Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Today it is "Hal-ow-een", and I have had a party.

Mummy went out to work this morning, and while she was away me and daddy spent a long time making the house spooky, and baking cookies. Daddy chopped up some more pumpkins as well. He did one that looked like a cat, which was really cool.

Then mummy came home and helped, but all she did was make a bit of food because me and daddy had already done all of the hard work. Very typical.

After we had finished all of our jobs, me and daddy got changed into our costumes. Daddy was "Batman" and I was "Robin". My costume had a cape and a mask to go over my eyes. The cape was cool but the mask was annoying so I had to wear it on a string around my neck instead. When me and daddy had put our costumes on, mummy said that we looked fabulous ... which was true.

Not long after this, my friends started to come round to join in the party. They were dressed up too, and we all looked very good.

At first my friends were a bit shy, but then they all realised that there was lots of food and a big box of toys, so everyone started to run around eating things and fighting over the slide. We played "pass the parcel" as well, and danced to some creepy music. Then everyone ate pumpkin soup and chunks of bread, and fruit and juice.

When it was time for everyone to go home, I didn't feel ready to stop partying yet. Luckily Auntie Beccy came round to play, so I took her into the playroom and made her dance to the creepy music with me. Then the parent staff came into the playroom and tried to join in with the dancing too, but they were doing it wrong so I had to move them into the right places. I told daddy, "Daddy, dance here!", and then I pushed mummy across the room and said, "Move!"

Mummy told me that it is very rude to say "Move!" to people, and that I should say, "Excuse me" instead. So I said, "Scuse me!!", and pushed mummy all the way out of the room.

This was very funny. Daddy and Auntie Beccy thought so too, but I don't think that mummy agreed. She decided that it was time for my bath soon after this, which was mean of her.

In spite of my very busy day, I do not feel very tired yet. I would like to get out of my cot and go back downstairs and dance some more, but I know that the parent staff wouldn't let me do this. Maybe it will be "Hal-ow-een" again tomorrow, and I can have another party then.

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