Friday, 31 May 2013

I have had a lovely day of treats today.

I knew that it would be a treat day as soon as mummy asked me to bring her the picnic bag from the cupboard by the front door.

I was more excited about the picnic bag than I usually am, because today the weather was actually sunny, which meant that we would be having a nice warm picnic instead of a freeze-your-bottom-off one. I helped mummy to fill up the picnic bag with loads of yummy treats, and then we drove in our car to the park to meet Suzie and Eve.

In the park we walked around until we found the right place for our picnic, and then we sat on a blanket and ate lots. Mummy had brought me a prawn cocktail - my favourite! And we had loads of juicy bits of fruit and some sandwiches and yogurts as well ... mmm!

After we had scoffed all our picnic, we went for another walk and found a fairground, which had rides and games and a bouncy castle, and pink fluff on sticks that people were eating. The pink fluff was weird, but the rides were awesome.

Mummy and Suzie let me and Eve go on a little train that drove in a circle round a bumpy track. This was great because we got to be in the train on our own with no grown-ups, which is a very wonderful thing because normally grown-ups follow us about everywhere.

Then me and Eve went in a huge bouncy castle with a roof on it, and we ran far away to the side of the bouncy castle where the mummies couldn't reach us, and laughed at them when they told us that it was time to come back out. Ah, how funny we are!!

After this, mummy was really brave and she took us on a big ride that span round and round in circles and pulled us about all over the place. Eve didn't seem to like this ride very much, so I held her hand and told her that it was all okay. Maybe I should have said this to mummy as well, because when she got off the ride at the end her face looked a bit green, like she had just eaten a really nasty dinner. Poor mummy.

When we had been on lots of rides and had lots of fun, we went to play on the normal playground before home time. The normal playground felt a bit boring after all the cool rides, but it was still a playground, so I liked it.

Suzie and Eve went back to their own house when we got home from the park, and mummy said that we were going to put our slippers on and chill out with daddy until dinner time . She asked me to put my arm around her while she helped me put my slippers on my feet.

I wanted to say something nice to mummy, since I had enjoyed so many nice treats today, so I thought about some of the nice things that my books say. I thought about Beauty and the Beast, which is my favourite book at the moment. It is about a man who goes into the Beast's castle and steals a rose from his garden. Then the Beast gets cross and wants to eat the man all up. The man doesn't want this to happen, so he sends his daughter Beauty to get eaten up instead. The Beast decides that he would like to marry Beauty instead of eating her, and then they live happily ever after. But I don't think that Beauty was very good friends with her daddy any more after this.

Anyway. I thought about Beauty and the Beast, and I put both of my arms around mummy's neck, and then I stroked her hair, and then I said: "I yuv you - peese marry me!"

Mummy laughed so hard that she fell over onto her bottom on the floor. I wasn't quite sure why she found this so funny, but it doesn't really matter because I like making mummy laugh.

I had a nice chill-out with the parent staff until bedtime, and mummy told me that if I am a very good girl, then I might get to go to the fairground again sometime soon. I will have to remember this next time I feel a brawl with the staff starting to happen, because I would really like to go to the fairground again. The fairground is awesome.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

I am at Nanmar and Der's house, and there are very strange things going on here at the moment.

The strange things are to do with the weather. It is not like normal weather at all. All the rain has gone, and there are no clouds in the sky. It is so warm that I haven't needed to wear my big coat or my socks and shoes. In fact, even my normal clothes are too hot for me to wear at the moment, so I have spent most of my time here being rudie!

(The parent staff love this, by the way. They keep talking about how rudie I am, and patting my bottom and laughing. What is up with these grown-ups??)

Because it's so warm outside, me and the staff have been spending most of our time in Nanmar and Der's garden. Nanmar and Der's garden is really awesome anyway, but now that it is hot it is even more awesome than usual, because there is a paddling pool in it, all for ME!

Today I have spent a lot of time lying on my tummy in my paddling pool, letting the water wash over my rudie bottom and giving my toy friends a swimming lesson. I am a very good teacher, so the toy friends are all getting quite good at swimming now. (Everyone except the bear, that is. He just sinks to the bottom of the paddling pool and sits there looking sad when I make him dive in off the side. Silly bear.)

