Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The grandparent staff have been entertaining me today, because the parent staff are at work. Well actually, mummy is at work but daddy has been upstairs sleeping, because he is doing night time work again.

When daddy is sleeping in the daytime, the staff try to make sure that I do not make lots of noise and wake him up. This means that I spend a lot of time doing things outside of the house, like visiting the park or going to the shops.

Today the grandparent staff took me to the park and then out shopping, to look at presents for "Cris-mas". "Cris-mas" is something that I have been hearing about a lot lately, from all of my staff. It is all about a fat man called Santa, who will soon be bringing me presents to say thank you to me for being such a good girl all the time. I don't know why Santa would care about this, because he is not one of my staff, but still - it's nice that someone recognises how good I am.

The grandparent staff took me to a big toy shop, and while we were there I found a little pram which I filled with toys ... and then I pushed the pram up and down the aisles, and took all of the toys for a ride.

Then we went to another shop which was not as fun. This shop was full of clothes for grown-ups. Grandma got some of the clothes, and then she went into a little room to put the clothes on and see if they were the right size for her. I had to wait with grandad, but when grandma came out of the little room to show us the clothes that she was wearing, I shouted, "NAN-MAR!", and ran into the little room to help her get dressed.

Grandma came back into the room to put her normal clothes back on, and when she took off her shop clothes I shouted, "RUDIE NAN-MAR!", and pointed at her rudieness.

Grandma said, "Ssh!" and looked very embarrassed. I don't know why she would be embarrassed ... when you are rudie, people laugh at you and blow raspberries on your tummy, which is funny.

After we had been in the shops we all went home to play, and later on I got to jump on daddy and wake him up, and tell him that it was time for him to make my tea.

I had a nice tea, which was pasta with daddy's special sauce, and then daddy did my bath and bedtime, because mummy was still at work.

Tonight my dreams will be about the big toy shop, and of Santa bringing me many, many prams full of toys, to show me what a very good girl I am.

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