Friday, 31 May 2013

I have had a lovely day of treats today.

I knew that it would be a treat day as soon as mummy asked me to bring her the picnic bag from the cupboard by the front door.

I was more excited about the picnic bag than I usually am, because today the weather was actually sunny, which meant that we would be having a nice warm picnic instead of a freeze-your-bottom-off one. I helped mummy to fill up the picnic bag with loads of yummy treats, and then we drove in our car to the park to meet Suzie and Eve.

In the park we walked around until we found the right place for our picnic, and then we sat on a blanket and ate lots. Mummy had brought me a prawn cocktail - my favourite! And we had loads of juicy bits of fruit and some sandwiches and yogurts as well ... mmm!

After we had scoffed all our picnic, we went for another walk and found a fairground, which had rides and games and a bouncy castle, and pink fluff on sticks that people were eating. The pink fluff was weird, but the rides were awesome.

Mummy and Suzie let me and Eve go on a little train that drove in a circle round a bumpy track. This was great because we got to be in the train on our own with no grown-ups, which is a very wonderful thing because normally grown-ups follow us about everywhere.

Then me and Eve went in a huge bouncy castle with a roof on it, and we ran far away to the side of the bouncy castle where the mummies couldn't reach us, and laughed at them when they told us that it was time to come back out. Ah, how funny we are!!

After this, mummy was really brave and she took us on a big ride that span round and round in circles and pulled us about all over the place. Eve didn't seem to like this ride very much, so I held her hand and told her that it was all okay. Maybe I should have said this to mummy as well, because when she got off the ride at the end her face looked a bit green, like she had just eaten a really nasty dinner. Poor mummy.

When we had been on lots of rides and had lots of fun, we went to play on the normal playground before home time. The normal playground felt a bit boring after all the cool rides, but it was still a playground, so I liked it.

Suzie and Eve went back to their own house when we got home from the park, and mummy said that we were going to put our slippers on and chill out with daddy until dinner time . She asked me to put my arm around her while she helped me put my slippers on my feet.

I wanted to say something nice to mummy, since I had enjoyed so many nice treats today, so I thought about some of the nice things that my books say. I thought about Beauty and the Beast, which is my favourite book at the moment. It is about a man who goes into the Beast's castle and steals a rose from his garden. Then the Beast gets cross and wants to eat the man all up. The man doesn't want this to happen, so he sends his daughter Beauty to get eaten up instead. The Beast decides that he would like to marry Beauty instead of eating her, and then they live happily ever after. But I don't think that Beauty was very good friends with her daddy any more after this.

Anyway. I thought about Beauty and the Beast, and I put both of my arms around mummy's neck, and then I stroked her hair, and then I said: "I yuv you - peese marry me!"

Mummy laughed so hard that she fell over onto her bottom on the floor. I wasn't quite sure why she found this so funny, but it doesn't really matter because I like making mummy laugh.

I had a nice chill-out with the parent staff until bedtime, and mummy told me that if I am a very good girl, then I might get to go to the fairground again sometime soon. I will have to remember this next time I feel a brawl with the staff starting to happen, because I would really like to go to the fairground again. The fairground is awesome.

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