Just before lunch time today, some friends of the parent staffs' came round to visit us in the garden. The friends own a baby of their own, and she is called Lana. She is very cute and quite funny. She does not have much hair and she doesn't say words in the staff language, but while she was in the garden she kept looking at me in my paddling pool and I know that she wanted to come and play with me. So I asked her if she wanted to get into my paddling pool, and she did, for a little while.

It is nice to have other little people to play with in times like these. Staff would not be able to play in my paddling pool because they are too big. If any of them sat in my paddling pool, there would be no room left for the water!

After the friends had played with us for a while, they went away again with baby Lana, and the parent staff put me into my travel cot for my nap. When I got up from nap time, I did more rudie swimming and running around the garden, and read some books with the staff.

At dinner time we had some special food called a bar-beek-yoo. According to mummy, this is food that we have when the weather is hot. This is why I have not had it before.

Daddy made everyone some burgers and chicken and things on a little fire, and Nanmar gave us all salad and potatoes and garlic bread. Yum yum!

I felt very happy when the parent staff put me to bed tonight, even though it was bedtime. I have decided that I would like to live with the grandparent staff forever, and that I would like it to be sunny every day. When the parent staff get me up tomorrow, I will ask them about this, and see if they will let it happen.

Friday, 24 May 2013

When I woke up this morning, I was at granny's house. Mummy had done that thing again last night where she puts me in the car at bedtime, instead of into my cot, and then steals me away to another place while I am sleeping.

When I get to the other place there are usually staff there who are really excited to see me, but I am too sleepy to talk to them. They have to wait until the morning time, when it is light again and I am properly awake, before I can play with them. This is sad for the staff, but that is just how it is.

This morning mummy came into my room to sing at me and be annoying, as usual, but today she wasn't quite as loud as she normally is.

In fact, mummy was much quieter than usual all morning, and she kept going on and on about how it was Auntie Al's last day at school ever, and how Auntie Al is not her little baby any more.

I was not very impressed by this, because Auntie Al has never been mummy's little baby. I am her little baby, and Auntie Al is a grown-up, and mummy should stop being so dramatic about stuff.

There is no point in saying this to mummy, though. She was being so dramatic and waily about the whole Auntie Al thing, that it took her most of the morning to realise that she had brought me to granny's house without any shoes to wear! (When she stole me last night, I was just wearing my pyjamas and slippers, and she completely forgot to pack any shoes into my cool suitcase for me. What a plonker!)

When mummy had finished wailing and discovered that my feet were totally rudie, she said that we would have to go out and buy some more shoes from a shop nearby. So we got in the car and drove to a shop, and I talked all the way there about how mummy had forgotten my shoes, and how my toes were rudie, and how it was all very sad. And then when we stopped the car, mummy had to carry me down the street so that I didn't have to walk in my socks. Ha! I do love being carried! Now that I think about it, maybe mummy should forget my shoes more often ...

Anyway, we went into a shop that sold stuff that used to belong to other people. Mummy said that this is a good place to buy things from, because all of the money that we spend on shoes and things is used to help people who are poorly. Mummy bought me some cool white shoes with flowers on them, so this means that me and mummy and my feet have all helped to make a poorly person better. I just hope that the little girl who used to wear my shoes does not decide that she wants them back, because they are mine now and I like them!!!

When we had paid for my shoes, we went for a walk and found a cafe and had lunch. Mummy bought us a prawn salad and a cake to share, and they were yummy.

Then we went back to the playground near granny's house, and mummy let me have a go on the swings and the climbing frame and the big slide. It was good fun.

When we got back to granny's house, mummy packed all of our things up into the car, because she said that it was time to drive back home now. This was probably a good thing, because Auntie Al came back home from school at around this time, and mummy started wailing again - and she really needed to get back home and pull herself together.

Back at home, me and mummy played games until daddy came in from work. Then we all had dinner together and read stories until the parent staff decided that it was my bedtime. I had my shower and story as usual, but then instead of wrapping me up in my blanket, the parent staff put my dressing gown on me and carried me back out to the car.

Mummy gave me a big bag of books to play with while we were driving along, and I read these for a while until I started to feel too sleepy to read any more ...

The next thing I knew, it was much darker and Nanmar and Der were there, grinning at me. I was leaning over mummy's shoulder and she seemed to be carrying me upstairs, up to my travel cot ...

