Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Today is daddy's birthday, and he has been having lots of treats.

Daddy has not been in work today, but he had to go to a "mee-ting" in the morning time, so I stayed at home and played with the grandparent staff while he was out.

Me and Nanmar baked cakes for daddy, and then we made them pretty by dribbling white icing over them and sticking candles in the top. The candles were shaped like farm animals. I wanted to eat the cakes as soon as we had finished them, but Nanmar said that we should put them on a plate and leave them for daddy to eat later on. Boo.

Then the grandparent staff put me in the car and we went to meet daddy at a big church called a "ca-thee-drul".

The "ca-thee-drul" was very tall and very long, with lots of big windows and candles and wooden seats. There was also a cafe, which was where daddy wanted us to have lunch.

Daddy took us down a path in the middle of the "ca-thee-drul", which is called an "ay-ul", and showed us where the cafe was.

I decided that it would be a nice birthday treat for daddy to chase me round the "ca-thee-drul", so I started to walked backwards down the "ay-ul", and as I did this I grinned at daddy and said cheerily, "Georgia will run away!"

Daddy said that I would not run away ... but he was wrong, and I did. He caught me pretty quickly so I ran away a few more times, just to make sure that he was really enjoying himself.

Then he strapped me into a highchair and we had lunch.

After lunch we all went back home, and I had my nap. When I woke up after nap time, mummy was there as well because she had come home from work.

The parent staff and the grandparent staff took me to a pub, which was another birthday treat for daddy, and I ran around being chased by mummy while daddy and the grandparent staff had some grown-up drinks.

Then we went back home and I remembered the cakes that we had baked for daddy this morning, and I decided that I needed to try and steal one. So while we were in the living room and the cakes were sitting on their plate next to daddy, I wandered over and asked daddy to hold a book for me.

Then, while his hands were full, I snatched up a cake and crammed it into my mouth as fast as I could.

Daddy squealed and told me off, but I was really pleased with myself and I ran away laughing and spraying bits of cake out of my mouth as I went. It was a good moment.

While I was getting ready for my bath, me and mummy sang happy birthday to daddy, and mummy kept running off to the kitchen to make bits of daddy's birthday tea. Auntie Beccy came round with a big birthday cake, and she hid it in the spare room while daddy wasn't looking. I took care to see where she hid it, so that I can steal a bit tomorrow if it is still there.

Mummy told me tonight that it will be my birthday next, and I will be two. That seems very old. When it is my birthday, the parent staff will have to let me eat cake and I won't need to use my sneaky tricks to steal it. That will be good.

I gave daddy a big birthday kiss at bedtime, and wondered how much cake the greedy grown-ups will leave for me to steal tomorrow.

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