Sunday, 26 May 2013

I am at Nanmar and Der's house, and there are very strange things going on here at the moment.

The strange things are to do with the weather. It is not like normal weather at all. All the rain has gone, and there are no clouds in the sky. It is so warm that I haven't needed to wear my big coat or my socks and shoes. In fact, even my normal clothes are too hot for me to wear at the moment, so I have spent most of my time here being rudie!

(The parent staff love this, by the way. They keep talking about how rudie I am, and patting my bottom and laughing. What is up with these grown-ups??)

Because it's so warm outside, me and the staff have been spending most of our time in Nanmar and Der's garden. Nanmar and Der's garden is really awesome anyway, but now that it is hot it is even more awesome than usual, because there is a paddling pool in it, all for ME!

Today I have spent a lot of time lying on my tummy in my paddling pool, letting the water wash over my rudie bottom and giving my toy friends a swimming lesson. I am a very good teacher, so the toy friends are all getting quite good at swimming now. (Everyone except the bear, that is. He just sinks to the bottom of the paddling pool and sits there looking sad when I make him dive in off the side. Silly bear.)

Just before lunch time today, some friends of the parent staffs' came round to visit us in the garden. The friends own a baby of their own, and she is called Lana. She is very cute and quite funny. She does not have much hair and she doesn't say words in the staff language, but while she was in the garden she kept looking at me in my paddling pool and I know that she wanted to come and play with me. So I asked her if she wanted to get into my paddling pool, and she did, for a little while.

It is nice to have other little people to play with in times like these. Staff would not be able to play in my paddling pool because they are too big. If any of them sat in my paddling pool, there would be no room left for the water!

After the friends had played with us for a while, they went away again with baby Lana, and the parent staff put me into my travel cot for my nap. When I got up from nap time, I did more rudie swimming and running around the garden, and read some books with the staff.

At dinner time we had some special food called a bar-beek-yoo. According to mummy, this is food that we have when the weather is hot. This is why I have not had it before.

Daddy made everyone some burgers and chicken and things on a little fire, and Nanmar gave us all salad and potatoes and garlic bread. Yum yum!

I felt very happy when the parent staff put me to bed tonight, even though it was bedtime. I have decided that I would like to live with the grandparent staff forever, and that I would like it to be sunny every day. When the parent staff get me up tomorrow, I will ask them about this, and see if they will let it happen.

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