Thursday, 7 March 2013

I have had a busy day with mummy today, and I have been to two baby classes. 

This morning we went to the class where I have to take my socks off and climb over things. This is the second time that I have been back to this class since mummy took me for that first time, and I had that big meltdown and me and mummy had that super-brawl, and I had to be really polite to her for the whole of the rest of the day afterwards.

Being polite for a whole afternoon was really tiring and I don't want to have to do it again, so instead I have been really good in both of the no-socks classes that we have been to since then. I have done my climbing and singing and all the rest of it without any meltdowns at all. 

I am actually finding that the class is pretty good fun when me and mummy are not having brawls, even though it makes my feet feel cold. I'm getting really good at climbing down ladders and balancing on wobbly things. 

I keep trying to work out how these new skills will be useful to me outside of the no-socks class, and I'm thinking that maybe soon I will be able to climb to the high-up shelves in my bedroom, and steal all the things that the parent staff keep up there out of my reach, like my money box and the hair clips that I keep trying to eat. Sometime, when I have got really good at climbing, I will see if I am able to do this.

At the end of today's no-socks class, the lady who runs the class gave me a sticker for being a good girl. I have two stickers from no-socks class now. They're meant to go on a special chart that mummy keeps on the fridge for me, but I keep peeling them off the chart and sticking them on other things like my dressing gown and the sofa and Harvey, so that they can get to see a bit more of the house. Otherwise it would be boring for the stickers, staying in the same place all the time and never going anywhere except the kitchen.

When we got home from no-socks class, I had my lunch and nap time, and when I got up I played with mummy for a bit before it was time to go to my swimming class. 

Swimming class was great, as usual, and we did lots of diving and splashing and chasing ducks. I'm getting better at swimming every week, and I keep trying to lose mummy when we're in the water together so that I can swim on my own and show her how brilliant I am ... but somehow she always seems to be there, pestering me. For some reason she seems to be obsessed with holding onto me so that my head doesn't go under the water. It's very pesky and I wish that she would just swim off and chase her own duck, and let me swim on my own in peace.

Mummy says that if I keep doing well in my swimming lessons, then one day she will let me swim all by myself. I hope that this is true, and not just a grown-up fib.

At dinner time, when daddy came home from work, me and mummy told him all about how well I had done in my classes. Daddy was very impressed with me. He let me bite his nose as a reward for being so clever.

Tonight I will dream about all of the things that I am learning in my baby classes, and all of the cool swimming and climbing adventures that I will be able to have when I am just a little bit bigger.

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