Thursday, 22 November 2012

When mummy got me up this morning, she told me that daddy is poorly, and that we have to be very nice to him because of this.

Now, I clearly remember having this argument with the parent staff not long ago, and I think that I made my feelings about parent poorliness quite clear at the time. When the parent staff are poorly, I will NOT be nice to them. If the parent staff feel the need to be poorly, then they should do it in their own time (when I am in bed asleep), and not during the time when they are meant to be entertaining me.

So after mummy had given me my breakfast and then taken me back upstairs to read some books in bed (we were having some "pyjama time" since mummy was not going to work today), I took good care to jump on daddy while he was lying in bed like a big slug, feeling sorry for himself.

And then later on, when we were downstairs and daddy was lying on the sofa, I pestered him to read me some books. And to play hide and seek with me.

Mummy was not very happy and she told me to leave daddy alone so that he could sleep, which was no fun.

Later in the morning, mummy took me to the big shop to buy food, and then we came home and had lunch before my friend Eve and her mummy Suzie came round to play. It was fun playing with Eve and Suzie, and we were having so much fun that we almost forgot that we all had to get ready to go to our swimming lesson.

I did not enjoy my swimming lesson today as much as I usually do, because I had not been to sleep all day and I was very tired. I did a lot of sucking my thumb and twirling my hair when I was in the pool, and I did not make as many splashes as I usually do.

When we got back home I was even more tired, and when daddy came to take me up to my bath, I had a brawl with him where I sobbed tragically and shouted, "Muuuu-meeeeeeee!!!" in a heart-broken, wailing voice.

I don't think that daddy was very pleased about this, and he was probably thinking that it would be good when I was in bed, and he could enjoy being poorly in peace.

I will have to make sure that I have a nap tomorrow afternoon, so that I can enjoy my playing time later in the day, and so that I don't feel the need to have brawls with the parent staff before bed.

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