Saturday, 4 May 2013

I have had a very busy day today.

It all started this morning, when the parent staff told me that we were going to have a party at our house.

The party was for Auntie Jess, because she is having a baby. This is what mummy says, anyway. But when I asked mummy where the baby is, she said that it is in Auntie Jess's tummy. What a silly thing to say! Grown-ups are weird, but they do not eat babies!!! What I think is that the parent staff just wanted to have a party, so that they could eat nice food and play silly games - and that the baby is one of those things that they have just made up, because they are silly.

Anyway. To get ready for the party, mummy took us all to the big shop to buy food, and then into town to buy balloons and packets of paper, and party plates and napkins. I tend to get very excited about town, because there is a lot going on and it makes me want to run around and make the parent staff chase me. So this is mainly what I did when we went into shops: I ran around laughing and hiding behind strangers; and when I wasn't doing this I spent some time poking things with my dribbly fingers, because mummy had told me not to.

The parent staff were pretty cross with me by the time we left, and they said that I had not been helpful at all. I didn't really care about this but I did try to be more helpful when we got back home, by decorating the house ready for the party.

Mummy said that we were going to turn the living room into an "enchanted forest", using the things that we had bought in town. She cut out loads of big leaves from green paper using her scissors (which I am not allowed to touch), and then we threw them all over the floor. Daddy hung long pieces of green and purple paper down the windows, and then he blew up many, many balloons and put more long paper on the balloons' bottoms. When he let go of the balloons, they floated all the way up to the ceiling and the paper dangled down underneath them like long green snakes. It looked really cool.

The parent staff also put a big black cloth and some fairy lights over the television, and made it look all dark and sparkly.

Then they put a box in front of the window and stood a super-big toadstool on it. The toadstool was something that me and daddy had made a few days ago using "paper-mash-ey". I didn't really know why we were making it at the time (although it was good fun getting my hands messy and trying to eat the paste), but mummy explained that it was going to be a postbox for people to put messages in for the baby. I don't really understand why a made-up baby would need messages, but never mind. The toadstool looked cool anyway. Daddy had painted it red and silver, and it had a hole in its head for the post to go into.

Mummy went into the kitchen to make food, and I came to help her by standing at her knees "scrounging", and asking for grapes and pieces of cheese.

Not long after this, people started to arrive for the party. They were all ladies and all grown-ups, except  for one little person called Lara, who was a little bit bigger than me. Since all of the other party people were grown-ups, Lara was the coolest person there (except for me), and I followed her around and showed her my playroom and asked to sit next to her lots.

The grown-ups did some boring talking and then Auntie Jess arrived, and looked very surprised to see everyone there in the enchanted forest. Now that I think about it, her tummy did look a lot bigger than it usually is. I wonder what all that is about. Maybe she did eat a baby after all.

The party got much more interesting then, because mummy let us all go and eat the party food. Auntie Jess's mummy had brought food too, so there were loads of good things to eat on the table. Mummy filled a plate up with sandwiches and fruit for me, and I ate it all and then went back to the table to "scrounge" for some more.

Then awful mummy decided that it was time for me to have my nap, so she asked daddy to take me away upstairs. I didn't want to miss out on the party, or to go away from all my lovely sandwich friends and Lara, so I started to bawl loudly as daddy carried me away. I could tell that all of the other grown-ups felt sorry for me, but they didn't save me and let me stay.

When I realised that I wasn't going to escape from daddy, I settled down to have my nap, and went to sleep pretty quickly. Mummy came to wake me up again just before the party was over, so that I could play for a bit and look at all of Auntie Jess's presents.

The grown-ups started to go away again after this, until only me and the parent staff were left.

As soon as everyone else was gone, the parent staff started to run around like crazy people, packing leftover food into boxes, and throwing paper plates and leaves into the bin.

Then they started carrying things out to the car, like bags and books and my suitcase; and then we all climbed in on top of the stuff and set off on the long drive to granny's house.

Mummy said that we were going to stay at granny's because we needed to see Uncle Ben for his birthday. I sat in my seat in the back of the car, and read books all the way there.

When mummy stopped the car we were not at granny's house; we were at an eating place on a busy street that I have not been to before. The parent staff took me into the eating place and there were granny and Uncle Ben and Auntie Al, all waiting for us.

I sat with granny and read books, while Uncle Ben talked in a very loud voice and slurped drinks out of a tall glass. Auntie Al told mummy that Uncle Ben was very loud because he had been drinking his silly juice all afternoon.

We all had more yummy food, and I ate mine and then some of the parent staff's and then some of granny's as well. By the time I had eaten all of my food I was feeling tired, because it was long past my normal bedtime, so the parent staff took me away to granny's house in the car.

I had a quick shower and a story before bed, and then daddy put me into my travel cot to sleep.

I am so tired now that I don't even feel cross about it being bedtime.

What a very, very busy day!


  1. Sounds like a really busy day!! Did the parent staff behave? Xx

  2. The parent staff do not often behave. Maybe you should send mummy a message and ask her to put a stop to bedtimes. She may listen to you because you are a grown-up, and she doesn't listen to small people like me! X