Wednesday, 10 April 2013

When mummy came to get me up this morning, she had a surprise person with her. It was my friend Eve, who had come to visit us for the day!!!

Eve was already dressed and looking very awake, even though it was only just getting up time for me. She hung around while mummy got me up and changed my nappy, which was a bit weird because I don't normally have other babies watching while mummy deals with my wee ... but hey ho.

Then we all went downstairs for breakfast, and Eve sat in my highchair so I got to sit at the table like a grown-up girl, which was fun.

After breakfast mummy said that we had to go upstairs to get me washed and dressed.

Now, I am having issues with stairs at the moment. I do not like to climb them; it feels like a whole lot of effort that I can't really be bothered with. Whenever I get to the bottom of the stairs and mummy tells me to climb up, I cling to her legs and say "Carry me, carry me!"

Mummy does not often carry me because of her meanness, but some of the easier-to-persuade grown-ups (Nan-mar and Der) will sometimes pick me up.

It seems that Eve does not have stairs issues, however. Eve loves to climb, so she started off up the stairs very fast when mummy told us that this is where we were going. I stood at the bottom and looked at Eve pathetically, and when she saw me she put her hand out and said: "Come on, Georgie!" - and then she pulled me up the stairs with her. (What this tells me is that Eve loves me more than my mummy does. How sad it that?)

Mummy told me that I am very lazy, and that Eve should not have to pull me up the stairs because I can climb them by myself. But she was laughing a bit as well, so really she was probably just glad that she didn't have to carry me herself.

When I was washed and dressed, we went downstairs to play in my playroom. Mummy opened the doors that go out into the yard, and then she went outside and set up my slide and my sandpit and some toys and blankets. This was really cool because it meant that we had a whole big playroom to play in, and half of it was inside and half of it was outside. Me and Eve had lots of fun trailing sand through the house and into the carpet for mummy to clean up later - haha.

When we weren't playing with our toys, we made mummy read us some books, and we made pictures using my sticker book. Mummy asked Eve if she wanted to make a picture for her mummy, and Eve said yes, and then stuck stickers all over her own tummy. This was such a cool idea - I wish I had thought of it.

Mummy made us all scrambled egg on toast for lunch, and after lunch she took us upstairs for nap time. She had set up the travel cot in my room for Eve to sleep in, and it had one of my blankets and Eve's toy giraffe in it.

Mummy gave us both a kiss and put us into our cots, and then she went away again.

After she had gone, I realised how much Eve TALKS. I am not a big fan of nap time, but once I am in bed I usually find that I am actually tired enough to go to sleep, whether I want to or not. But Eve didn't seem tired at all. Instead of sleeping, she sat up in her cot and talked and sang, and made strange noises without ever stopping.

In the end, mummy came in to get us back up again, since we weren't sleeping anyway, and when she came in she had Eve's mummy Suzie with her. The mummies got us up and took us back downstairs to play, and we went back into the yard to make a mess with the sand.

While we were playing, Aoibheann came round and brought her mummy with her too, so then we had loads of people to play with! It was a really good afternoon. By the time my friends had to go home, most of the sandpit was on the floor of the yard, and in our kitchen.

When everybody left to go back to their own houses, I stood at the door with mummy and waved goodbye ... but I wished that they could have stayed with us and lived in our house instead of going home.

Mummy made my dinner, and after dinner I had to have a long bath so that mummy could get all the sand off my face and out of my hair.

I will be seeing more of my baby friends tomorrow, according to mummy, so that is good. It is nice to have friends to play with, as well as staff.

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