Wednesday, 24 April 2013

I have seen lots of different people today. Some of them have been staff, and some of them have been other grown-ups who don't belong to me.

This morning my staff were Nanmar and Der, because mummy was at work. I had a nice morning with the grandparent staff, playing and helping them to do their shopping, and eating things in the cafe at the big shop.

Then mummy came home and Nanmar and Der went away in their car, and me and mummy sat on the doorstep like we always do, waving our hands and blowing kisses while Nanmar and Der drove away.

When Nanmar and Der's car had gone I helped mummy to do her jobs, like hoovering the carpet and getting the shopping. One of my missions at the moment is to stop riding in the trolley when we go to the big shop, and to persuade mummy that I should walk on my feet instead. So every time we get to the big shop, I ask: "Peese can I walk like a big girl?"

Sometimes mummy says yes, and sometimes she says no. If she says yes then she always spends a few minutes jabbering on about how I must walk next to the trolley, and not run away, and do everything that she tells me to do. And if she says no, then she tells me that this is because the last time she let me walk like a big girl, I didn't walk next to the trolley or do what she told me to do, and instead I ran away, laughing, and tried to escape from her.

It is sad for me that mummy has such a good memory. Every time I do something that mummy doesn't want me to do, she says: "I will remember this for next time" ... and I always hope that she will forget. She never does, though. It's a shame.

Anyway. After we had done all our jobs, and played games, and had my nap, daddy came home from work and the parent staff took me out to an "ap-oynt-ment". For the "ap-oynt-ment" we had to go and see a lady called Laura, so that the parent staff could talk to her about our house.

Laura lived in a room with a big desk and some chairs, and a small sofa that the parent staff tried to sit me on while they were talking.

I sat on the small sofa eating grapes for a while, and then I realised that all the grapes had gone and that I was bored, and that the parent staff weren't paying any attention to me and that this was rude.

So I got down from the sofa and started trying to climb up mummy, and asking her to read to me. Mummy gave me some books to read but I did not want to read them by myself, so I put my hands on mummy's face and turned it towards me and said: "Mummy, peese stop talking to Yaura, talk to me now peese."

Mummy sat me on her knee and said that she was talking, and that I must not be rude; and I was wondering how I could get my own way without doing something that would get me into lots of trouble ... and then a wonderful thing happened, and I realised that I could win this argument without making the parent staff cross at all!! ... As I was sitting on mummy's knee, I felt a sneaky poo creeping into my nappy! So I got hold of mummy's face again, turned it towards me, and said very clearly: "I have done a big sloppy poo!"

Mummy and daddy's faces both went very pink, and Laura looked confused and asked them what I had said.

Daddy looked at mummy and then said in a very embarrassed voice: "She says that she's done a big sloppy poo."

After that, mummy had to take me into the toilet to get me cleaned up, and my poo was so VERY big, and VERY sloppy, that by the time mummy was finished with it daddy had done all the talking to Laura and it was time for us to go home again. Hurray!

When we got home, I only had time for a little bit of playing before the parent staff made me have my bath and get ready for bed.

I did not want to go to bed, especially since I had lost lots of my playing time by being at the "ap-oynt-ment" with Laura; but the parent staff did not care about this.

Oh well. Tomorrow I have a whole day with mummy, doing my baby classes. Those days are always good fun.

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