Tuesday, 4 June 2013

For the last few days, the parent staff have been telling me that soon, we are going to be on holiday. Then yesterday morning, when mummy got me up, she said that the holiday was finally here!

I waited and waited for holiday things to start happening (I kept looking at my suitcase and wondering why nobody was packing it), and then in the end I asked mummy if we could go on holiday now, because I was tired of waiting.

Mummy actually looking surprised, even though she has been going on and on about holidays for ages now. And then she laughed, and said that this was a different kind of holiday, where we weren't going to go away with our suitcases, and instead we would just do fun things together every day. As a family.

I feel that I have been TRICKED. I mean, yes, okay, it will be nice to have both of the parent staff here with me for a while, because sometimes they can actually be quite good fun. But it's not the same as going away to somewhere new, and getting to pack my cool suitcase up, and exploring, and having new places to play in.

Mummy seemed to honestly think that I would still have fun on the holiday, even though it is not a real holiday. She told me that today we were going to have some treats, and that I would really like them. I wasn't so sure, but I thought that I may as well go along with mummy's plans and find out what the treats were - just in case.

So we all got into mummy's car, and then we drove into town, where it is always busy with people carrying bags, and we went to the "sin-e-ma". The sin-e-ma was awesome! It had a super-huge TV, and on the TV was one of my favourite books ... only the people in it moved about and talked like real people! I got to sit in an enormous chair in between mummy and daddy, and eat a bowl full of strawberries and cream and shortbread. Like I said ... AWESOME.

When we got to the end of the giant TV book, I asked the parent staff if we could watch it again. They said no, because the sin-e-ma doesn't work like that. I bet if we had been on a real holiday, I would have been able to watch the giant moving book again.

Anyway, the parent staff said that it was time for us to go and get lunch now, and I like lunch so I decided to go with them. We went to a cafe and since it was nice and sunny, we sat outside at a table next to some grass. The grass looked exciting so I asked the parent staff if I could run around on it like a dog.

The parent staff said that I could run around if I wanted to, but that I had to stay on the grass and not go onto the path at the other side.

Of course this meant that I needed to go onto the path, and to not stay on the grass at all ... so I did. And then I waved at the parent staff from the path and laughed, and waited for them to come and chase me.

Daddy chased me first. He brought me back onto the grass and told me off ... and when he put me down I ran back onto the path and waved again. Then it was mummy's turn to chase me, and she brought me back this time, and told me off ... and I was just thinking what a great game this was, when mummy spoilt it all by telling daddy that if I ran off again, then they shouldn't chase me but should just ignore me, and wait for me to get bored instead.

It turned out that when I wasn't being chased off the path, the path actually wasn't that interesting after all. I wandered around on it for a while and I kept looking over at the parent staff to see if they were going to chase me again, but they didn't so in the end I went back onto the grass and sat down with one of my books.

After we had eaten our lunch we went back home, and after nap time we went out to the park to play on the playground and look for ducks.

At bedtime mummy asked me if I had enjoyed my first day of holiday. It turns out that I did enjoy it, even though it was not a real holiday ... so maybe mummy was right after all. The parent staff told me that we will have lots more treats over the next few days. I am having a think about what the other treats might be. It is fun to think about this.

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