Sunday, 10 February 2013

Today I have been doing "art".

This morning when mummy woke me up, she told me that we were going on an adventure to town. We went in our car to a big house on a hill, and when we got there we met Anna and Aoibheann, who were coming adventuring with us.

The big house was an "art gal-ry", which is a place that has lots of funny white statues of rudie men and women in it, and big pictures of strange things like bowls of fruit.

There was also a big, fun room for little people like me and Aoibheann, which had loads of good things to play with and make pictures from. Me and Aoibheann sat at a table and did some pretty drawings with crayons, and then we played with glue sticks and tissue paper. When we got tired of tissue paper, we jumped down from the table and ran around exploring the rest of the room.

I found a sneaky little space that had small seats in it for baby bottoms to sit on, and there were lights on the walls that changed colour. There was also a big cave that had lots of different books in it, and I chose some books and brought them to mummy and let her read them to me.

I also found some blocks to make a tower out of, and a thing that played music when you pressed its buttons, and some clothes for dressing up in.

I could have stayed in this room for a very long time, but when we had explored for a while mummy said that it was time to go and get some lunch in the cafe. I liked the "art" room, but I also like lunch very much, so I decided to go along with this plan without arguing.

In the cafe, mummy chose a table next to a statue of a rudie man who was showing his bottom to us the whole time that we were there. I thought that this was very funny, and I kept pointing up at the statue and asking, "Whooo-zat?" Mummy said that it was a man, but she didn't have anything else to tell me about him. Sometimes I think that mummy does not know very much about things.

Me and Aoibheann got to sit on grown-up seats while we ate our lunch. This was fun, especially because when I finished my food, I was able to jump down onto the floor and try for an escape out of the cafe while mummy was still eating her sandwiches.

Of course mummy got up and chased me, and she caught me before I could run very far ... and then she told me that if I ran away again, she would put me on the landing, which is the "time out" place where the parent staff put me if they think that I have done something naughty. I was a bit suspicious of this as I'm not sure that mummy even knows where the landing is in the "gal-ry" ... but I didn't think it was worth the risk of being put in "time out" so I didn't run away again.

"Time out" is sooooo boring.

When we had finished our lunch, me and mummy said goodbye to Anna and Aoibheann and walked back to our car. Then we drove back home again and mummy put me into my cot for a nap, which I wasn't very happy about but which I must have needed more than I thought, because I fell asleep for quite a long time and when I woke up I felt very happy and cheerful. Maybe mummy does know more things than I realise.

After nap time we had a "chilling afternoon". This is where we put the fire on and wear our slippers, and we drink juice and watch TV and play games and read a few books. (Only I didn't want to wear my slippers, I wanted to wear my cool purple shoes, so mummy let me do this instead.)

Auntie Beccy came round to play before dinner time and we let her play some games with us, and I showed her how good I am at throwing my soft ball into the bin basket. (I am much better at this than mummy is.)

When mummy put me to bed tonight she gave me a big hug and said that I have been a really good girl, and that she has had some lovely days with me this week. Tomorrow daddy will be my staff all day long, so maybe I will be really good for him as well. Or maybe not. I really haven't decided yet.

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