Saturday, 20 April 2013

Today I have been on an adventure with the parent staff, because we all needed a treat.

This morning we all got washed and dressed, and then we climbed into mummy's car and drove to the countryside, where there are trees and flowers and farm animals in fields.

I like the countryside, but whenever we go there the parent staff seem to think that it would be really great for me to do lots of walking ... and I never agree with this. Walking is boring, and I do not want to do it unless it's for a very good reason (for example, to run away from staff, or to follow Harvey about).

So we went for a little walk, and I trailed behind the parent staff and picked up stones from the sides of the road, and made them my treasure. Sometimes, to punish the parent staff and to show them what a bad idea it was for them to make me walk instead of carrying me, I would wander a little way out into the road and give them my "what-are-you-going-to-do-about-it?" look. But this didn't work so well because the roads in the countryside are not like the roads at home (there are hardly any cars on them), so the parent staff did not panic and squeal and scoop me up into their arms like they usually do. They just stood and waited for me to catch up ... which I did, eventually, because standing in the road doing nothing gets boring after a while.

After a lot of walking we came to a cafe, and then things got much better because not only did I get to stop walking, but I was also allowed to go into the cafe for lunch! The parent staff let me ask the cafe lady for yummy food and milkshake, and we all ate lunch together at a little table by the window. It was good.

When we had eaten our lunch, we went back outside and the parent staff took me to play on the playground, and in a big field full of daisies. I picked some daisies for mummy, and then I asked the parent staff: "Please can I run around like a dog?"

Mummy said that it is very strange how I never have enough energy to walk anywhere, but that I am never too tired to run around like a dog. She did not mind me running around, though, because she thinks that it is good for me. And also, she finds it funny.

After I had picked daisies and played on the playground and run around like a dog for long enough, we all walked back to our car and drove home for dinner.

I was feeling very excited at dinner time and afterwards, because it was an adventure day and I wanted to carry on playing ... so I bounced about from room to room and made a lot of noise. I found a sheet of stickers that the parent staff had given me a few days ago, and I started sticking them to things around the house. The stickers are meant to be "rewards" for when I have done good things. They have smiley faces and words on them. Mummy says that the words say "well done" and "excellent work".

When the parent staff were getting me ready for my bath and I was all rudie, I decided that it would be good to give my bottom some "rewards". So I stuck stickers all over my rudie bottom, and then I ran over to mummy, pointed my bottom in her face, and shouted: "What you sink of zat?!"

The parent staff laughed and laughed, and told me that I was very special. I felt very pleased with myself.

When the parent staff put me into bed tonight, they asked me if I have enjoyed my adventure day with them. I told them "yes" ... because it is true.

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