I suspect that I have been stolen, again. 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Today I have been visiting people with the parent staff. The people that we have been visiting are family, but not the kind of family that you live with. They are my Auntie Jill and Uncle Ken. Actually, mummy told me that they are daddy's Auntie Jill and Uncle Ken, but now that I am here in daddy's world, daddy has to share them with me. And because I am smaller and cuter and more fun than daddy, Auntie Jill and Uncle Ken like me better - so they are more mine than his, really. That is how these things work.

Anyway, we did not go on our visit until the afternoon time. In the morning we had friends here who had been staying with us, so we played with them until they went back to their own houses. Then me and the parent staff got in our car and drove to Auntie Jill and Uncle Ken's house, and when we got there we went inside to play. We took Auntie Beccy with us as well, so that she could join in with the playing.

Auntie Jill and Uncle Ken's house is cool. It has big rooms to run around in, and a big fluffy dog, and a super-huge garden full of trees and fun things to play with. There were also two other ladies there, who were about as grown-up as mummy and Auntie Beccy. Their names are Laura and Rachel, and they are daddy's "cuz-uns". I don't know what a "cuz-un" is, so I was not very interested in knowing this, but mummy told me it anyway.

Auntie Jill and Uncle Ken had made lunch for us all, and I got to sit around the table with the grown-ups to eat mine. The first thing I got to eat was a plate full of prawns and fish, which I was very excited about. I do love prawns!! Mummy kept asking me to eat my food with my fork, but I was so excited about the prawns that I just kept picking them up with my fingers and cramming them into my mouth before mummy could stop me. When I had eaten my own food, I looked around to see if anyone else had any prawns that I could steal.

After the prawns, we had roast dinner. Mummy gave me a little plate full of vegetables and beef, and Yorkshire puddings and gravy. I ate some of my roast dinner, but I am not very good at eating beef, so I kept chewing bits up and then spitting them back out onto my plate. This made mummy very cross, and she told me that if I didn't eat my dinner nicely, then I would have to sit still and be bored while everybody else ate theirs.

I didn't like the sound of this, so I tried to get down from my chair and escape from the table. And then mummy told me that if I didn't sit still, she would put me back into the car.

I wanted to see if mummy really would do this, so I jumped down from my chair and grinned up at her. Mummy stared at me, and I could tell that she was trying to work out what she should do next. The other grown-ups all started to laugh, because they thought that mummy would not really put me in the car on my own. But they do not know mummy like I do.

Mummy picked me up, carried me back outside to the car, and strapped me into my car seat. Then she walked off to somewhere where I couldn't see her any more, and left me to shout and wail until she came back to me. What a rat she is.

I tried to escape a couple more times during dinner, and one of the times I got taken back out to the car again ... but this time it was daddy who did it. The bit in the car was boring, but the bit where I got to wind up the parent staff was fun.

After everyone had finished their dinner, we all went outside to play in the big green garden. The grown-ups played games where they threw balls to eat other and hit them with bats, and I decided that I would spend some time putting Auntie Jill to bed while the parent staff were busy doing other things.

Auntie Jill brought me some big fluffy blankets, and I wrapped her up in them and told her to shut her eyes and go to sleep. I also got mummy and daddy to come and give her a kiss goodnight, so that she would be able to sleep properly.

It is nice to put grown-ups to bed, because they are always doing it to me. I had a go at pretending to be in bed as well, since pretending to go to bed is way more fun than actually doing it.

When I wasn't putting people to bed, I had a go on a space-hopper, which is a big fat ball that you bounce around the garden on.

After we had all played for a while, we sat down on some outside chairs and ate pudding. The pudding was yummy and full of strawberries. I was worried that mummy might not let me have any pudding because of our brawl over the roast beef earlier, but she was being kinder than usual and she let me eat a whole bowlful all by myself.

Not long after this, the parent staff decided that we needed to go home for my bedtime. I did not want to go home, especially to bed, but I said goodbye to all of the family anyway, and gave them all kisses to cheer them up. (They were very sad that I was going).

The parent staff took me home, and we had the usual brawl about bedtime, and I am sure that it is not really bedtime anyway because it is still really light outside - I can see the light even through my bedroom curtains. What I think, is that the parent staff are putting me to bed earlier and earlier every day, just to be mean ...

