Monday, 5 November 2012

Me and the parent staff are on holiday this week, which means that the parent staff get to stay away from work, and spend all of their time entertaining me.

At the moment we are staying at Granny's house, which is fun because there are big rooms to explore, and a dog to chase. This morning we all went into the big play room, and me and daddy played my new favourite game, which is called "hide and seek".

This is a game that me and daddy have been playing a lot lately. We take it in turns to sit on a chair with our eyes squeezed tightly shut, and we count to ten and then we go and look for the other person, who is hiding somewhere nearby. Sometimes I need a bit of help with my hiding, because I am not always very good at choosing new hiding places ... I usually do the same thing over and over again, which means standing behind the door and sucking my thumb. Daddy is not very clever, because even though I am usually in the same place every time we play, it still takes him ages to find me!

In today's game, mummy was my helper and she kept hiding me in sneaky places while daddy did his counting. Once she sneaked me behind granny's big long curtains, and all I could see was curtain all around me.

While I was hiding, I could hear daddy walking around the room, lifting things up and looking in all kinds of strange places for me. He kept asking, "Where's Georgia?", and then throwing things about and shouting, "Is she under ... this toy?!" or, "Is she under ... this piece of paper?!" or, "Is she under ... mummy's bottom?!" This was very silly because although I am small, I cannot fit under pieces of paper, and if I was under mummy's bottom then I would be squashed flat.

So I laughed a lot while I was behind the curtain, and the curtain wobbled with my laughs.

Daddy found me in the end and we did a few more hidings, and then the parent staff took me out to visit the playground, and some friends of mummy's who live near granny's house.

And then tonight, when it had gone very dark, we all went outside and had a "fire-work party".

This was really good fun. The "fire-works" were really loud and bright and they made lots of pretty patterns in the sky. Daddy ran about in the garden making the "fire-works" go off, and I stood with mummy and shouted, "Bang!!! Pop!!! More ... fire-works!!"

It was good fun.

Tomorrow, mummy says that we are going far away in the car, to have the rest of our holiday. She tells me that there will be a beach, and a swimming pool nearby. I am very happy about this, and I am looking forward to meeting my swimming pool.

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