Sunday, 12 May 2013

Me and mummy have been very nice to each other today, after all of the brawling yesterday. I was very good, to make sure that mummy wouldn't stop me from having treats, and this meant that mummy was very good too, and didn't do anything mean to me.

This morning we got on a bus and went into town to have pancakes in a cafe. I love going on the bus. I can sit high up, and look down at all of the people on the ground, and feel like I am really big. I also get to sit next to mummy, which never happens when we are in the car because mummy sits in the front and she makes me sit in the back.

Mummy is a bit of a pain when we are in the car, actually. When we go on long drives, I get bored and so I ask mummy to do things for me - like read me books, pick up things that I have dropped on the floor, and take my shoes on and off. Mummy always says that she can't do these things because she is driving. 

I'm not sure why this would stop mummy from turning around and reading me a book. Really I think that she is just being lazy. A few days ago we went on a long drive and I kept asking mummy to read my book to me ... and after I had asked her five or six times, mummy got really cross and said that I should stop asking her because she needed to look at the road, and if she didn't we would CRASH!

Mummy is so dramatic sometimes.

Anyway. On the bus I can get mummy to read to me as much as I like ... but I usually don't want to read, because there are lots of other interesting things to look at instead. I like to point at people who I see, and to ask mummy in a loud voice, "What's that?"

Mummy always tells me that I should say "WHO'S that?" ... and then she says in a very quiet voice: "It's a man that we don't know", or "It's a lady that we don't know."

Sometimes the man or the lady will smile at me, because I am cute.

The bus trip today was fun as usual, and the pancakes in the cafe were even more fun. Mummy let me sit on a grown-up chair and eat my pancake with a grown-up fork.

When we had come back home on the bus, I had a little nap and then mummy told me that we were going to go and play at Nic and Jackson's house.

This was the best news EVER! Nic and Jackson's house is so cool, and I always have loads of fun when we go there.

Today I discovered that Jackson sleeps in a big-boy bed now, instead of a cot. The big-boy bed is really good fun - you can stand on it and bounce up and down. I know this because we all went upstairs to see Jackson's bedroom, and I tried some bouncing while we were up there. Maybe one day soon, the parent staff will get me a big-girl bed, and I can bounce on that.

Nic made us all a nice tea after we had played, and we sat around the big table to eat it. Jackson does not like food as much as I do, so I ate lots and lots to make sure that everything got eaten.

After tea, mummy said that we had to go home because it was nearly time for bed. I was not happy about this, but I was quite tired so I decided not to start a brawl.

We kissed Nic and Jackson goodbye, and then we went home for my bath.

I had a nice cuddle and a story with mummy at bedtime, and it was good. I felt glad that we did not brawl today.

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