And then they wonder why I get cross.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Me and mummy have been very nice to each other today, after all of the brawling yesterday. I was very good, to make sure that mummy wouldn't stop me from having treats, and this meant that mummy was very good too, and didn't do anything mean to me.

This morning we got on a bus and went into town to have pancakes in a cafe. I love going on the bus. I can sit high up, and look down at all of the people on the ground, and feel like I am really big. I also get to sit next to mummy, which never happens when we are in the car because mummy sits in the front and she makes me sit in the back.

Mummy is a bit of a pain when we are in the car, actually. When we go on long drives, I get bored and so I ask mummy to do things for me - like read me books, pick up things that I have dropped on the floor, and take my shoes on and off. Mummy always says that she can't do these things because she is driving. 

I'm not sure why this would stop mummy from turning around and reading me a book. Really I think that she is just being lazy. A few days ago we went on a long drive and I kept asking mummy to read my book to me ... and after I had asked her five or six times, mummy got really cross and said that I should stop asking her because she needed to look at the road, and if she didn't we would CRASH!

Mummy is so dramatic sometimes.

Anyway. On the bus I can get mummy to read to me as much as I like ... but I usually don't want to read, because there are lots of other interesting things to look at instead. I like to point at people who I see, and to ask mummy in a loud voice, "What's that?"

Mummy always tells me that I should say "WHO'S that?" ... and then she says in a very quiet voice: "It's a man that we don't know", or "It's a lady that we don't know."

Sometimes the man or the lady will smile at me, because I am cute.

The bus trip today was fun as usual, and the pancakes in the cafe were even more fun. Mummy let me sit on a grown-up chair and eat my pancake with a grown-up fork.

When we had come back home on the bus, I had a little nap and then mummy told me that we were going to go and play at Nic and Jackson's house.

This was the best news EVER! Nic and Jackson's house is so cool, and I always have loads of fun when we go there.

Today I discovered that Jackson sleeps in a big-boy bed now, instead of a cot. The big-boy bed is really good fun - you can stand on it and bounce up and down. I know this because we all went upstairs to see Jackson's bedroom, and I tried some bouncing while we were up there. Maybe one day soon, the parent staff will get me a big-girl bed, and I can bounce on that.

Nic made us all a nice tea after we had played, and we sat around the big table to eat it. Jackson does not like food as much as I do, so I ate lots and lots to make sure that everything got eaten.

After tea, mummy said that we had to go home because it was nearly time for bed. I was not happy about this, but I was quite tired so I decided not to start a brawl.

We kissed Nic and Jackson goodbye, and then we went home for my bath.

I had a nice cuddle and a story with mummy at bedtime, and it was good. I felt glad that we did not brawl today.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Today has been a me and mummy day, and mummy had plans for us to have adventures ... but sadly we ended up having a bit of a brawl instead.

Of course, mummy's adventures usually involve some kind of rainy, shivery picnic, and today was the same as usual. I helped mummy to pack the picnic by bringing her our special picnic bag, and filling it with my books and tiny toy people. Our picnic bag is cool, by the way. It has drawings of smiley people on it, all standing in the sunshine. I reckon that this is what mummy believes our picnics will be like, whenever she decides that we are going to have them ... only they are never anything like that in real life.

When the food was all packed into the picnic bag, mummy got us both into the car and we drove quite far away, to a place with a big lake, and trees all around, and a teashop full of nice cakey smells.

By the time we got to the lake place the sky had gone a dark, dark grey colour, it was freezing cold, and rain was boshing down onto the windows of our car. I felt a bit scared because I wondered if mummy was going to force me to eat picnic on a bench outside like she usually does ... but it turned out that this much rubbish weather was too much even for mummy's crazy ways.

We actually ate our picnic in the car, sitting in mummy's seat together and trying not to get too many crumbs on the floor. I wasn't actually that bothered about the crumbs to be honest, but mummy made quite a big deal about it.

When we had eaten all of our food, mummy wrapped us both up in big coats, put our wellies on our feet and our hoods up over our heads, and said that we were going to walk round the lake.

I didn't love this idea, but I was not that cold with my big coat on, and the rain had made lots of big puddles for me to jump in which meant that the walk was actually quite good fun. But the thing that really made me go along with mummy's plan was mummy saying that if I walked really nicely around the lake like a big girl, and didn't complain, then we could go into the nice teashop and eat a cake together afterwards.

