Sunday, 5 May 2013

The funniest thing happened today.

I am still at granny's house with the parent staff, and this morning the grown-ups decided that they were going to take me to a farm, to see pigs and things.

Granny made us an awesome picnic, and we drove out to the farm in mummy's car and sat in a big barn full of picnic tables. While we were eating our awesome picnic, chickens walked around our feet and asked us for bits of sandwich to eat. They were very funny.

When I had eaten my picnic, I found that there was also an amazing playground in the barn, just waiting for me to play on it. The playground was made of that soft squishy stuff that little people can fall off without hurting themselves. There were slides and a ball pond and big squashy things hanging down from the ceiling, that boshed you as you ran past them.

I ran off to play on the playground and left the grown-ups sitting boringly at their picnic table. I climbed up a big ramp and through a small opening, and then I found that if I walked along some red stepping stones, I could look down and see the grown-ups sitting at their picnic table, still being as boring as ever!

I was very excited to see the grown-ups, and I called down to them and laughed. The grown-ups looked up and waved back at me.

I wandered back across the stepping stones to explore some more, and I found a big twisty slide that I quite wanted to go down. But it looked a bit too super-huge for me to go down by myself, and I felt scared, so I peered back down at the grown-ups and wailed pathetically.

This is when the funny thing happened. Mummy jumped up onto her feet and came running up the big ramp to find me. Only instead of crawling through the opening at the top of the ramp like she was supposed to do, she carried on running and went BOSH!!! - right into a big red bar!

Mummy's head hit the red bar so hard that she went flying backwards through the air ... back down the ramp ... and then onto the floor with a BUMP!!!

It was the funniest thing that has ever happened, in the whole world, ever.

Granny obviously thought so too, because as mummy was lying there on the floor, all boshed up and crumpled like a big floppy doll, all I could hear was granny laughing and laughing and laughing.

Daddy didn't laugh (although I am sure that he wanted to). He came into the playground to check that mummy was not broken, and then he came up the ramp to help me go down the slide. Daddy did not bosh his head or fall down the ramp or anything, which was a bit disappointing for me. But then again, I don't think that granny would have coped very well if daddy had boshed himself as well. I think that she might have burst from laughing too much.

When I had finished playing on the playground, and mummy was able to walk about again, we went to see the rest of the farm. We had a walk and fed some goats, and we saw sheep and pigs and rabbits and ducks, and then the parent staff had a race on some go-karts, and I got to sit in the front of mummy's go-kart with her and race against daddy. Daddy won, but that is probably because mummy was still broken after all of the falling.

We spent a good, long time at the farm, and then we came back home to granny's house for dinner and bath time. The parent staff said that they had lots of farm muck to wash off me in the bath tonight.

I am very tired after my day at the farm, and I think that I will sleep very well tonight. I will have sweet, sweet dreams about mummy flying through the air and landing on her bottom, again and again and again ... Hahahahaha.


  1. HAHAHAHA!!! That's really made me laugh! Ahem was mummy okay? X

  2. I'm glad that you see how funny it was. Mummy was fine - she's pretty tough really. She's still as annoying as ever so she can't be that broken!! X

  3. Ah mummy wouldn't be mummy if she wasn't annoying,sometimes mummies can be annoying because they love you so much xxx