Monday, 4 March 2013

Today is my birthday, and now I am two!

The parent staff have been trying to get me to say this all day. They have been a bit annoying, but when I do tell people that I am two, I get lots of claps and smiles and sometimes presents, so it has been worth it.

The parent staff woke me up this morning by singing the happy birthday song to me and dancing around my bedroom. Then they got me out of my cot and took me into their bed to have a cuddle and open presents.

There were lots of good presents, like jigsaws and books and a box full of stuff that I can use to be a "doctor". "Doctors" are people who make you better when you are feeling poorly. They do this by making you lift up your T-shirt, and putting cold, round things on your tummy. Sometimes they bash your knees with a small hammer as well, and apparently it is not naughty when they do this. I am a very good "doctor". I made both of the parent staff feel better with a hammer before it was even time for breakfast.

After breakfast time, the parent staff took me out to a squishy toy place so that I could run around and play. I jumped in the ball pool and went down some slides, and the parent staff sat at a table nearby and watched me play.

When I had played at the squishy place for a long time, the parent staff took me away to have my birthday lunch. We went to a cool place where I got to eat pizza and pasta with a grown-up fork. (By the way, I'm getting really good at catching food with a fork now. I put the fork right over the bit of food that I'm chasing, and then I shout, "STAB!", and stick the fork in its middle. It works every time.)

After lunch we went back home for my nap, which I wasn't very excited about and which I kind of thought that maybe the parent staff could forget about for today, with it being my birthday and everything. But the parent staff are very strict about these things, even on birthdays.

Mummy woke me up after nap time by singing to me again, and then she carried me over to my bedroom window and made me look down into the yard outside. The yard looked really cool ... mummy had put my new rubber play mat down on the floor, and covered it with loads of other fun things like my slide and my car, and some of my new toys.

We went down into the yard to play, and mummy taught me a game using my new animal cards. Then granny and Auntie Al and Auntie Beccy came round to play, and brought me even more presents, and we all went back inside the house because the grown-ups were being feeble and complaining that it was too cold to be in the yard. Pheh.

I entertained the grown-ups by doing my goblin walk for them, and singing them some songs in my beautiful squawky voice. One of my songs was about sausages and cauliflower cheese, which was what mummy had made us all for my birthday dinner.

We all ate the birthday dinner sitting around the dining table, and then daddy turned the lights out and brought in an awesome birthday cake that Auntie Beccy had made for me. It had Fireman Sam on it, and it was really cool. There were candles on the top and daddy told me to blow them out, so I puffed out my cheeks and spat all over the cake until the candles stopped glowing.

Then everybody cheered and clapped, and mummy let me have a little piece of cake as a treat, since I am two now. Being two is already better than being one.

After cake time I entertained the grown-ups some more, until mummy said that it was time for my bath. Then I got to have special bubbles in my bath water, because one of my friends had given them to me as a present.

The parent staff gave me lots of birthday kisses at bedtime, and said that they hoped I have had a lovely birthday. I have had a lovely birthday ... in fact I'm thinking that I would quite like to have another birthday tomorrow. I will see how mummy feels about this when she gets me up in the morning.

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