Every time that my legs got bored of walking, or my hands felt cold, or I just wanted to complain, I thought about that cake and I carried on. I was really very, very wonderful during the lake walk.

And then we got to the teashop, and mummy told me how well I had done ... and that's when the brawl happened.

Mummy chose a table for us and she lifted me up onto a big chair with two of my books. Then she asked me to wait on the chair while she went to buy our cake. I didn't want to wait on the chair - I wanted to jump down and run around, and make pretty patterns on the clean floor with my muddy wellies - so I screwed up my face and started to wail.

Mummy was cross, and she told me that I must stop crying, or she would take me home again and put me on the landing, and we would have no cake. I didn't believe that she would do this: partly because I had been so wonderful on the lake walk; partly because we had come a long way in the car to get here, and the landing was very far away; and partly because I know how much mummy loves cake, and she would not want to miss out on eating some.

So I ignored her and carried on wailing ... and mummy picked me up and carried me back out of the teashop, back into the car ... and then she got into her seat and drove us all the way back home.

It was one of the saddest times I have ever had. No cake, no teashop - and one very angry mummy, who was so cross with me that she gave me one of her long, boring talks about Why We Do Not Cry Unless We Are Hurt once we got back home again. Just to show mummy that I was not impressed by her talk, I started to cry again, right into her big cross face.

Mummy put me on the landing for "time out", and told me that I would have to stay there until I stopped crying again.

When mummy brought me back from "time out" I decided that it was probably best not to cry again, because even though I wasn't going to get any cake, at least I would get to play in my playroom instead of sitting on the landing and being bored.

But when I was playing in the living room and mummy seemed to have stopped being quite so mad, I couldn't help mocking her a little bit, just for the fun of it. So I picked up my juice cup, put it on the sofa, and said to it in my best cross-mummy-voice: "Juice! Naughty juice! Go on the yanding!!"

Then I looked sideways, over to where mummy was sitting on the other sofa, and grinned my most wicked grin.

Mummy did not say anything, but I am pretty sure that she was trying not to laugh. She was a lot less cross by this time.

The brawl was pretty much over by bedtime, and mummy gave me lots of kisses and cuddles as usual when she put me into bed. But I have learnt two very important things today. The first is that when mummy says she will put me on the landing, she means it - even if the landing is far, far away. And the other thing is that mummy is so stubborn that she will do all kinds of things to stop me from winning a brawl. She will even go without cake.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

The funniest thing happened today.

I am still at granny's house with the parent staff, and this morning the grown-ups decided that they were going to take me to a farm, to see pigs and things.

Granny made us an awesome picnic, and we drove out to the farm in mummy's car and sat in a big barn full of picnic tables. While we were eating our awesome picnic, chickens walked around our feet and asked us for bits of sandwich to eat. They were very funny.

When I had eaten my picnic, I found that there was also an amazing playground in the barn, just waiting for me to play on it. The playground was made of that soft squishy stuff that little people can fall off without hurting themselves. There were slides and a ball pond and big squashy things hanging down from the ceiling, that boshed you as you ran past them.

I ran off to play on the playground and left the grown-ups sitting boringly at their picnic table. I climbed up a big ramp and through a small opening, and then I found that if I walked along some red stepping stones, I could look down and see the grown-ups sitting at their picnic table, still being as boring as ever!

I was very excited to see the grown-ups, and I called down to them and laughed. The grown-ups looked up and waved back at me.

I wandered back across the stepping stones to explore some more, and I found a big twisty slide that I quite wanted to go down. But it looked a bit too super-huge for me to go down by myself, and I felt scared, so I peered back down at the grown-ups and wailed pathetically.

This is when the funny thing happened. Mummy jumped up onto her feet and came running up the big ramp to find me. Only instead of crawling through the opening at the top of the ramp like she was supposed to do, she carried on running and went BOSH!!! - right into a big red bar!

Mummy's head hit the red bar so hard that she went flying backwards through the air ... back down the ramp ... and then onto the floor with a BUMP!!!

It was the funniest thing that has ever happened, in the whole world, ever.

Granny obviously thought so too, because as mummy was lying there on the floor, all boshed up and crumpled like a big floppy doll, all I could hear was granny laughing and laughing and laughing.

