Sunday, 21 October 2012

Today I am very "cult-yured". This means that I know many things, and I have seen lots of dinosaurs and rocks.

This morning daddy came home from his night time work ... and then Anna and Aoibheann came round to play ... and then Auntie Sophie and Uncle Adam came round to play ... and then daddy made us all a pancake feast because mummy is mean to him and won't let him rest, ever.

This is what daddy says anyway.

The pancake feast was very nice, and me and Aoibheann got to steal lots of bits of pancake and fruit ... yum.

Then daddy went off to bed, and the rest of us got in our cars and went to the "mew-ziy-um".

Mummy got very excited when we got to the "mew-ziy-um", because she is very fond of dinosaurs. She dragged us all up to the bit where the dinosaurs live, and then she pointed out all the different dinosaurs that were there, even though they are pretty big and I could see them for myself because I am not stupid. The dinosaurs were not very lively like the ones in my books ... they didn't do very much and most of them didn't even have skin on them. It was kind of weird.

Then we all got in the lift and went up to see the rockets at the top of the "mew-ziy-um". The lift was full of people and every time the lift doors opened, I would try to follow the people who were going out through them. Every time I did this, one of the grown-ups would grab me to stop me from escaping. After a while a little girl got into the lift and stood next to me. She was a lot bigger than me and her tummy was at my head height, so I stroked it for her. Mummy was very embarrassed by this and she said sorry to the little girl, but the little girl didn't mind because it is nice to have your tummy stroked.

When we got up to the rockets, I found that they were quite boring, so me and Aoibheann sat down on the floor to have some snacks. This was much more fun.

Then Auntie Sophie and Uncle Adam needed to go home, so they said goodbye to us and I gave them some kisses and waved. When they had gone there were not as many grown-ups to boss us about, so me and Aoibheann decided to be lions, and we crawled around on the floor shouting "rarrrr!" at people who were walking past us.

Then mummy and Anna took us to see some big bugs, and a place with lots of bits of rocks and shells. The rocks and shells weren't interesting until mummy gave me a piece of rock to hold, and then I laughed and ran away with it as fast as I could. Mummy had to chase me and bring the rock back because you are not allowed to steal bits of the "mew-ziy-um", so this was good because it meant that mummy got some exercise.

When we had finished being "cult-yured", mummy and Anna took me and Aoibheann back to the car, and then me and mummy went back home to daddy.

By the time we got home, there was not long left before I had to go to bed ... but luckily there was still time to jump on daddy and wake him up, and to make him play with us before dinner. Mummy told daddy all about the things we had seen and the rock I had stolen, and daddy was very impressed.

I had a nice dinner with the parent staff and a fun bath, and tonight I will dream about dinosaurs, and about how "cult-yured" I am.

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