy at all. She did not speak to me all the way home on the bus, and I felt like I had better not speak to her, either. I sucked my thumb and was very still, and wondered if maybe if I was very quiet now, mummy would forget how loud I had been during all of the shouting. I figured that it was worth a try, anyway.

When we got back home, I took off my boots and my hat and my scarf very quietly, and I put them away in my changing bag at the bottom of the stairs. Mummy had still not said anything to me and I wasn't sure what to do next, so I went to stand at her feet and looked up at her and asked, "Georgia will go on landing now?"

Mummy sat down on the floor next to me and asked me what I had done that was naughty while we were at the baby group. I said, "Crying." 

Mummy said that this was an "under-state-ment". I did not know what this was but I guessed that it was a bad thing. 

Mummy said that I had been really naughty and that she was very upset with me. This was a bit sad, because I did not want mummy to be upset - I just wanted her to realise how naughty she had been.

Mummy made us some cheese on toast for lunch and I ate mine all up like a good girl, to show mummy that I wasn't going to be naughty any more.

Then mummy took me upstairs for my nap and I didn't even argue about this, because that's how good I was being. Before mummy put me into my cot she sat me on her knee and said that I had been a very naughty girl this morning, but that she still loved me and that we would be good friends again when I woke up. 

This was good to know. Much as mummy is awful sometimes, I would not like to think that she didn't want to be my friend any more. 

When mummy got me up after nap time, Auntie Al and her friend Jenny were here to visit us, and I was on my very best behaviour while they were here. When mummy asked me to do anything for her, I would say: "Yes, okay, okey-dokey mummy!"

Auntie Al and Jenny thought that I was very cute, and said how good I was.

It is nice to be good and to be told how good you are, but it is also pretty tiring - I don't think that I could keep it up all of the time.

Tonight at bedtime mummy gave me an extra-big cuddle and kiss goodnight, and said that we will have a nice day tomorrow. I want to have a nice day tomorrow, so I will do my best to be patient when mummy is badly behaved, and I will avoid having any more brawls with her for a while.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Today I have been doing "art".

This morning when mummy woke me up, she told me that we were going on an adventure to town. We went in our car to a big house on a hill, and when we got there we met Anna and Aoibheann, who were coming adventuring with us.

The big house was an "art gal-ry", which is a place that has lots of funny white statues of rudie men and women in it, and big pictures of strange things like bowls of fruit.

There was also a big, fun room for little people like me and Aoibheann, which had loads of good things to play with and make pictures from. Me and Aoibheann sat at a table and did some pretty drawings with crayons, and then we played with glue sticks and tissue paper. When we got tired of tissue paper, we jumped down from the table and ran around exploring the rest of the room.

I found a sneaky little space that had small seats in it for baby bottoms to sit on, and there were lights on the walls that changed colour. There was also a big cave that had lots of different books in it, and I chose some books and brought them to mummy and let her read them to me.

I also found some blocks to make a tower out of, and a thing that played music when you pressed its buttons, and some clothes for dressing up in.

I could have stayed in this room for a very long time, but when we had explored for a while mummy said that it was time to go and get some lunch in the cafe. I liked the "art" room, but I also like lunch very much, so I decided to go along with this plan without arguing.

In the cafe, mummy chose a table next to a statue of a rudie man who was showing his bottom to us the whole time that we were there. I thought that this was very funny, and I kept pointing up at the statue and asking, "Whooo-zat?" Mummy said that it was a man, but she didn't have anything else to tell me about him. Sometimes I think that mummy does not know very much about things.

Me and Aoibheann got to sit on grown-up seats while we ate our lunch. This was fun, especially because when I finished my food, I was able to jump down onto the floor and try for an escape out of the cafe while mummy was still eating her sandwiches.

Of course mummy got up and chased me, and she caught me before I could run very far ... and then she told me that if I ran away again, she would put me on the landing, which is the "time out" place where the parent staff put me if they think that I have done something naughty. I was a bit suspicious of this as I'm not sure that mummy even knows where the landing is in the "gal-ry" ... but I didn't think it was worth the risk of being put in "time out" so I didn't run away again.