Daddy didn't laugh (although I am sure that he wanted to). He came into the playground to check that mummy was not broken, and then he came up the ramp to help me go down the slide. Daddy did not bosh his head or fall down the ramp or anything, which was a bit disappointing for me. But then again, I don't think that granny would have coped very well if daddy had boshed himself as well. I think that she might have burst from laughing too much.

When I had finished playing on the playground, and mummy was able to walk about again, we went to see the rest of the farm. We had a walk and fed some goats, and we saw sheep and pigs and rabbits and ducks, and then the parent staff had a race on some go-karts, and I got to sit in the front of mummy's go-kart with her and race against daddy. Daddy won, but that is probably because mummy was still broken after all of the falling.

We spent a good, long time at the farm, and then we came back home to granny's house for dinner and bath time. The parent staff said that they had lots of farm muck to wash off me in the bath tonight.

I am very tired after my day at the farm, and I think that I will sleep very well tonight. I will have sweet, sweet dreams about mummy flying through the air and landing on her bottom, again and again and again ... Hahahahaha.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

I have had a very busy day today.

It all started this morning, when the parent staff told me that we were going to have a party at our house.

The party was for Auntie Jess, because she is having a baby. This is what mummy says, anyway. But when I asked mummy where the baby is, she said that it is in Auntie Jess's tummy. What a silly thing to say! Grown-ups are weird, but they do not eat babies!!! What I think is that the parent staff just wanted to have a party, so that they could eat nice food and play silly games - and that the baby is one of those things that they have just made up, because they are silly.

Anyway. To get ready for the party, mummy took us all to the big shop to buy food, and then into town to buy balloons and packets of paper, and party plates and napkins. I tend to get very excited about town, because there is a lot going on and it makes me want to run around and make the parent staff chase me. So this is mainly what I did when we went into shops: I ran around laughing and hiding behind strangers; and when I wasn't doing this I spent some time poking things with my dribbly fingers, because mummy had told me not to.

The parent staff were pretty cross with me by the time we left, and they said that I had not been helpful at all. I didn't really care about this but I did try to be more helpful when we got back home, by decorating the house ready for the party.

Mummy said that we were going to turn the living room into an "enchanted forest", using the things that we had bought in town. She cut out loads of big leaves from green paper using her scissors (which I am not allowed to touch), and then we threw them all over the floor. Daddy hung long pieces of green and purple paper down the windows, and then he blew up many, many balloons and put more long paper on the balloons' bottoms. When he let go of the balloons, they floated all the way up to the ceiling and the paper dangled down underneath them like long green snakes. It looked really cool.

The parent staff also put a big black cloth and some fairy lights over the television, and made it look all dark and sparkly.

Then they put a box in front of the window and stood a super-big toadstool on it. The toadstool was something that me and daddy had made a few days ago using "paper-mash-ey". I didn't really know why we were making it at the time (although it was good fun getting my hands messy and trying to eat the paste), but mummy explained that it was going to be a postbox for people to put messages in for the baby. I don't really understand why a made-up baby would need messages, but never mind. The toadstool looked cool anyway. Daddy had painted it red and silver, and it had a hole in its head for the post to go into.

Mummy went into the kitchen to make food, and I came to help her by standing at her knees "scrounging", and asking for grapes and pieces of cheese.

Not long after this, people started to arrive for the party. They were all ladies and all grown-ups, except  for one little person called Lara, who was a little bit bigger than me. Since all of the other party people were grown-ups, Lara was the coolest person there (except for me), and I followed her around and showed her my playroom and asked to sit next to her lots.

The grown-ups did some boring talking and then Auntie Jess arrived, and looked very surprised to see everyone there in the enchanted forest. Now that I think about it, her tummy did look a lot bigger than it usually is. I wonder what all that is about. Maybe she did eat a baby after all.

The party got much more interesting then, because mummy let us all go and eat the party food. Auntie Jess's mummy had brought food too, so there were loads of good things to eat on the table. Mummy filled a plate up with sandwiches and fruit for me, and I ate it all and then went back to the table to "scrounge" for some more.

Then awful mummy decided that it was time for me to have my nap, so she asked daddy to take me away upstairs. I didn't want to miss out on the party, or to go away from all my lovely sandwich friends and Lara, so I started to bawl loudly as daddy carried me away. I could tell that all of the other grown-ups felt sorry for me, but they didn't save me and let me stay.

