Saturday, 16 February 2013

The parent staff took me on an adventure today. Mummy made one of her special picnics, and then we got in the car and drove far away from the town, to a place with a super-big lake and lots of grass.

When we got there, we ate our picnic by the side of the lake, and it was tasty. The picnic, not the lake.

Then the parent staff thought that it would be a good idea to walk all the way around the lake, because they often have silly ideas like this. So we set off walking, and it took us ages and ages and ages.

I am getting much better at walking now than I was a while ago. For a long time, I would not walk anywhere if I thought that I could get mummy to carry me instead. But mummy is very mean and she will normally tell me to stop being lazy and to walk by myself. This leads to a lot of tantruming from me and a lot of crossness from mummy, so I am starting to think that it is easier to walk by myself after all.

So today I was really good and brave, and I walked all the way around the super-huge lake on my own little legs. It took a long time because my little legs are very little, and it's hard work for them to walk round big lakes.

If the parent staff felt that I was taking too long to walk and they wanted to hurry me up, they would cry out, "Quick, quick, a bear's coming!", and I would shout, "Quick, bear tumin'!", and run fast for a little while.

The parent staff did this a few times because they are weirdos, and even though I looked behind me to check while I was running, I didn't see any bears chasing us. Silly parent staff.

After our big walk, we got back in the car and drove round exploring for a while. Then we drove all the way back home to our house, and played games until dinner time.

Mummy has invented a new game that she likes us to play. We use my building blocks and we put them all on the carpet with one block in the middle, and then me and mummy take it in turns to put one block on top of the middle blocks. We do this until we have made a big tower, and we both have to try not to be the one who makes the tower fall over. I normally win this game because mummy is rubbish and she always knocks the blocks over with her big clumsy grown-up hands.

Today we let daddy play the brick tower game, and he was rubbish too. I was excellent, as usual.

At bedtime tonight mummy told me that we can go to the museum tomorrow. I like the museum. It has dinosaurs in it - like the ones that sleep in my bed, only not as fluffy.

I am excited about the museum, but not excited enough to stay awake thinking about it. I am too tired for that, because of all my walking and running away from bears that aren't really there.

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