Thursday, 14 February 2013

Today, me and mummy had the biggest brawl ever.

Our day started off fine, with mummy being pretty well behaved and letting me choose my clothes for the day after I had eaten my breakfast. 

Then mummy said that we were going to go out to a new baby group that I hadn't been to before. Mummy said that I would really like the baby group, and that we were going to go on the bus to get there. 

She wrapped me up warm in my coat and my scarf and my hat that has bunny ears on it, and then we walked to the bus stop and got the bus to a strange tall place that was cold and had hard stones on the floor inside. 

There were a few other babies there who all had a grown-up with them as well. Mummy took off my warm things, and then she also took off my boots and my socks, and made me walk on the cold floor with rudie feet, which I did not like at all. I put my cross face on and scowled at mummy and said, "Put Georgia's socks back on!"

Mummy said no, and that I had to keep my socks off because otherwise I might slip and fall on the floor. But I knew that really she was just being a big stinky meanie, and I wasn't very happy about it. I kept asking mummy to put my socks back on, and she ignored me because she is cruel.

Some ladies were in charge of the baby group, and they made all of the babies and grown-ups get in a circle and sit on the floor for "story sharing time". Then they asked each of the babies if they would like to tell any "news" to the rest of the group. None of the babies really had much news to share, but I thought that this might be a good opportunity to expose mummy's cruelness to the rest of the group, so when the ladies asked me if I had anything to tell everyone, I said, "Put Georgia's socks back on!"

The ladies and the other grown-ups all laughed, but it was actually not funny at all. I was very cross and I was also a bit worried to find that all of these other grown-ups appeared to be just as awful as mummy is!

After we had all shared our "news", the ladies sent us off to play on some special toys, that were set up in a big circle. We had to climb over some of the toys, and crawl through other ones, and roll down some more. It was hard work for my little arms and legs but it was also quite good fun. I especially liked one bit where I had to crawl into a tunnel that went up and then down, and then I had to roll out of the other end. 

After we had played on the toys for a while, the ladies told us that we had to go and play on some other toys. I did not want to do this; I wanted to stay and play in the tunnel, so I said "no!" and tried to run away. Mummy caught me and brought me back to the ladies, and I squirmed and wriggled and tried to escape, but sadly mummy was too strong for me to fight her off. 

I had a go on the new toys and I had to do lots of climbing this time. I was a bit frightened climbing up high and I wasn't sure if I trusted the ladies and mummy not to let me fall off onto the floor, since they had been really mean to me up until now. I kept shaking my head and saying, "No, no no!!" in my cross voice.

When we had finished with the climbing toys, the ladies told all of the babies to come back into the floor circle and sing a quiet song about a teddy bear. I was feeling really cross by this point, so instead of sitting in the floor circle, I went floppy on mummy's knees and said, "Georgia wants to lie down!"

Mummy stood up and when she did, I was still being floppy so I bumped my head on the floor, and then I started to cry. Mummy picked me up and gave my head a kiss and said that I should stop crying ... but at this point I decided that I didn't want to stop crying. I was really cross with mummy for all of the bad things that she had done, and I wanted to tell her so.

So instead of getting quieter, I threw back my head and bawled, as loudly as I could. The room that we were in was very tall and very good for making loud noises in, and I bawled all the way through the nice quiet teddy bear song that all the other babies were singing along to. 

Mummy picked me up and dragged me off into the corner and made me stand there while I shouted at her. I could tell that she was really, really cross, but this didn't stop me shouting. She had been really naughty and I wanted her to know it.

In the end, all the other babies and grown-ups from the group started to go past us on their way home, and a few of them looked at me and said, "aww", because they knew that I had been badly treated and they felt sorry for me. The ladies who were in charge came over as well and they talked to mummy about me while I carried on shouting. 

After a while I realised that mummy hadn't said anything to me for some time, even though she should have been paying me lots of attention and saying sorry to me for being so awful and cruel. So then I started to wrap my arms around her knees and shout: "Tuddle! Tuddle!"

Mummy bent down and told me to go back into the corner, and she said that she was not going to give me a cuddle until I had calmed down. Then she carried on talking to the ladies.

I was tired now from all of my shouting, so I lay down on the floor on my tummy and sucked my thumb and twiddled my hair until mummy had finished talking. 

Then mummy reached down and took hold of my hand and said "Come on", and then she put my warm clothes and my socks and boots back on and took me back outside to find the bus. 

All of my rage had gone by now, partly because I had got my socks back on at last, and partly because I was worn out. I started chatting to mummy normally, and asking "Are we going back home on bus now?"

Mummy looked at me very seriously and told me in a really quiet voice that she was very unhappy with me, and that she did not want to speak to me until we got home.

I knew then that mummy was really mad. Normally when I do things that she thinks are bad, she will tell me off in her really loud voice, and she will look very cross in her face, and then she will put me on the landing for "time out". But after a little bit of time she will come back to me and give me a hug, and ask me to say sorry, and then we will be friends again. 

This time, though, she was so quiet that it wasn't like mummy at all. She did not speak to me all the way home on the bus, and I felt like I had better not speak to her, either. I sucked my thumb and was very still, and wondered if maybe if I was very quiet now, mummy would forget how loud I had been during all of the shouting. I figured that it was worth a try, anyway.

When we got back home, I took off my boots and my hat and my scarf very quietly, and I put them away in my changing bag at the bottom of the stairs. Mummy had still not said anything to me and I wasn't sure what to do next, so I went to stand at her feet and looked up at her and asked, "Georgia will go on landing now?"

Mummy sat down on the floor next to me and asked me what I had done that was naughty while we were at the baby group. I said, "Crying." 

Mummy said that this was an "under-state-ment". I did not know what this was but I guessed that it was a bad thing. 

Mummy said that I had been really naughty and that she was very upset with me. This was a bit sad, because I did not want mummy to be upset - I just wanted her to realise how naughty she had been.

Mummy made us some cheese on toast for lunch and I ate mine all up like a good girl, to show mummy that I wasn't going to be naughty any more.

Then mummy took me upstairs for my nap and I didn't even argue about this, because that's how good I was being. Before mummy put me into my cot she sat me on her knee and said that I had been a very naughty girl this morning, but that she still loved me and that we would be good friends again when I woke up. 

This was good to know. Much as mummy is awful sometimes, I would not like to think that she didn't want to be my friend any more. 

When mummy got me up after nap time, Auntie Al and her friend Jenny were here to visit us, and I was on my very best behaviour while they were here. When mummy asked me to do anything for her, I would say: "Yes, okay, okey-dokey mummy!"

Auntie Al and Jenny thought that I was very cute, and said how good I was.

It is nice to be good and to be told how good you are, but it is also pretty tiring - I don't think that I could keep it up all of the time.

Tonight at bedtime mummy gave me an extra-big cuddle and kiss goodnight, and said that we will have a nice day tomorrow. I want to have a nice day tomorrow, so I will do my best to be patient when mummy is badly behaved, and I will avoid having any more brawls with her for a while.

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