Thursday, 21 February 2013

Ever since I was very small, the grown-ups have been trying their best to make me "musical". They sing at me every day, and read me books with rhymes in them, and give me musical instruments to play with.

Today, mummy took me to a special music group in town, with my friend Liam and his mummy Anne-Marie. Liam likes music very much. He likes it so much that he can sing proper tunes. He was singing some today while we were waiting to go into the music group, and mummy was getting all gushy and excited about it, and talking about how beautiful Liam's voice is, and how I do not sing at all yet.

Now, I don't think that this is very fair. Recently I have been trying very hard to sing, and I make up my own fabulous songs with a mixture of random words in them, and I walk around the kitchen howling them at mummy while she is doing the washing up. My singing voice is really quite spectacular. It sounds like the noise that Harvey makes when someone stands on his tail by mistake ... only louder, and much more squawky.

For some reason, mummy does not think that this counts as singing.

In the music group, there were a few more babies and mummies, and some ladies who were in charge of us all. The ladies sang songs with us and then let us play with some musical instruments on the floor. The instruments were cool. Liam found some blocks and made a pretty tune come out of them by tapping them with a little hammer ... and I got a drum and walloped it with a big stick.

After the music group had finished, we said goodbye to Liam and Anne-Marie, and then mummy took me to a cafe for lunch. We shared a sandwich and then I chewed up some pieces of strawberry and spat them down my T-shirt, and mummy was cross. Then we got the bus home so that I could have my nap.

This afternoon, me and mummy played games and did house jobs, and I practised my singing to show mummy how much more "musical" I am after going to the music group this morning. Mummy covered her ears and looked at me with sad eyes.

When daddy came home from work tonight, we had a pretend brawl where I jumped on him and opened my mouth wide and bit his nose. Then he pretended to bite my nose back, and I put on a stern voice like mummy's and said: "No daddy, you must not bite Georgia's nose!" If daddy is going to brawl with me, then he must learn to follow the proper brawl rules.

At bedtime I did some more singing for the parent staff, which I'm sure they loved. If I have time, I will work on my singing some more tomorrow.


  1. I bet mummy is very jealous of your beautiful singing voice!! Xxx

  2. I think you must be right. Her singing voice is awful. X