Saturday, 8 June 2013

Yesterday the parent staff found a whole new way of showing me what weirdos they are.

They have taken all of my nappies away from my bottom, and now my wees and poos have nowhere to go!

The parent staff say that the wees and poos need to go in my potty now ... but I am not at all sure about this. It seems kind of gross.

To be honest, I actually like not wearing a nappy any more. This is mainly because I get to wear cool big-girl's knickers instead. Mummy took me to the big shop a few days ago, and let me choose my big-girl's knickers myself. Some of my knickers have cats on them, and some have pigs. I think that the cats and pigs like being worn on my bottom.

The bad thing about wearing the big-girl's knickers is that I keep having to wee in them. I run around and play, like normal, and quite often the parent staff ask me if I would like to do a wee in my potty. I tell them no, and think about what weirdos they are.

Then when I feel a wee coming, I wee it all out into my knickers, and then I run to mummy and shout, "I have done a weeeeee!!!"

Then mummy looks all serious, and tells me that the wee is meant to go into my potty, and not onto my cats or my pigs. She asks me if I will try to get my wee in the potty next time, and sometimes I say yes, and sometimes I say no. But really, I mean no every time.

Anyway, today we went out, and I was wearing my big-girl's knickers again. I had already done one wee in my knickers before we went out, and mummy had washed them and put some clean knickers on me. So I got to wear both cats AND pigs, before it was even lunchtime! Heh heh.

We drove out in the car to the place in the countryside where the big lake is. I like it there. The lake is pretty, and we always take a yummy picnic with us when we go to visit.

Today was a very sunny day so we had our picnic sitting on the grass, instead of in the car hiding from the rain like we usually do. Nanmar and Der arrived in their car, and came to eat our picnic with us too, which was really good.

When we had eaten all of the nice food, we went for a big walk all the way around the lake. The parent staff kept asking me if I wanted to wee in my potty. They are such weirdos that they had even brought the potty with them on the walk! They kept waving it about and showing it to me, as if that would make me want to do a wee or a poo in it. Dear me!!

Anyway, when we had got nearly all the way around the lake, I felt a funny feeling in my tummy, and it was the kind of feeling that I get just before I do a wee. So I stopped walking and looked down at my bottom, waiting for the wee to come.

And mummy must have noticed me doing this, because she quickly pulled down my shorts and my pig knickers, and plonked my bottom onto my potty in the middle of the grass! How rude!!!

I tried to escape, but mummy told me that I should sit still and wait for my wee to come out. I tried very hard to hold my wee in, but it got out after a few moments anyway. I could hear it splashing into my potty and I thought, "Yuck!" ... but mummy looked really pleased, and then she shouted to the other grown-ups to tell them that I had done my first potty wee. And then daddy and the grandparent staff clapped and told me how clever I was, and I enjoyed that.

Mummy wiped my bottom with some tissue, and then she showed me my wee in the potty, and told me that I was her clever girl.

I was pleased with this. Maybe weeing in the potty is not so weird after all.

When we had finished our walk, mummy got really excited about going on a boat, as a treat because of my first potty wee. And a little bit because she just wanted to. So she went and found a lady, and gave her some money, and the lady put big fat jackets on us all and gave daddy some sticks to move the boat with.

Then me and the parent staff and Nanmar got in a little boat and went off across the lake. Daddy used his big sticks to keep us moving. It was really cool! I sat next to mummy and held my Peppa Pig toy, because Peppa Pig wanted to know what it was like to go on a boat. After a while, I thought that Peppa Pig might also like to know what it is like to go swimming, so I threw her into the water.

Mummy jumped up and reached all the way out into the water to pull Peppa Pig back, and the boat tipped up and started to rock about A LOT!

Daddy and Nanmar started to scream and grab hold of the sides of the boat, and when me and mummy saw them do this we laughed and laughed and laughed. Mummy put Peppa Pig on the side of the boat to dry out in the sun, and she told me that I shouldn't make Peppa Pig go swimming again. She said that daddy and Nanmar couldn't cope with the excitement.


When we had been all over the lake in the boat, we went back onto the grass and gave our fat coats and daddy's sticks back to the lady. Then I did a wee in my knickers while I was picking daisies, and mummy had to get me changed in the back of the car.

Then we drove home, and not long after this the parent staff gave me a kiss goodbye, and said that the grandparent staff were going to put me to bed tonight. Daddy told me that he was taking mummy out to listen to music. This was strange because we have music at home, and I don't see why the parent staff couldn't just listen to that. Weird parent staff. But at least I got to play with Nanmar and Der for the rest of the day.

We had dinner, and then Nanmar and Der gave me my shower and put me to bed. They said that the parent staff would be back home later on, and that tomorrow, I should try to do more potty wees for them. Maybe I will do more potty wees, and then I will get to go in a boat again - and everyone will tell me how clever I am. I do like that.

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