Thursday, 8 November 2012

Me and the parent staff are still on holiday today.

Being on holiday is fun. We are living in a small house near the sea, and there is a swimming pool nearby that we visit every day. We are all eating lots and mummy is happy because there is a magic machine that washes all of our cups and plates, so that she doesn't have to do it.

This morning we went to visit the sea. It was not raining but it was very cold, so the parent staff wrapped me up in my fat pink coat and put my wellies on my feet.

Then we went down to the beach ... only there was not much beach around because the sea had eaten most of it up. Mummy said that I should paddle in the waves, but when I did this, a tragic thing happened. As I went to jump in the waves with my wellies, a big wave came running at me and knocked me off my wellies and onto my bottom.

The water was very cold and the wave was a lot stronger than I am, so I couldn't get back up again and I was rolling around in the water, shouting and kicking and waiting for the parent staff to rescue me.

It was at this point that I realised that my daddy is the worst daddy in the world, because instead of coming to save me, he decided that he did not want to get his feet wet, so he just stood on the beach and laughed. Mummy did not want to get her feet wet either, but in the end she waded into the water and picked me up, which was good because otherwise I would have been rolling around in the sea forever.

I was really very soggy, and it was too cold for me to stay on the beach in my wet clothes, so the parent staff took me back to the house. I was not very impressed with the beach visit, but when we got back inside, the parent staff put me in dry clothes and gave me lots of cuddles to warm me up, which was nice.

Later in the day we all went to the swimming pool, and we spent most of our time playing in the baby pool, which is nice and warm and little enough for me to walk about in.

While we are in the baby pool, I like the parent staff to entertain me by playing games. One of our games involves daddy pretending to be a crocodile, and he swims up and down the pool and tries to catch me, and I have to get to mummy before he can bite my toes.

Today, after we had played the crocodile game for a while, I got bored and decided that I wanted to play hide and seek instead. Mummy told me that there are not any places to hide in a swimming pool, but I disagreed with this ... and I proved that I was right by putting my hand on daddy's head and saying, "hide!", and then pushing him down under the water.

Mummy was very shocked about this and she said that I should not push daddy under the water because I would drown him. I kind of think that if I drowned daddy, it would serve him right for being the worst daddy in the world and not saving me from the sea earlier on.

I have a very runny nose at the moment, and when I try to sleep at night it annoys me and tries to keep me awake. Because of all of my swimming and holiday activities, though, I usually manage to get to sleep pretty quickly. I am very sleepy tonight, which is a shame, because if I wasn't going to go to sleep soon I could lie awake and come up with plans to punish daddy for being terrible.

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  1. Hi Georgia! We loved the photographs of the pumpkins you must of had a smashing time at your Halloween party. You look just like your daddy sitting on the couch when he was your age! Love you loads. love Grandma and Der. x