Sunday, 19 May 2013

Today I have been visiting people with the parent staff. The people that we have been visiting are family, but not the kind of family that you live with. They are my Auntie Jill and Uncle Ken. Actually, mummy told me that they are daddy's Auntie Jill and Uncle Ken, but now that I am here in daddy's world, daddy has to share them with me. And because I am smaller and cuter and more fun than daddy, Auntie Jill and Uncle Ken like me better - so they are more mine than his, really. That is how these things work.

Anyway, we did not go on our visit until the afternoon time. In the morning we had friends here who had been staying with us, so we played with them until they went back to their own houses. Then me and the parent staff got in our car and drove to Auntie Jill and Uncle Ken's house, and when we got there we went inside to play. We took Auntie Beccy with us as well, so that she could join in with the playing.

Auntie Jill and Uncle Ken's house is cool. It has big rooms to run around in, and a big fluffy dog, and a super-huge garden full of trees and fun things to play with. There were also two other ladies there, who were about as grown-up as mummy and Auntie Beccy. Their names are Laura and Rachel, and they are daddy's "cuz-uns". I don't know what a "cuz-un" is, so I was not very interested in knowing this, but mummy told me it anyway.

Auntie Jill and Uncle Ken had made lunch for us all, and I got to sit around the table with the grown-ups to eat mine. The first thing I got to eat was a plate full of prawns and fish, which I was very excited about. I do love prawns!! Mummy kept asking me to eat my food with my fork, but I was so excited about the prawns that I just kept picking them up with my fingers and cramming them into my mouth before mummy could stop me. When I had eaten my own food, I looked around to see if anyone else had any prawns that I could steal.

After the prawns, we had roast dinner. Mummy gave me a little plate full of vegetables and beef, and Yorkshire puddings and gravy. I ate some of my roast dinner, but I am not very good at eating beef, so I kept chewing bits up and then spitting them back out onto my plate. This made mummy very cross, and she told me that if I didn't eat my dinner nicely, then I would have to sit still and be bored while everybody else ate theirs.

I didn't like the sound of this, so I tried to get down from my chair and escape from the table. And then mummy told me that if I didn't sit still, she would put me back into the car.

I wanted to see if mummy really would do this, so I jumped down from my chair and grinned up at her. Mummy stared at me, and I could tell that she was trying to work out what she should do next. The other grown-ups all started to laugh, because they thought that mummy would not really put me in the car on my own. But they do not know mummy like I do.

Mummy picked me up, carried me back outside to the car, and strapped me into my car seat. Then she walked off to somewhere where I couldn't see her any more, and left me to shout and wail until she came back to me. What a rat she is.

I tried to escape a couple more times during dinner, and one of the times I got taken back out to the car again ... but this time it was daddy who did it. The bit in the car was boring, but the bit where I got to wind up the parent staff was fun.

After everyone had finished their dinner, we all went outside to play in the big green garden. The grown-ups played games where they threw balls to eat other and hit them with bats, and I decided that I would spend some time putting Auntie Jill to bed while the parent staff were busy doing other things.

Auntie Jill brought me some big fluffy blankets, and I wrapped her up in them and told her to shut her eyes and go to sleep. I also got mummy and daddy to come and give her a kiss goodnight, so that she would be able to sleep properly.

It is nice to put grown-ups to bed, because they are always doing it to me. I had a go at pretending to be in bed as well, since pretending to go to bed is way more fun than actually doing it.

When I wasn't putting people to bed, I had a go on a space-hopper, which is a big fat ball that you bounce around the garden on.

After we had all played for a while, we sat down on some outside chairs and ate pudding. The pudding was yummy and full of strawberries. I was worried that mummy might not let me have any pudding because of our brawl over the roast beef earlier, but she was being kinder than usual and she let me eat a whole bowlful all by myself.

Not long after this, the parent staff decided that we needed to go home for my bedtime. I did not want to go home, especially to bed, but I said goodbye to all of the family anyway, and gave them all kisses to cheer them up. (They were very sad that I was going).

The parent staff took me home, and we had the usual brawl about bedtime, and I am sure that it is not really bedtime anyway because it is still really light outside - I can see the light even through my bedroom curtains. What I think, is that the parent staff are putting me to bed earlier and earlier every day, just to be mean ...

And then they wonder why I get cross.

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