"Time out" is sooooo boring.

When we had finished our lunch, me and mummy said goodbye to Anna and Aoibheann and walked back to our car. Then we drove back home again and mummy put me into my cot for a nap, which I wasn't very happy about but which I must have needed more than I thought, because I fell asleep for quite a long time and when I woke up I felt very happy and cheerful. Maybe mummy does know more things than I realise.

After nap time we had a "chilling afternoon". This is where we put the fire on and wear our slippers, and we drink juice and watch TV and play games and read a few books. (Only I didn't want to wear my slippers, I wanted to wear my cool purple shoes, so mummy let me do this instead.)

Auntie Beccy came round to play before dinner time and we let her play some games with us, and I showed her how good I am at throwing my soft ball into the bin basket. (I am much better at this than mummy is.)

When mummy put me to bed tonight she gave me a big hug and said that I have been a really good girl, and that she has had some lovely days with me this week. Tomorrow daddy will be my staff all day long, so maybe I will be really good for him as well. Or maybe not. I really haven't decided yet.

Friday, 8 February 2013

After my escape missions the other day, I have had to spend a few days being very very good. I have to do this every now and then so that the parent staff never know what to expect from me - which keeps them on their toes and is good for them.

Today I had a nice time not arguing with mummy, and we had some good adventures together. In the morning we went to visit my friend Jackson and his mummy, Nic, at their house. Jackson's house is really cool because he has loads of good toys, and there is a sandpit in his kitchen. I wish that I had a sandpit in my kitchen. The most interesting thing in our kitchen is the tray that Harvey does his poos in, and I'm not allowed to play with that.

Me and Jackson spent a little bit of time playing with Jackson's toys and sandpit while the grownups talked about how beautiful we are ... and then we went out to a park that is near Nic and Jackson's house.

The park was REALLY cool. We got there by walking along a "can-al" that had ducks in it. We stopped to feed the ducks on the way, and because mummy had been rubbish and not brought any special duck bread with her, we had to give them some crusts from our picnic sandwiches instead. Mummy was still holding some leftover crusts when we reached the park, and then me and Jackson ran off to play on the climbing frame, so she left the crusts on the floor while she came to check that I wasn't falling off things.

I found the crusts on the floor where mummy had left them a few minutes after this, and I stuffed them in my mouth and ran over to show mummy because I knew that it would make her cross. She was cross and she squealed at me in her shocked voice, and I laughed and ran away again.

Mummy decided then that maybe it was time for us to eat our picnic things, so that I didn't feel the need to eat food off the floor. We sat on a bench and ate sandwiches and yogurts and banana, and while we were eating, a big group of squirrels started to run around our bench looking for food.

The squirrels were really fat and greedy, and they came really close to us and pinched big chunks of our sandwiches. It was very funny. We left one sandwich on the bench while we went to play on the climbing frame again, and when we looked over at the bench we could see a fat squirrel sitting there holding the sandwich in its hands. The sandwich was a cheese and tomato one, and when we came back to the bench, all that was left of the sandwich was the slice of tomato out of its middle. Mr Squirrel had picked the tomato out, left it sitting there on the bench, and run off with the rest of the sandwich!

If I did that, mummy would tell me off. It must be nice to be a squirrel.

After we had finished our picnic (with a bit of help from the greedy squirrels), we went down a path that took us to some animals. There were some goats, some chickens, a donkey, a pig, and lots and lots of peacocks. Me and Jackson ran around and said hello to all of the animals, and all of the animals were very pleased to see us.

When we had visited the animals we walked back along the "can-al" to the car, and then I gave Jackson a kiss goodbye, and he gave me a big hug because he was sad that I was going away from him.

Then mummy took me home for my nap, and when she woke me up again after nap time she said that we were going swimming, which was really good news.

We had a good time at the swimming pool and I got to wear my new swimming costume, which looked very lovely on me.

I was very tired after swimming, and mummy let me eat my dinner in the living room near the TV, as a treat.

