Friday, 19 October 2012

Mummy is poorly today, which is very sad. It is probably a bit sad for mummy, but it is mainly sad for me, because it means that mummy has not been a very good staff member today.

I do not remember mummy being poorly ever before, so when daddy told me this morning that mummy was not well, I didn't believe him and I ran over to mummy and jumped on her tummy ... and then she had to run to the bathroom to be sick.

Oh dear.

Daddy has looked after me lots today, but I have done my best to get mummy to play with me too, by asking for her lots and trying to climb her when she has been in the room with me. I have also piled lots of toys onto her while she has been sitting on the sofa, to cheer her up. I think this helped mummy's tummy to be less poorly.

This morning daddy took me to the big shop on the bike, and we bought lots of food to go in our fridge. Then we came home and made a "fort" at the top of the stairs, out of some blankets and towels. Then we spied on mummy as she came up the stairs, and got ready to attack her when she got to the top. We could only attack her very gently though, because you can't be very rough with people who are poorly.

Mummy liked our fort and she sat in it with us for a bit, but then she went back to bed for a nap.

This afternoon daddy took me for a walk, and we found Auntie Beccy while we were out and so we took her to the park with us. I found some benches to climb on and I wore my new coat, which is for days when it is cold. It is pink and puffy and when I wear it, daddy says that I look like a "marsh-mel-low".

When we came home, I had a bit of a brawl with daddy about my dinner, because I wanted to spit bits of chicken out of my mouth, and daddy said that this was rude.

Mummy came to help bath me and get me ready for bed, and while I was sitting on her knee she said that she was very sorry for being a bad mummy and not playing with me much today. I wanted her to know that I would forgive her, so I got hold of her face in both of my hands and gave her a big kiss. I think that she liked this.

I hope that mummy will be better tomorrow, so that I'm allowed to attack her properly when I'm in my "fort".

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