Friday, 5 April 2013

Today has been an awesome day. Eve has had a birthday party, because she is two like me now, and she invited me to go to her party because she loves me very much.

The party happened at Eve's house this afternoon. It was right in the middle of the time when the parent staff usually make me have my nap: which meant no nap for me at all today ... hurray!!!

Instead of napping, I got to play in Eve's house with all of my baby friends, and all of Eve's toys, and to eat loads of yummy food that I wouldn't normally get. Soooooo much better than napping!

When I arrived at Eve's house with the parent staff, the first thing I saw was a big table covered with yummy party food. I really wanted to jump on the table and start eating everything I could see, but I was really good and I waited until mummy had sat down in the living room before I said to her: "Mummy, I need some food peese."

Mummy told me that I did not need food right now, and that I should wait for a bit. So I did wait for a bit (a very little bit), and then I asked again. Mummy gave me the same answer ... and when I asked her again, another time after this, she put on a more stern voice and told me that we could not have any food until other people had started eating.

I wandered away for a little bit and thought about this, and a cunning plan started to come into my head. When I looked over at mummy I saw that she was talking to Eve's grandma, so I went back to her and this time I asked: "Mummy, peese can we help the yay-dee?"

Mummy looked confused and asked, "What lady, sweetheart?"

I pointed at Eve's grandma and answered, "This yay-dee."

Mummy looked even more confused. She smiled at Eve's grandma in a surprised way and said, "Help the lady to do what?"

I grinned back at her and said, "Help the yay-dee get some food!"

Mummy looked shocked at this, but luckily Eve's grandma turned out to be a much kinder lady than mummy is because she said "Aww!", and she picked me up and carried me over to the big table to get as much food as I wanted.

It is sad when other people's families care more about you starving than your own parent staff do.

Eve's grandma helped me to pile loads of yummy party food onto a big plate, and then I sat on mummy's knee and ate it ALL. Yum yum.

Then I went to sit on daddy's knee, and I stole some food off his plate ... and then I went back to mummy and did the same thing to her.

And then I wandered around the room, looking for other people whose plates looked too full, and I helped them out by taking bits of food off their plates and eating them myself. Heh.

When it was time to go home from the party, the parent staff took me to the park for a while to run around in the sun, and then we went back to our house and had dinner. Only I didn't really have a proper dinner, because I was too full of party food ... I just had a yogurt and some fruit instead.

Mummy said that I had eaten so much today that I would sink in the bath ... but I didn't, so ha! Mummy is not always right about everything!

The parent staff had friends round to play tonight before I went to bed, so I had a lot of people to say goodnight to. I am very worn out now from seeing so many people today. It has been a good day, but I think it will be nice if tomorrow is quieter, with not as many people for me to entertain.

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