Sunday, 17 February 2013

This morning the parent staff took me to the museum, like they had promised.

All of the museum was good, except for one part. We went to visit the dinosaurs, and they were good. Then we went to see some animals in the woods, and they were good too. We saw fish in big tanks that were all different colours, like lovely jewels, and they were all good. The parent staff even took me to the cafe for my lunch, and let me have sausages and potatoes and carrots and peas, and that was super-good.

The part that wasn't good happened when we were looking at some big spiders in the bug bit, and I turned round to run away from the parent staff, tripped over daddy's big silly grown-up foot, and banged my chin on a chair by the wall.

This was not good at all and I cried really loudly for quite a long time. I put my arms around mummy's neck and cried big wet tears into her jumper. Mummy was very sorry for me and she gave me lots of magic kisses, but what I really wanted her to do was to tell daddy off and put him in "time out" for being naughty, and sadly she didn't do this.

I stopped crying eventually and went to see more bugs, but I felt very cross with daddy for getting in the way of my escape, and making my chin sore as well. What a meanie.

When we had seen lots of museum, the parent staff took me home for my nap, and I slept for a while in my cot. Then I got back up and the parent staff took me to the park, to feed the ducks and have a walk.

It was nice in the park; there were lots of ducks and squirrels, and other people who were walking and playing and riding their bikes.

I was following the parent staff down a big wide path when I suddenly felt that I should stop and squat down on the floor, because my bottom wanted me to. Mummy turned round and called out to me to ask what I was doing, and I shouted back, "I'M POOING!!!"

There were lots of people walking past me at this time and a few of them started laughing, which I thought was a bit rude. I wouldn't laugh if they needed to stop and poo.

The parent staff carried on walking slowly away down the path without me. I kind of felt that they were trying to pretend that they didn't belong to me.

After a while mummy looked round again and asked me what I was doing this time, and I shouted back, "I'M STILL POOING!!!!!"

I was, as well. It was a big poo.

Eventually my bottom was happy again, and I stood up and ran to catch up with the parent staff. They took me home soon after this, to change my nappy and make my bottom clean again.

At bath time tonight, mummy said that the parent staff won't see me much tomorrow because they will both be in work. This is a shame because the parent staff have been pretty well behaved lately, and I have had some fun while they have been entertaining me.

I will have other staff tomorrow though, and they probably won't trip me up with their big smelly feet like daddy does.

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