Thursday, 25 October 2012

Mummy has recently been doing "work" at the end of the day, and this means that she has missed quite a few of my bedtimes.

I do not think that I am very happy about this. Mummy already goes to "work" during the daytimes, so she should not want to go away in the night as well. Mummy should want to play with me every minute that I am awake, because I am fabulous and I stop her from getting bored.

Anyway, because of not being very happy, I have been having a few brawls with mummy over the last two days, in an effort to make her feel bad. These have mainly been based on me saying "no" to absolutely everything that mummy asks me to do.

Our last two days have gone something like this:

In the morning, when mummy gets me up, she asks me if I have had a nice sleep. I say "no". Then mummy asks me if I would like some breakfast, and I say "no". Mummy doesn't listen and gives me some breakfast anyway, which is good because I am actually quite hungry. Mummy then tells me that it's time to get dressed. I say "no" to this as well - and this time, I actually mean "no", because I want to stay and play with my toys - so as well as saying "no", I throw a big paddy and squeeze out some rage tears. Mummy then carries me upstairs and gets me dressed anyway, and I carry on crying while she washes my face and brushes my teeth, and I shout "no! no! no!" around the toothbrush.

We then do our day's activities. Today's activities were a trip to the big shop, my swimming lesson, and a walk in the park. Granny had come to visit us so she got to take part in the activities too. Whenever I am not so excited by the activity that I forget to say "no", I argue about things that mummy wants me to do. Today, I did not argue much during my swimming lesson, (because I am too busy concentrating and making splashes to brawl with mummy in the water), but in the park I argued many times. I argued about which path we were going to walk down, every time there was more than one path to choose from. I argued about whether I would walk by myself or be carried by mummy. And I argued about the fact that mummy tried to hurry me away from the duck pond, before I had finished my conversation with the ducks. I did not win many of these arguments, but I got a lot of "no"s into the brawls, and I like to think that I made mummy think about what she has done wrong.

When it was nearly night time, however, mummy went out to "work" again, so she was obviously not as sorry as I would have liked her to be. She gave me lots of kisses and said goodbye, and I said "no!" and clung to her neck and cried. But granny was waving books at me and telling me to come and read with her, so I let go of mummy and waved goodbye. Then I read books with granny until daddy came home to give me my dinner and put me to bed.

It is very tiring, brawling with mummy, so I will sleep well tonight. If mummy's behaviour does not improve, I will probably brawl with her some more tomorrow.

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