When I realised that I wasn't going to escape from daddy, I settled down to have my nap, and went to sleep pretty quickly. Mummy came to wake me up again just before the party was over, so that I could play for a bit and look at all of Auntie Jess's presents.

The grown-ups started to go away again after this, until only me and the parent staff were left.

As soon as everyone else was gone, the parent staff started to run around like crazy people, packing leftover food into boxes, and throwing paper plates and leaves into the bin.

Then they started carrying things out to the car, like bags and books and my suitcase; and then we all climbed in on top of the stuff and set off on the long drive to granny's house.

Mummy said that we were going to stay at granny's because we needed to see Uncle Ben for his birthday. I sat in my seat in the back of the car, and read books all the way there.

When mummy stopped the car we were not at granny's house; we were at an eating place on a busy street that I have not been to before. The parent staff took me into the eating place and there were granny and Uncle Ben and Auntie Al, all waiting for us.

I sat with granny and read books, while Uncle Ben talked in a very loud voice and slurped drinks out of a tall glass. Auntie Al told mummy that Uncle Ben was very loud because he had been drinking his silly juice all afternoon.

We all had more yummy food, and I ate mine and then some of the parent staff's and then some of granny's as well. By the time I had eaten all of my food I was feeling tired, because it was long past my normal bedtime, so the parent staff took me away to granny's house in the car.

I had a quick shower and a story before bed, and then daddy put me into my travel cot to sleep.

I am so tired now that I don't even feel cross about it being bedtime.

What a very, very busy day!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Daddy did not go to work today, which was a huge treat for him because it meant that he got to come and see me being wonderful and clever in my baby classes instead!

This was very lucky for daddy but a bit of a problem for mummy and me, because whenever daddy is at home with us we always end up being late for things. I don't know why this is. Maybe it's because whenever it's time for us to go somewhere, mummy starts flapping about like a big crazy bird and squawking for daddy to hurry up because we're going to be late ... and then daddy starts moving even more slowly than usual, just to be naughty. This is very brave of daddy because it makes squawking mummy even more angry, and it also makes us even later than we were already.

Anyway, because of daddy's lateness I nearly missed the start of my climbing class, and I had to run all the way down the path to get into the climbing room before the lesson started. I don't think anybody noticed, though, and when the class started I had a really good time showing off my skills to the parent staff.

When we got home from climbing class we had our lunch out in the yard, and then we played some games and read stories until nap time.

This afternoon I had swimming class, and I got to show off more of my brilliantness for daddy.

When we went back home after swimming, I got into a bit of a brawl with the parent staff because I'm having issues with bedtime at the moment, and the parent staff had told me that it was nearly time for bed. I started crying very loudly, to let the parent staff know how rubbish I think bedtime is, and then daddy put me on the landing for some "time out".

I stopped crying pretty much straight away because I wasn't properly crying anyway, just making lots of noise, and there's no point in making lots of noise when there's no one around to hear you. Daddy came back upstairs to talk to me and I didn't want to hear the boring things that he was about to say, so I tried to distract him before he could start speaking. As he was walking up the stairs I peered down at him and said, "He-yo daddy-boy!" very cheerfully, and then I poked my foot at his nose and  said, "Oh wow, look, a foot!"

Daddy was obviously not very impressed with my foot, because he kept his stern face on and he still gave me his boring talk about not crying at bedtime ... but I think that mummy must have heard me as well, because I'm pretty sure that I could hear her giggling in the living room downstairs.

After daddy had brought me back downstairs we played a few more games until it was time for my bath, but the brawl carried on pretty much all the way up until bedtime. I was kind of hoping that if the parent staff realised how much I didn't want it to be bedtime, then maybe they wouldn't make it happen. So I cried about walking upstairs ... about taking my shoes off ... about going in the bath ... about getting out of the bath ... about being dried ... and about going to bed.

It didn't work though, because the parent staff still put me to bed, and they were very cross about all of the crying. So cross that they wouldn't even read me a bedtime story. That was the one part that I wouldn't have cried about, as well.

When they put me into my cot, both parent staff said that they hoped I would be a nicer girl at bedtime tomorrow night. Maybe if they were nicer staff, then I would be a nicer girl.