Saturday, 27 October 2012

Lately I have been learning how to "own up" to things. You "own up" when you have done something naughty and you are proud of it.

When I "own up" to things, I get a lot of laughs from the grown-ups, so sometimes I "own up" to things that I haven't done as well, just to get laughs. 

Every morning mummy puts me in my highchair while she gets my porridge ready, and she puts some books and my toy duck on the highchair tray for me to play with while she does her work. I play with my books for a very small bit of time, and then I throw them all on the floor and grin at mummy and say, "Books. Floor. Georgia ... didit." Mummy laughs at this and then she brings me a kiss with my porridge.

Today mummy was reading me a book about a little girl called "Goldilocks", who goes into a house where three bears live, and then eats their porridge and climbs on their furniture. Mummy thinks that what Goldilocks does is naughty, but I think that if I found porridge that nobody was eating, then I would eat it too because porridge is tasty. If the three bears wanted to eat their porridge then they shouldn't have gone out and left it on its own.

Anyway. Mummy was reading me the story about the stupid bears, and then she got to the bit where baby bear's chair is broken because Goldilocks has squashed it with her bottom ... and then mummy said: "Oh dear, why is baby bear's chair broken?"

So I said, "Georgia ... didit."

Mummy laughed very much at this but she didn't believe that I had broken the chair. Somehow she knew that Goldilocks had done it ... She must have heard this story before.

After my morning stories, my friend Jackson came round to visit us with his mummy, Nic. Me and Jackson had a good time fighting over who got to sweep the floor, and Jackson picked up my fold-up tunnel and put it over my head and made me look like a caterpillar. Then we had eggs on toast and yogurt and bananas for lunch. 

In the afternoon, Nic and Jackson went home and the parent staff took me for a walk in my pram. I fell asleep on the walk, which was good because the parent staff were going shopping and this is very boring. On the way home I woke up again and found that we were in the park, and mummy put my fat pink coat on me and let me walk next to the pram.

The parent staff say that I am having a party next week, for "Hal-ow-een". Daddy is very excited about this and he has bought pumpkins to make into scary faces. He also made some soup out of the pumpkins, and I was supposed to be having some for my dinner, but the soup took so long to cook that mummy had to go into the kitchen and make me some pasta instead. The last time I went into the kitchen, there were pans and bits of pumpkin everywhere, and mummy was pointing at it all and telling daddy off in her cross voice.

Tomorrow we have more things to do for my party. This should be fun, but I hope that we have time to go to the park as well so that I can feed the ducks. The ducks haven't seen me for a few days, and they must be missing me.

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