Saturday, 9 March 2013

Our grown-up friends Pete and Lue are visiting us this weekend. They have been here in our house since yesterday, so I have given them some staff duties to keep them entertained - mainly reading stories and helping me to play with my toy mountain. (I now have so many toys that they take up half of the living room - hurray!!!)

This morning we all squashed into mummy's little car and drove to a park near our house. Well, I wasn't squashed because I was in my big car seat, but daddy and Uncle Pete were sitting next to me and they were VERY squashed - mainly because my car seat takes up so much room. Ha ha ha.

It was rainy in the park but we had fun anyway, climbing around the playground and exploring a little farm that had animals for us to visit. I met some pigs, which is always fun to do. Then we had a very cold picnic around a table in a barn, and I picked the tomato out of the middle of my sandwiches.

When we got home from the park, mummy rushed me inside and bundled me into one of my new dresses, and then rushed me back out again to drive to Anna and Aoibheann's house. Aoibheann is two like me now, and she was having a birthday party.

When we arrived at Anna and Aoibheann's house, there were lots of other babies and toddlers there with their parent staff. My friends Eve and Liam were there as well as Aoibheann, so I had lots of people to play with. There were also balloons, loads of toys, and a lady who sat us all in a circle and sang songs with us. The singing lady had all kinds of good things with her like bubbles and puppets and fluffy toys, and it was really cool.

I sat in the circle with mummy and sang songs, and I was having a really good time until just before the end, when I tripped over a red and blue telephone on wheels and landed SPLAT on my nose on Aoibheann's shiny wooden floor.

This kind of fall is what mummy calls a "face plant". It is always very funny to look at when other people do it, but when you "face plant" yourself it is not at all funny, and you have to cry and get your mummy to pick you up and make you better with lots of kisses and attention.

I had just recovered from the "face plant" when mummy decided that it was time for us to go, even though I didn't want to, and she told me that I had to find Aoibheann and give her a kiss goodbye.

Aoibheann was playing with her toys and balloons and she didn't even notice that I was trying to say goodbye to her, so I spent a few minutes chasing her around with my arms open wide and my lips puckered up as I tried to give her a goodbye kiss. When Aoibheann noticed what I was doing she looked a bit scared - and I'll admit that I must have looked quite strange - but I was just being good and doing what mummy had told me to do.

Mummy took us back home in the car, and then she rushed me inside again and gave me to daddy, saying that it was time for me to have my nap.

I was not very impressed by this, partly because I did not want to go for a nap and partly because mummy was rushing back out again to go and play with some of her friends. I did not see why mummy should get to go out and do fun things while I have to stay home and nap - I thought that this was very unfair.

I had my nap anyway, because daddy overpowered me, and when I got up I had a fun time playing a silly game with daddy and Uncle Pete. The game involved my new train set and my little toy people. We would start the train up, and then daddy and Uncle Pete would put little people down on the train track, and I had to run around and rescue them before the train squashed them. It was the kind of game that mummy would say is "warped" ... and I liked it very much.

At bath time I was getting a bit worried, because it was nearly time for bed and mummy had still not come back from her playing. I didn't want mummy to miss giving me my goodnight kiss.

But then, just as daddy had put me into my pyjamas and I was starting to drink my milk, mummy came running up the stairs and crashing into my bedroom, and she was there for kiss time after all. So that was all right.

I have had a nice, busy day today, surrounded by staff and friends. The parent staff told me that Pete and Lue will still be here tomorrow, so hopefully tomorrow will be just as much fun, and I can get really good at the train rescue game.

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