Friday, 1 February 2013

I have had a new mission today. It has been: to escape.

As I have spent the whole day with mummy, my escaping has mainly involved running away from her. We have been to lots of places, however, so I have had to be quite inventive with my escapes, and to spring them on mummy when she is least expecting it.

This morning, mummy told me that we were going to go out and buy me some cool new shoes. The shop where the shoes live is not near our house, and we had to go in the car to get to it. Mummy took me outside to the car and told me to wait there while she locked the door to the house ... and this is when I made my first escape.

As soon as mummy's back was turned, I started laughing madly and running away down the pavement as fast as my legs would carry me.

Mummy noticed what I was doing and she put on her angry voice and told me to come back AT ONCE; but my escape was going far too well for me to do as she said.

Mummy waited until I had got past a few lamp posts, and then she realised that I was not going to come back and she came chasing after me, looking VERY CROSS. She managed to catch up with me after only a very short space of time, but this is only because her legs are a lot longer than mine - which I think is cheating, really.

Mummy marched me back to the car and strapped me into my car seat, and while she was doing this she went on and on about how naughty it is to run away on the road, and how a car might come and squash me if I do this again. (I do not think that this is true, because I am just far too good at escaping. If a car tried to squash me, I would escape from it as easily as I escaped from mummy.)

Mummy's cross face lasted until we got to the shoe shop, and then she put on her normal face because now she had to talk to other grown-ups, and she is always nicer to them than she is to me.

In the shoe shop we found a lady who wanted to find out how big my feet were, and to let me try on some of the cool shoes. Whenever the foot lady put a pair of shoes on my feet, mummy would tell me to go for a little walk, and I would run away into the corner and hide behind a big mirror until mummy came to bring me back.

After a while, me and mummy picked a pair of cool purple shoes for me to keep, and mummy went with the foot lady to pay for them. The cool purple shoes went into a box and then into a big bag which was almost the same size as me. Mummy let me hold onto the bag while she was paying the foot lady, and when she gave the bag to me she said, "Now wait there and stand still!"

But this seemed like too much of a good opportunity for another escape ... so as soon as mummy turned away, I ran all the way down to the other end of the shop, swinging my big bag from side to side and shouting, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!"

Mummy had to leave the foot lady and chase me again, and then she brought me back to the till tucked under her arm, and feeling very cross. Mummy said "sorry" to the foot lady, and the foot lady didn't smile at all. (You would think that the foot lady might have been more impressed by my daring escape, but obviously not.)

Mummy gave me another telling-off when she put me back in the car, and she didn't let me hold my cool new shoes any more, which was much more sad for me than being told off.

After lunch and my nap time back at home, mummy got me back up and dressed and we went out to the swimming pool to play. This was good, and we had lots of fun splashing and chasing rubber ducks. When I decided that I had done enough swimming, I thought that it might be time for another escape, so I held on to the side of the pool and pulled myself along towards the steps. When mummy told me to wait for her, I said: "No, Georgia will get out, get dressed on own."

Mummy did not go for this idea, however, and she insisted on coming with me and bossing me around while we both got dressed. She was particularly bossy when I tried to escape out of the changing cubicle by pulling the curtain wide open while she was still hopping around in her knickers, trying to get her trousers back on. She told me that we do not show other people our knickers, and that we should keep the curtain closed until we are dressed.

Well she might do this, but I think that it is a boring idea.

When we got back home, we had a bit of quiet time playing in the living room with my toys, and reading books.

Then daddy came home from work and granny came round to visit, and they were both interesting enough that I did not feel the need to escape again for the rest of the day.

Mummy told me at bedtime that daddy will be home with us for the next two days ... which is nice, but it also means that I will have to be extra cunning with my escapes, while I have two parent staff keeping their eyes on me. Heh heh.

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