Friday, 24 May 2013

When I woke up this morning, I was at granny's house. Mummy had done that thing again last night where she puts me in the car at bedtime, instead of into my cot, and then steals me away to another place while I am sleeping.

When I get to the other place there are usually staff there who are really excited to see me, but I am too sleepy to talk to them. They have to wait until the morning time, when it is light again and I am properly awake, before I can play with them. This is sad for the staff, but that is just how it is.

This morning mummy came into my room to sing at me and be annoying, as usual, but today she wasn't quite as loud as she normally is.

In fact, mummy was much quieter than usual all morning, and she kept going on and on about how it was Auntie Al's last day at school ever, and how Auntie Al is not her little baby any more.

I was not very impressed by this, because Auntie Al has never been mummy's little baby. I am her little baby, and Auntie Al is a grown-up, and mummy should stop being so dramatic about stuff.

There is no point in saying this to mummy, though. She was being so dramatic and waily about the whole Auntie Al thing, that it took her most of the morning to realise that she had brought me to granny's house without any shoes to wear! (When she stole me last night, I was just wearing my pyjamas and slippers, and she completely forgot to pack any shoes into my cool suitcase for me. What a plonker!)

When mummy had finished wailing and discovered that my feet were totally rudie, she said that we would have to go out and buy some more shoes from a shop nearby. So we got in the car and drove to a shop, and I talked all the way there about how mummy had forgotten my shoes, and how my toes were rudie, and how it was all very sad. And then when we stopped the car, mummy had to carry me down the street so that I didn't have to walk in my socks. Ha! I do love being carried! Now that I think about it, maybe mummy should forget my shoes more often ...

Anyway, we went into a shop that sold stuff that used to belong to other people. Mummy said that this is a good place to buy things from, because all of the money that we spend on shoes and things is used to help people who are poorly. Mummy bought me some cool white shoes with flowers on them, so this means that me and mummy and my feet have all helped to make a poorly person better. I just hope that the little girl who used to wear my shoes does not decide that she wants them back, because they are mine now and I like them!!!

When we had paid for my shoes, we went for a walk and found a cafe and had lunch. Mummy bought us a prawn salad and a cake to share, and they were yummy.

Then we went back to the playground near granny's house, and mummy let me have a go on the swings and the climbing frame and the big slide. It was good fun.

When we got back to granny's house, mummy packed all of our things up into the car, because she said that it was time to drive back home now. This was probably a good thing, because Auntie Al came back home from school at around this time, and mummy started wailing again - and she really needed to get back home and pull herself together.

Back at home, me and mummy played games until daddy came in from work. Then we all had dinner together and read stories until the parent staff decided that it was my bedtime. I had my shower and story as usual, but then instead of wrapping me up in my blanket, the parent staff put my dressing gown on me and carried me back out to the car.

Mummy gave me a big bag of books to play with while we were driving along, and I read these for a while until I started to feel too sleepy to read any more ...

The next thing I knew, it was much darker and Nanmar and Der were there, grinning at me. I was leaning over mummy's shoulder and she seemed to be carrying me upstairs, up to my travel cot ...

I suspect that I have been stolen, again. 

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