Daddy was not home at my bedtime because he is working late today. Mummy says that he will be working late for another two days, and then he will have a day where he is home with me all day long. Since I have been being so good lately, maybe I will save up all of my naughty for when daddy is looking after me, as a punishment to him for missing my bedtimes.

Friday, 1 February 2013

I have had a new mission today. It has been: to escape.

As I have spent the whole day with mummy, my escaping has mainly involved running away from her. We have been to lots of places, however, so I have had to be quite inventive with my escapes, and to spring them on mummy when she is least expecting it.

This morning, mummy told me that we were going to go out and buy me some cool new shoes. The shop where the shoes live is not near our house, and we had to go in the car to get to it. Mummy took me outside to the car and told me to wait there while she locked the door to the house ... and this is when I made my first escape.

As soon as mummy's back was turned, I started laughing madly and running away down the pavement as fast as my legs would carry me.

Mummy noticed what I was doing and she put on her angry voice and told me to come back AT ONCE; but my escape was going far too well for me to do as she said.

Mummy waited until I had got past a few lamp posts, and then she realised that I was not going to come back and she came chasing after me, looking VERY CROSS. She managed to catch up with me after only a very short space of time, but this is only because her legs are a lot longer than mine - which I think is cheating, really.

Mummy marched me back to the car and strapped me into my car seat, and while she was doing this she went on and on about how naughty it is to run away on the road, and how a car might come and squash me if I do this again. (I do not think that this is true, because I am just far too good at escaping. If a car tried to squash me, I would escape from it as easily as I escaped from mummy.)

Mummy's cross face lasted until we got to the shoe shop, and then she put on her normal face because now she had to talk to other grown-ups, and she is always nicer to them than she is to me.

In the shoe shop we found a lady who wanted to find out how big my feet were, and to let me try on some of the cool shoes. Whenever the foot lady put a pair of shoes on my feet, mummy would tell me to go for a little walk, and I would run away into the corner and hide behind a big mirror until mummy came to bring me back.

After a while, me and mummy picked a pair of cool purple shoes for me to keep, and mummy went with the foot lady to pay for them. The cool purple shoes went into a box and then into a big bag which was almost the same size as me. Mummy let me hold onto the bag while she was paying the foot lady, and when she gave the bag to me she said, "Now wait there and stand still!"

But this seemed like too much of a good opportunity for another escape ... so as soon as mummy turned away, I ran all the way down to the other end of the shop, swinging my big bag from side to side and shouting, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!"

Mummy had to leave the foot lady and chase me again, and then she brought me back to the till tucked under her arm, and feeling very cross. Mummy said "sorry" to the foot lady, and the foot lady didn't smile at all. (You would think that the foot lady might have been more impressed by my daring escape, but obviously not.)

Mummy gave me another telling-off when she put me back in the car, and she didn't let me hold my cool new shoes any more, which was much more sad for me than being told off.

After lunch and my nap time back at home, mummy got me back up and dressed and we went out to the swimming pool to play. This was good, and we had lots of fun splashing and chasing rubber ducks. When I decided that I had done enough swimming, I thought that it might be time for another escape, so I held on to the side of the pool and pulled myself along towards the steps. When mummy told me to wait for her, I said: "No, Georgia will get out, get dressed on own."

Mummy did not go for this idea, however, and she insisted on coming with me and bossing me around while we both got dressed. She was particularly bossy when I tried to escape out of the changing cubicle by pulling the curtain wide open while she was still hopping around in her knickers, trying to get her trousers back on. She told me that we do not show other people our knickers, and that we should keep the curtain closed until we are dressed.

Well she might do this, but I think that it is a boring idea.

When we got back home, we had a bit of quiet time playing in the living room with my toys, and reading books.

Then daddy came home from work and granny came round to visit, and they were both interesting enough that I did not feel the need to escape again for the rest of the day.

Mummy told me at bedtime that daddy will be home with us for the next two days ... which is nice, but it also means that I will have to be extra cunning with my escapes, while I have two parent staff keeping their eyes on me. Heh heh.