Friday, 8 February 2013

After my escape missions the other day, I have had to spend a few days being very very good. I have to do this every now and then so that the parent staff never know what to expect from me - which keeps them on their toes and is good for them.

Today I had a nice time not arguing with mummy, and we had some good adventures together. In the morning we went to visit my friend Jackson and his mummy, Nic, at their house. Jackson's house is really cool because he has loads of good toys, and there is a sandpit in his kitchen. I wish that I had a sandpit in my kitchen. The most interesting thing in our kitchen is the tray that Harvey does his poos in, and I'm not allowed to play with that.

Me and Jackson spent a little bit of time playing with Jackson's toys and sandpit while the grownups talked about how beautiful we are ... and then we went out to a park that is near Nic and Jackson's house.

The park was REALLY cool. We got there by walking along a "can-al" that had ducks in it. We stopped to feed the ducks on the way, and because mummy had been rubbish and not brought any special duck bread with her, we had to give them some crusts from our picnic sandwiches instead. Mummy was still holding some leftover crusts when we reached the park, and then me and Jackson ran off to play on the climbing frame, so she left the crusts on the floor while she came to check that I wasn't falling off things.

I found the crusts on the floor where mummy had left them a few minutes after this, and I stuffed them in my mouth and ran over to show mummy because I knew that it would make her cross. She was cross and she squealed at me in her shocked voice, and I laughed and ran away again.

Mummy decided then that maybe it was time for us to eat our picnic things, so that I didn't feel the need to eat food off the floor. We sat on a bench and ate sandwiches and yogurts and banana, and while we were eating, a big group of squirrels started to run around our bench looking for food.

The squirrels were really fat and greedy, and they came really close to us and pinched big chunks of our sandwiches. It was very funny. We left one sandwich on the bench while we went to play on the climbing frame again, and when we looked over at the bench we could see a fat squirrel sitting there holding the sandwich in its hands. The sandwich was a cheese and tomato one, and when we came back to the bench, all that was left of the sandwich was the slice of tomato out of its middle. Mr Squirrel had picked the tomato out, left it sitting there on the bench, and run off with the rest of the sandwich!

If I did that, mummy would tell me off. It must be nice to be a squirrel.

After we had finished our picnic (with a bit of help from the greedy squirrels), we went down a path that took us to some animals. There were some goats, some chickens, a donkey, a pig, and lots and lots of peacocks. Me and Jackson ran around and said hello to all of the animals, and all of the animals were very pleased to see us.

When we had visited the animals we walked back along the "can-al" to the car, and then I gave Jackson a kiss goodbye, and he gave me a big hug because he was sad that I was going away from him.

Then mummy took me home for my nap, and when she woke me up again after nap time she said that we were going swimming, which was really good news.

We had a good time at the swimming pool and I got to wear my new swimming costume, which looked very lovely on me.

I was very tired after swimming, and mummy let me eat my dinner in the living room near the TV, as a treat.

Daddy was not home at my bedtime because he is working late today. Mummy says that he will be working late for another two days, and then he will have a day where he is home with me all day long. Since I have been being so good lately, maybe I will save up all of my naughty for when daddy is looking after me, as a punishment to him for missing my bedtimes.

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